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Tips For Beating Depression & Low Mood (+ Free Printable PDF)


The energy you put into the universe will create the world around you. In simple terms, you need to send out good vibes in order to make your life better.

But we all know how our mood can sometimes be so low that it is impossible to send out ANY positive vibes into the universe. This is especially difficult when on top of this, you are also battling chronic low mood and depression.

A single situation or event can “set us off” and make us instantly feel angry and upset. And by being angry and upset we start attracting even more negativity into our lives.

It's a downward spiral.

We feel like nothing can go right and we will never be the person we want to be and live the life we want to live.

If you are in that place right now, if you feel like nothing is working out for you and you are thinking that you will never be able to manifest your dreams, here is what you can do.

Ask yourself these 10 simple questions.

And let them guide you in making yourself feel better.

This is nothing extraordinary, no big changes are necessary at the time. Just start with changing the smallest things, taking care of your basic needs and making baby steps towards improving your mood.

You will see, this CAN help you.


(TIP: Click this link to download a free PDF version of this guide to print out and keep at home in case you need to have another look at it later).

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Essential Questions To Ask Yourself To Feel Better:

1. Are you hydrated?

If not, have a glass of water. It's recommended to drink eight cups or two liters of water a day. When we don’t consume enough, all kinds of issues start to occur!

2. Have you eaten in the past 3 hours?

If not, get some food. Mounting evidence says that omega-3 fatty acids (found in abundance in fatty fish) may help ease depressive symptoms. Other foods that will boost your mood and energy are; Chocolate, Bananas, Coconut, Eggs, Lentils, Ginger Tea.

3. Have you stretched your legs in the past 24 hours?

If you don't have the energy to go for a proper run, just go for a walk. Even if it's a short one. You need some exercise. And if the weather is bad, drive to the closest shopping mall and walk around it for a bit.

4. Have you cuddled a living being in the past 2 days?

Don't laugh. Hugs are very important. One respected family therapist once said: “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth”. So go and give someone a hug.

5. Have you seen a therapist recently?

If not, make an appointment to go see one to talk through things with him. If you do not have a therapist or do not want to see one, just talk to your friends or family members.

6. If it is daytime: Are you dressed?

If not, go get dressed. Sweatpants and a dirty t-shirt don't count. Wear something clean and nice. When you look better on the outside you will start feeling better on the inside too.

7. If it is nighttime: Are you super tired but resisting to go to sleep?

Set up a bedtime routine. Take a hot shower, put on clean pajamas, turn off the TV and other electronic devices, read a book for 15 minutes and then close your eyes and try going to sleep. If you are still awake after 30 minutes, you can get up again. There is no pressure.

(P.S. Be sure to try meditation, especially to help you sleep! Click here now to learn more about meditation and how to master it.)

8. Have you said something nice to someone in the past day?

If not, do so. Better to do it in person, but if that's not an option you can always do that online. Send someone a nice text or a Facebook message right now.

9. Have you over-exerted yourself lately?

If you have, the important thing is to give yourself a break in that area. Avoid the “I Just Need To Work Harder” trap. Take a break and just relax. And remember, be kind to yourself, you are doing the best you can.

10. Is a specific person making you unhappy?

Often we assume that we are sad in general. But it is crucial to understand when there is a particular reason for our unhappiness.

If you have identified that you are upset because of one specific person, you need to do three things:

  1. Realize that the rest of your life is great.
  2. Confront the person and make them understand that they are upsetting you.
  3. If nothing changes, consider cutting that person out of your life.
Free Manifestation Meditation Audio Download
Experience the powerful benefits of deep meditation in just minutes a day...
Over 3.4m People Have Already Downloaded This

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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