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Find Out Why Today Is A Good Day And So Is Tomorrow


We are often encouraged to dwell on the negative aspects of our lives, in order to better understand them and transform them for the better.

In this article we will do no such thing; right now, at this very moment, we are going to throw our worries to one side.

Let's look at what makes today so truly and unapologetically awesome!

How Today Is Going To Be Awesome

1. Now Is All That We’ve Got

You are here and now. You have woken up into the first of many, many moments to fill your day. Every one of these moments is a precious gift; a unique and one-off chance to be here and experience whatever it is that you wish to experience.

Time is short and if you can learn to be present, you may realize how what we have now is all we have, so we may as well be making the most out of it.

This could be doing things that make you happy, working towards your goals or helping others, etc.

Feel the earth beneath your feet, hold the air that surrounds you in your lungs, capture in your mind’s eye the smiles of those you love and have loved.

Remind yourself regularly to come back to the here and now, of how good it feels to be in the present. As after all, today is the only day that exists.

2. Today Is Whatever We Choose It To Be

The day before us is one of endless opportunity.

It is overflowing with possibility and chances; chances for new happiness, new love, new friendships, and new accomplishments.

Today is a blank page in a beautiful notebook, a fresh slate for which we hold the chalk!

There is nothing more awesome than the realization that today is going to be whatever you make it.

We are free to fill our day with whatever emotions, ambitions, actions, people, and experiences that we wish to.

Refuse to become a victim of circumstance! You create the circumstances that frame your life.

Wake up in the liberating knowledge that you are the sole master of your destiny. And if that’s too much awesomeness to currently get your head around, then start small.

Make small changes to your usual daily routine. Exercise your creating powers; remind yourself that your actions and choices can form the outcomes of your day.

3. We Are One Step Closer To Our Dreams

Each new day (including today) is a celebration of how far we have come. As well as a reminder of how far we are yet to go.

You may already be living the life that you had always dreamed of, or still be a long way off, but today is another step closer to realizing and living out your dreams.

If you have goals set for your dreams, today is another step towards them, another day you can tick a goal off your list or work towards your dreams. You may look back at yesterday and realize that you have achieved more today (or have the possibility to do so).

So, see today as another chance to move forward with your life. Recognize the extraordinary opportunity in each new day to edge that little bit closer to your goals.

the-law-of-attraction 4. There Can Be No Other Day Like Today

Imagine that you will never again have the chance to live this exact day.

Today is awesome because it is one of a kind! We will never see another one like it; each and every day is completely and utterly different. Ask yourself :

  • Do you make the most of this astonishing fact?
  • Or, have you become stuck in a cycle of what seems to you a repetitive, used-up routine?

Make every day count; do something today that should make it stand out above the rest. Today is just one small stroke of paint in a very big picture. Make every stroke of paint the absolute best that it can be to create an end result that is out of this world.

Today is going to be awesome for so many reasons. Enjoy it!

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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