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Turning Failure Into Success Using The Law of Attraction

A silhouette of a man turning failure into success by jumping over a cliff.

If it seems like you’ve constantly hit troublesome roadblocks on your way to achieving your dreams, you might be feeling pretty disillusioned with life.

Even if you’ve thought about trying to work with the Law of Attraction to turn failure into success, perhaps you worry that it’s just not realistic to try and manifest your goals when there are so many obstacles in your way.

Alternatively, maybe you’ve been optimistic about the Law of Attraction but are now viewing recent challenges as a sign that you can’t get what you want after all.

For people in any of these situations, there are smart ways to try and use the Law of Attraction to overcome obstacles.

Look For Lessons

The most important thing you can do with challenges is to figure out how to draw lessons from these difficulties.

So, if you’re working to achieve a specific goal like lasting love, career success, or financial abundance, don’t view an obstacle as a sign that you’re not meant to have these great things or are “not good enough” for them. Instead, ask yourself what these challenges can teach you.

For example:

  • If you don’t get a particular job, write down some things you could do differently. Could you enhance your resume, take advantage of more networking opportunities, or take a public speaking class to enhance your presentation skills?
  • When a romantic relationship doesn’t work out, think about what your experiences tell you about the type of relationship that would work for you. Do you need someone who is more committed, or less stifling? Could you benefit from seeking out dates who share more common interests? Try making a list of the ten most important things to look for in future partners. You’ll likely find that you didn’t know some of these were so important until this latest liaison proved to be unsatisfactory or hurtful.
  • If you’re trying to get fit or lose weight but have “fallen off the wagon” and found it tough to stick to your plan, figure out what made it so hard to stick to. Were you being too restrictive, or too permissive? Could you benefit from the guidance of a personal trainer or nutritionist? Do you need to get a friend or family member involved in your workouts so that someone holds you accountable?

As suggested in these examples, what you can do with obstacles is use them as springboards for in-depth personal questioning and self-reflection that shows you what you need to learn, change or adapt before you’ll be able to manifest that dream life.

Look For Positives

Once you’ve stared at your obstacles straight in the face and had an honest think about what you can learn from them to make your life better in the future, it’s worth taking some time to mull over the good things that directly stem from these apparent obstacles.

Often, things that we think are failures are actually blessings in disguise.

They can help us to avoid further negativity or set us up for better opportunities further down the road.

For example:

  • So, you didn’t get that job you applied for, even after an interview. This makes it possible that you’ll soon get a better job—one that wouldn’t otherwise even have been on your radar. In addition, consider some things that weren’t so good about the job you didn’t get; there are bound to be a few things that indicate you might not have been happy there.
  • In a scenario where you have a bad date or a relationship comes to an end, know that this wouldn’t have happened if that relationship was really right for you. Plus, there are real positives to enjoy about being single—in particular, freedom, financial independence, and the exciting possibility of an endless number of potential new romances.

Build Yourself Up

The final way to help turn failure into success, you need to focus some of your energy on self-care as you bounce back after what feels like a failure. In particular:

  • Try temporarily adopting some new morning affirmations that connect you with feelings of hope for the future. For example, you might try saying “Nothing can hold me back!” or “I know that better days await me” into the mirror before starting your day.
  • Experiment with a healing visualization. For example, imagine a glow at the center of your body, gradually expanding out to fill every part of you. Picture it nurturing you, soothing you, and rejuvenating you for your upcoming successes.
  • Take extra time to be kind to yourself by doing the things you love. When you treat yourself with the respect and compassion you deserve, it helps to reshape limiting beliefs that might undermine your self-worth by questioning your inherent value. So take that bubble bath, go on that road trip, or make time to see the friend you love the most.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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