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How To Use Your Heart Energy To Get The Life You Want


If you’re feeling frustrated because you haven’t yet managed to manifest abundance, one of the best things you can do is work to harness the power of the Intention Point and your heart energy.

While many people haven’t heard about the intention point and the power it holds, there’s evidence to suggest that it can make all the difference to what you’re able to accomplish. Keep reading to discover how your heart energy and intention point could help you manifest your dream life.

What Is The Intention Point?

“We are often at war with ourselves. You have to find that balance between your heart and your mind.”

Everyone has experienced that tug of war between the heart and the mind, but these two parts of you can actually work in harmony. The Intention Point is the space between the heart and mind, which hosts the dialogue between these distinct aspects of you.

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Why Does The Intention Point Matter?

Your Intention Point is the part of you that the Universe directly responds to. In fact, it’s the epicenter of your energetic power, and learning how to tap into it can dramatically increase your manifestation potential.

Unfortunately, many people have an unbalanced Intention Point, because they haven’t yet found a way to bring their heart and into an agreement. When your Intention Point isn’t balanced, you send out mixed signals about the reality you want to create, and your dream ultimately fails to manifest.

You may be concerned that a lack of balance in your Intention Point is bound to bring you down no matter what.

Fortunately, you can do a lot to positively influence your Intention Point. Doing this will send out a message to the Universe, a message that clearly and forcefully asks for what you want and deserve.

You can locate your own intention point in a simple way at home. The position of a balanced Intention Point differs depending on your gender. When you find your own Intention Point it can tell you a lot about what might be causing your internal imbalance.

For example, some positions are suggestive of an excessive anxiety or negativity, while others tend to be associated with positive energy. It can take a lot of practice in order to sense and adapt your Intention Point. In time you will find your own ways to permanently move your Intention Point and use it alongside your manifestation practices.

What Is Heart Energy?

“Bring your heart power into play to create the things that you wish in your life through energising your desires with your heart energy.”
— Steven Redhead

While the Intention Point sits in the space between your heart and mind, heart energy is the core of your long-term manifestation power.

In comparison to the Intention Point, it is much more of an abstract concept. It has a deep connection to your Heart Chakra as well as a link to your mind energy.

How Heart Energy Manifesting Works

There are multiple parts to the process of heart manifesting, all of which aim to balance the Intention Point and send out a coherent, powerful message that makes the most of the Law of Attraction.

For one thing, as mentioned above, it’s possible to locate your own Intention Point in the body and to discern various truths about your being.

Some positions suggest an internal imbalance caused by low mood, which others indicate excessive levels of disruptive energy. This is something you can learn how to do at home, and once you get used to doing it you can tap into the Intention Point and rebalance it anytime.

Even before you learn these special techniques, there are small exercises you can do to sense imbalances and work towards a more coherent internal life.

For example, you might try writing down beliefs and emotions that come from your heart, then the ones that come from your mind (all connected to your manifestation goal).

Look for things that don’t match, and imagine how your heart and mind might come to a consensus or even a compromise.

Releasing Your Dream

“Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.” — Anais Nin

While awareness of your Intention Point is mainly useful in clarifying what you really want and bringing yourself into alignment with it, part of heart manifestation always involves releasing your dream as well.

This happens gradually, often by picturing yourself letting go of your dream. If you want to toss a ball to the other side of the room, then you actually have to take aim and throw it out there—if you just hold onto it and think about how great it would be if the ball was at the other side of the room, nothing happens!

The same is true of your dreams. Cling to them too tightly, and they can’t shape the world or get to their destination.

Manifest The Life You Really Want With Your Heart Energy

Now you have read all about heart energy, be sure to discover more about how the Intention Point can help you manifest the life you really want.

Once you master your Intention Point, you can unlock visualization exercises that feel 5,000 times more powerful!

If you want to learn how I discovered The Law Of Attraction and my Intention Point, be sure to watch and listen to my story by clicking here now.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.
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