Use The Law of Attraction To Fix Your Messy (Or Non-Existent) Love Life

Many people like the idea of using the Law of Attraction to improve difficult relationships or attract a new romance. However, most of us have a lot of underlying anxieties and limiting beliefs that can stop us from accepting the type of blissful, reciprocal relationship we desire.

Fixing this issue may sound like a tall order, but this guide will walk you through the necessary work you need to do to get there.

1. Discover The Underlying Issues

Law of Attraction experts and psychotherapists will tell you the same thing; staying stuck in a superficially unsatisfying situation is serving you in some way. However, since it’s your subconscious calling the shots, it can be hard to figure out the benefits of remaining in your current situation.

One of the most common scenarios is this: by preventing yourself from attracting real love, you’re protecting yourself from something you fear (such as hurt, rejection, or being truly “seen” by another person).

Until you deal with these fears, you’ll continue attracting romantic situations that are limited, problematic or difficult. Make your fears concrete, write them down, accept that they have been holding you back, and ask yourself how you can stop it from doing so.

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2. Know You Need To Be Yourself

Most of us yearn to be ourselves but feel like we have to wear a mask for some reason. But if you’re going to attract someone who loves you for you, you’ll need to be able to show yourself first.

You can only attract someone who currently matches what you’re sending out. So, if you’re hiding, you’ll only attract others who are hiding, preventing real and deep connections.

If you’re not attracting people who love you for you, that’s not proof that you’re right to feel bad about yourself; it’s a sign that you need to start being more authentic. Be proud to express who you are, your unique traits and likes, and know that this immediately increases your power to manifest a genuinely compatible partner.

3. Set Standards And Maintain Boundaries

When you’re longing for love, it’s easy to drop your standards and make your boundaries really permeable. It’s good to be open to different options (as what’s right for us can surprise us), but not to allow others to treat you as though you lack value, or to suffer through spending time with someone you just don’t find that interesting.

Since the process of attraction occurs at the level of beliefs and emotions, setting low standards or inappropriate boundaries shows you lack self-esteem and you won’t be able to attract the best life has to offer.

Help to fix your love life by making a list of minimum requirements (e.g. respect, reciprocity, kindness) and a list of behaviors you won’t accept. Doing this develops a higher vibration that will pull more loving, compassionate people towards you.

4. Learn To Be Okay With Where You Are

While it’s entirely natural to want love, focusing on feelings of sadness or desperation will leave you with a vibration of lack. And remember, what you are vibrating now is what determines what you attract in your present and near future.

So, if you want to improve your love life, you’ll need to learn how to accept and make peace with the idea of being single. This isn’t about giving up on romance, but it is about finding ways to be happy in spite of not having romance.

Start small; say, with a mindfulness exercise that creates calmness and happiness, or with a daily gratitude journal. The trick is just to find ways to build up positive energy, which will then become the driving force in your life and help you attract love.

5. Treat Yourself Kindly

The better a relationship you have with yourself, the better you’ll be at attracting a wonderful one with another person. Be alert to when you’re running low on resources, so you can avoid over-committing and instead spend time on rejuvenating yourself.

It also involves cutting toxic relationships, making times for hobbies you love, and prioritizing self-care at some point every day.

When you treat yourself as though you’re valuable, this reshapes subconscious beliefs and you’ll begin to see more and more people acknowledging your value in response.

6. Visualize

As with all Law of Attraction goals, you need to really tune into what you want from your love life if you’re going to make it better. The best thing you can do is focus on the feelings you want to experience in a relationship; what you want it to be like to interact with your lover, what it should feel like when they hold you, and so on.

Imagine yourself in these encounters every day, in as much vivid detail as possible. In addition, make sure your daily interactions back up these visualizations; in other words, don’t spend time with people who give you the opposite feeling to the ones you’re deliberately generating in your mental exercises.

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7. Release Expectations

When you constrain yourself by assuming you’ll meet a partner in a specific way, you’re just holding yourself back from possibility. There is not any one thing you need to do to attract a romantic partner, so don’t force yourself to do things that feel wrong or uncomfortable; acting from a place of force or anxiety doesn’t create the right conditions for love.

Do what feels good, interesting, and exciting, and be open. However, at the same time, hold onto that cultivated acceptance of being without romance; it’s only through this release from desperation that you’ll be in the right place to find a great match.

Know that what you want is coming, even though you have no idea exactly what it will look like when it arrives, and enjoy the journey towards that love!

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