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What Is A Vibrational Shift & Energy Shifting Symptoms


If you're reasonably familiar with the Law of Attraction, you'll already know that your unique vibration plays an important role in whether you're able to manifest what you want.

However, you may not know how to tell when your vibration is changing, or how to tell whether a change in vibration is positive or negative.

And since a lot of manifestation work focuses on working from within, you might not have spent much time thinking about how the world around you impacts your vibration.

In this guide to vibrational shifts, we'll give you the tools to better understand your own vibration. We’ll explore energy shift symptoms, helping you to identify key moments when you are going through significant changes.

In many cases, these changes will be in response to important changes in the universe more broadly, and learning how to respond to these shifts can improve your ability to attract what you want in life.

What Is An Energy Shift?

In order to establish a definition of energy shifts, we first have to understand that all beings are made of energy, as is everything around us in the Universe.

When there is an energy shift, there is a quantifiable physical change in the Universe. This shift can occur around you (e.g. in the environment, in other individuals), and it can also occur inside you.

Most people aren't adept at noticing energy shifts, even when their thoughts, feelings, and experiences are impacted by them.

However, with training and reflection, you can learn to notice the kinds of patterns that indicate important shifts.

One major benefit of being more attuned to energy shifts is that this helps you to differentiate between your own emotions and feelings that are reactions to emotions in the collective consciousness that surrounds you.

Like everyone else, you are part of that collective consciousness! Your life experiences impact this consciousness just as it impacts your life experiences.

As your understanding of energy shifts increased, you will find yourself easily identifying ripples in the collective stream. Often, they are responses to great tragedies or important scientific discoveries, but people experience these responses before the major event takes place.

Why Your Vibration May Change

As noted above, your vibration may often change because of energy shifts at the Universal level.

For example, vibrations often lower at the time of a terrorist attack or a natural disaster, and vibrations generally increase when the world at large has good cause to feel optimistic about humanity's future.

However, alongside these global events, there are also other reasons why your vibration might change.

5 Reasons For Vibrational Change

  • Changes in phases of the moon: If you keep an eye on the phases of the moon, you may begin to notice a pattern in how you feel and how effective your manifestation is. The full moon often exerts a particularly powerful influence on energy shifts.
  • Solar flares and eclipses: Solar flares and eclipses can sometimes elicit the same response as the full moon, though the energy shift may be even more pronounced. Collective consciousness shifts are also more common at the time of eclipses. Therefore, you can plan around these if you want to affect large-scale positive change.
  • Kundalini awakening: A Kundalini awakening can occur at the time of new spiritual realizations or personal revelations. Some people report this occurrence in conjunction with a near-death experience, or anything else that prompts a reevaluation of values, goals, and purpose.
  • Personal elevations in consciousness: You can facilitate a consciousness “upgrade” by way of any type of spiritual work, including the work you do with the Law of Attraction. As you become more attuned to the Universe and more aware of your power to attract and repel specific things, you may feel resulting energy shifts that open you up to new possibilities.
  • Significant changes in your own life: If you get married or divorced, end an old career, or move to a new country, an energy shift inevitably follows. Changes in roles (e.g. from partner to parent) have the same effect.

8 Signs Of An Energy Shift In The Universe

Although we've canvassed some of the main reasons why a vibrational shift might occur, it's worth noting that none of these things are guaranteed to cause such a shift (and when they do cause shifts, they may be subtle).

Consequently, it's important to know the major signs of energy shifts, so that you can make the right connections.

Here are the eight most common signs of energy shifts in the universe, along with descriptions of how they might appear in your life.

Depending on the level and nature of the shift, you may recognize one or more at any given time.

1. A Sudden Change In Mood

A woman is introspectively sitting at a table with a drink in front of her, endeavoring to get to know herself better.

Your sudden change in mood may be negative, positive, or somewhere in between.

For example, you may experience free-floating anxiety and be confused about its source.

Alternatively, you may feel lighter, more certain that everything will turn out well. Some people also report repeated mood swings rather than just one shift in mood.

So, you might move from happy to sad and back again.

Short tempers are also common, with everyday irritations feeling impossible to deal with.

Keeping a basic daily mood diary can help you track the progress of this sign, which can thereby help you track a vibrational shift.

2. Hypersensitivity

When you or the world around you begins to experience an ascension energy update, hypersensitivity is extremely common (and can be difficult to manage).

In a lot of cases, this sensitivity will impact all of your senses. So, noises will seem louder, lights will seem brighter, and smells will be stronger.

You may find yourself intolerant of busy, hectic places and feel an urge to retreat.

Sometimes, this hypersensitivity also affects the skin, making you sensitive to scratchy materials or to changes in temperature.

As you adjust to the energy shift, your heightened senses should gradually return to normal.

3. Increased Compassion

Increased compassion is one of the most noteworthy higher vibration symptoms and one of the greatest benefits attached to vibrational shifts.

This spike in compassion will make you more empathetic in all of your interactions and may promote unusually generous behaviors.

For example, you might stop to help a stranger, consider adopting a rescue animal, or sign up to do volunteer work. You may also find yourself able to practice more self-compassion, taking time out to recharge, and treating yourself kindly.

Often, a vibrational shift will cause increased compassion in a whole community, creating a contagious wave of kindness.

4. You Have Strong Urges

A vibrational shift can come with an increase in the intensity of all your desires, broadly construed.

Sometimes, this will mean simply feeling more motivated to pursue the things you already thought of as very important. This can make the time of vibrational shifts especially productive.


In other cases, you may be surprised by new urges to change direction; you might suddenly feel passionate about a new hobby, start looking at a different career or begin viewing a friend in a more romantic light.

Trust these impulses, as vibrational shifts enhance intuition and can help guide you towards your true purpose.

If you believe you may be having a vibrational shift, you should consult your own Intention Point. As an exercise, connecting with your heart energy could help you master The Law Of Attraction.

Consequently, this can help you increase your vibrational frequency. My ebook goes into this more thoroughly, with detailed concrete tips and techniques.

5. Physical Changes And Flu-like Symptoms

The physical changes that come with energy shifts include changes in what you feel like eating, as well as spikes in your own energy.

However, it's also common for vibrational shifts to induce flu-like symptoms that never really develop into a full-blown illness.

For example, you may have a gnawing headache around your temples, your body may ache, and it is possible to develop sore eyes or blurry vision.

Migraine sufferers might notice an increase in attacks during the time of a vibrational shift, too. Once again, these apparent signs of illness will disappear as you adjust to the change in energy.

6. Time Feels Different

While vibrational shifts don't literally induce time travel, they can lead to a strange change in your perception of time.

For example, if you create a spiritual vibration level chart and track the time you spend on different projects each day, you might start to notice that hours feel shorter or longer than you'd expect.

Some people report many hours passing by without any real awareness of time moving, while others note that a day has the quality you would normally associate with a week.

Sometimes, this shift in time perception influences your sleep too, leaving you feeling unrested or groggy.

7. Energy Levels Fluctuate

Perhaps unsurprisingly, your own bodily energy levels can fluctuate when the universe's energy is changing.

It's common to either feel supercharged and wide awake all the time or to feel listless and exhausted no matter how much you rest.

Further, these two states of being may alternate during a period of vibrational shift, which can make it difficult to plan the day ahead!

In many cases, whether you experience a spike or dip in energy, it can be a good indicator of whether there has been a positive vibrational shift in the universe.

For example, tragedies can lead to a community-wide sense of lethargy.

8. Visions

A woman adorned with a denim jacket and a watch, exemplifying the law of attraction.

Finally, when there's a large shift in the energy of the universe, we can see or hear things that aren't really there.
Sometimes, you might be tempted to dismiss these as unimportant.

For example, when you think you see an insect and turn out to be mistaken.

However, these “visions” we see can have great symbolic significance.

You may also notice that you have much more vivid dreams during a time of vibrational shift.

Imbued in these dreams may be deeper meanings than usual.

Write them down when you can remember them, and consider what they might indicate about your life's purpose.

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