WARNING: You Are Dying So Please Live Accordingly

Death. A topic that even the most liberal of us are uncomfortable with. Yet, it is one of the only experiences that we will all ultimately face. The fact is, every second of every day we are dying. However, this isn’t something that we should react to with fear or sadness. Instead, if we choose to celebrate this fact and make death our friend, yes our friend, our life can be changed for the better in unimaginable ways!

For too many of us, our problem is this; we live as though we have forever. But what if we lived as though we knew we were dying? How would our decisions and choices be affected if we made them from the perspective of someone that knew they were going to die? In a world where death is inevitable, there is no time for regrets. No time for doubt, for hate, for petty grudges. In a world where we relied on death as our personal advisor and friend, would we choose to live differently? (TIP: Find out right now what is holding you back from your dream life, click here now for the LOA quiz…)

What Would You Do Differently?

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Our lives are formed by decisions. But would we make our decisions differently if we remembered that we are dying creatures or that any moment could be our last?

For example, a dying person would probably choose to make decisions that focused solely on the few, following important things;

See how differently we choose to live when we become aware that life is short? If these are the values of someone living with the knowledge of death, then just imagine the possibilities that would lie ahead of us if we all decided to acknowledge death and befriend it?

Our mistake is that we think that we will have time to do these things ‘later’. But what we are forgetting is that there may not be a later. We tell ourselves that we are too busy to do these things and that we have bigger, more important responsibilities to deal with. But at the end of your life, do you really think that what your boss thought about you or how often you went to the gym will really be of any importance to you?

So, next time you have to make a decision, ask yourself ‘if I knew I was to die tomorrow, what would I do?’

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Act Sooner Rather Than Later

When we become friends with death, we realize that there is no time for fear or ‘maybe later’. We are all guilty of putting off for later what can be done now. This is usually a decision that we make from a place of fear; fear of rejection, fear of change, or fear of disappointment, when the only thing that we should fear is regret.

The biggest problem with putting something off until later is that it can result in stress. Stress is one of our biggest enemies in life; it can result in low self-esteem, depression, anxiety – continuing the vicious cycle of forever putting things off.

So, in order to avoid this, you need to listen to your best possible advisor – death. Keep him in the back of your mind at all times and be grateful that he is there to give you that push when you are struggling to make the best decision or to remind you not to sweat the small stuff. Yes, we are dying, but in this knowledge, we can find the strength and freedom to be our true selves and live a great and exciting life.

Life is way too short to allow ourselves to become complacent, hateful, or petty. So, keep your eye on the prize of life at all times and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the journey. It should be the greatest one that you ever take.