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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail & How To Stop Them Failing

The new year is fast approaching and as the familiar promise of new beginnings and a fresh start begin to take hold, we can become frantic with resolutions, lists, and bold declarations – all with the intention of making this new year our very best yet!

For many, the arrival of a new year and the seeming fresh start that it presents is an exciting prospect; one full of promises of a better life, a better career, new gym membership, a bigger house, and possibly the hope of new love.

We promise ourselves that this year, this time, things will be different. We will be different.

Why New Year's Resolutions Fail

We think thoughts along the line of:

  • “If I work harder…”
  • “Go to the gym more often…”
  • “Get up earlier…”
  • “Stay up later…”
  • “Dress sexier…”

But when do we make that leap from motivational goal setting to overwhelming fretting?

The New Year is a brilliant time to set changes in motion and make the decisions that we have put off for too long.

But if we were honest with ourselves, any time is as good as the New Year to make these changes. Right now would be even better!

Alas, there is something about a clean page and a new start that appeals to us as human beings.

There is something about the New Year that draws us in and makes us want to scribble out endless ‘to-do’ lists (preferably in our fresh, newly purchased New Year diaries).

However, with a list of New Year’s resolutions so long and extensive, it can be hard not to fall into the same trap of stress and list-making that overwhelmed us many New Years’ before.

So, just how do we avoid the resolutions washout that has taken us as a victim before?

No Goals, Just Feelings

Instead of wrestling with a million different things on your to-do list and tirelessly working on your goals, why not give the New Year’s resolutions a miss. Instead, ask yourself how you want to feel this year?

Life is fast and ever-changing; and sometimes, no matter how much faster or harder you work at things, you may still never reach that big castle in the sky. But that’s fine, accepting this can do wonders for your peace of mind and happiness.

So instead of chasing the end goal and waiting to find your happiness there, why not focus on making the journey a happy one?

Think about how you want to feel this New Year? Consider the emotions that make you feel at your most alive and happiest and ask yourself how you can spend next year feeling this exact way?

Replace resolutions with questions like these:

  • What should I do less this year?
  • What should I do more of?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What things/people/places make me feel this way?
  • If I could achieve one great thing this year, what would I want it to be?

Taking this more relaxed, ‘feeling’ focused approach to the New Year will be much more beneficial to you and your happiness.

The fantasy of ‘achieving it all’ can do more harm than good to a person and is not always the way forward for achieving happiness.

Questioning how you want to feel, however, and using your emotions as a tool to guide you to what will bring you the greatest happiness and well-being will guarantee you a much more relaxed and feel-good year.

It is as the Law of Attraction teaches, the better you feel the better your reality will become.

So, don’t choose resolutions this year, choose to feel good.

When you are stressed and battling to have it all, you are resistance personified and life becomes an uphill battle.

However, relax and do the things that make you feel good and this will help your wants and achievements come to you with incredible ease and speed.

If you still need New Year's resolutions to feel better or for self-improvement, then you can still use simple and effective new year resolutions that relate to self-improvement and creating a big domino effect of an impact on your life.

Start Your New Year Off With Self-Hypnosis…

Do you struggle to continue working on your resolutions until you achieve them?

Do you find yourself procrastinating on doing the things that are super important for your personal development and self-growth?

Self-hypnotherapy could help you to finally begin completing every resolution you give yourself.

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Self-hypnosis for achieving your resolutions could:

  • Help you believe you are able to achieve your goals
  • Help you to keep the motivation to continue working on your goals and dreams
  • Make it easier for you to plan and work towards achieving success
  • Help you to make a habit of reaching your objectives

Your resolution can be to achieve weight loss or to overcome any addiction. It can be personal or professional.

If you are able to meet your objectives, you’ll gain confidence and realize that you have it in you to achieve anything that you set your mind to.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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