Why You Should Be Grateful For Life’s Curveballs

The curveballs that life throw can seem like your enemy. When you are forced to slow down, or even cease plans, you probably feel disheartened. However, there are occasions when the universe has different ideas than those you envision. At other times, obstacles are in place as tools to aid self-awareness. When you understand that they have a favorable side, you can feel grateful instead of discouraged.

Just as aches and pains can be messages from your subconscious to slow down, impediments that arise when you work toward your goals can be valuable signs that inform you to take stock or move in a different direction. Recognizing their worth will allow you to use them productively.

Take Ruby for example.

She always wanted to be an artist. Ever since she was a small child, Ruby knew that painting was part of her destiny. However, to her dismay, she struggled to make a living. She could not understand why she was not successful. After all, she was talented, and she did her best to attract abundance. She even painted subject matters for which she was certain there was a market in the area that she resided. Nonetheless, customers were rare, and Ruby was frustrated.

Finally, she decided that there was no point in painting subjects to please a non-existent audience, and she began painting for pleasure. After all, if she wasn't going to make much money, she might at least increase her own joy.

Ruby felt a surge of energy as she started painting with enthusiasm. Wondrous works of art flowed from her paintbrush onto canvas depicting the beauty of nature in bright colors.

People became interested in her work, and sales sharply increased. You see, she stopped struggling against the setback of having few customers and began working with source energy.

Ruby's story helps illustrate how obstacles along the road of your own journey have a purpose. Like her, you might have the right ideas, but need to implement them differently. At the same time, slowing down and looking at alternative avenues that could take you toward your dreams is wise.

Countless, seemingly negative experiences in your life happen for a reason.

The key to using them successfully is to first recognize them as helpful.

The second step is to re-evaluate your situation by examining it from all angles. Sometimes, people rush to put plans into action without observing the entire picture. Noticing opportunities and various methods of getting where you want to go can make your journey faster and easier.

When obstacles appear on the horizon, do not sigh and recoil in fear. Instead, embrace them and know that they stem from infinite guidance. You might already recognize that some useful signs appear as coincidences. Such supportive advice is easier to digest because it does not necessarily arrive in a package that causes you to feel uneasy. However, intelligent counsel flows from the universe readily in countless forms. Gratitude for its arrival is a better response than fear.

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