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You Said WHAT? 10 Things You Should Never Say To Yourself


The Law of Attraction teaches that our words play an incredibly important part in the lives and happiness we create for ourselves. Our words steer and shape our energies; in either a positive or a negative direction. We are not only susceptible to the words others use but the words we use for ourselves.

Essentially, our words, spoken aloud or internally as thoughts, create our world.

If this is the case, why do so many people still think that it’s ok to talk to themselves in such a negative manner? A lot of people will say things to themselves they wouldn’t dream of saying to a friend. Is this right? Absolutely not. There are just some things you should never say to yourself. They can put you in a negative mindset and can make you doubt your dreams.

So what can you do?

Watch out for these 10 things you should never say to yourself.

1. ‘I’m not good enough.’

But the real question is, by whose standards? Stop being so tough on yourself. We can all be our own worst critic, but this shouldn’t be the case. Have you ever heard of the saying ‘we accept the love we think we deserve?’. How do you expect others to recognize your worth when you’re unable to even see it in yourself? Become your biggest cheerleader!

2. ‘I can’t do it.’

Don’t give up before you’ve even got started. If it’s true that where your mind goes your reality follows, take your mind to that place of confidence and success. Learn to hold what you want in your mind’s eye first and chances are, it’ll soon be yours.

3. ‘What will they think of me?’

Too many people live in fear of what others may or may not think about them.

However, life’s too short to get caught up in such things. Live your life as YOU; there is no surer guarantee for happiness.

4. ‘I’m so fat/stupid/useless.’

Whoa there! You wouldn’t talk to a stranger in this way, let alone someone you love, so why use such harsh words with yourself? If you do find yourself getting hung up on aspects of yourself you’re unhappy with, resolve to take quick action – beginning by focusing on the things you DO love about yourself.

5. ‘Nobody loves me.’

This is nothing but self-pity talking; how could you know who does or does not love you? We are all worthy of love and if we were to think hard enough, would find that there is love to be found in our lives in even the most unexpected of places. And remember – the more loving you are yourself, the more love you are likely to receive in return. Try using affirmations for love to increase your self worth and self esteem.

6. ‘Life is so unfair.’

We all come up against hardships and pain at different points in our lives; however, these are often aspects of our lives that are beyond anybody’s control. So let it go and learn to accept that whilst life can have its difficult moments – it’s the good moments you ought to focus on.

7. ‘It’s too hard.’

Are you sure about that? Or is this just your insecurities and fears talking? Remember the power of mind over matter – and until you try, you’ll never know how hard it is.

8. ‘I’m so embarrassed I could die.’

We’ve all had those moments where we’ve wanted nothing more than the ground to swallow us whole. What you have to remember is that everybody has embarrassing moments and that in the grand scheme of things – these really aren’t such a big deal. Laugh it off.

9. ‘They must not like me.’

Perhaps someone hasn’t returned your calls or replied to your emails…maybe you didn’t get the promotion or asked out on a second date

Rather than tormenting yourself by making negative conclusions such as ‘they must not like me’ or thinking harshly of yourself, why not consider the more rational, positive reasons here? It is far more likely that the person in question has been busy or had to handle an unexpected problem. Whatever the reason, it is never as bad as you imagine.

10. ‘I give up’.

There is no obstacle too big that with the right support, you cannot overcome. Always remember this. Also – it is often when we feel closest to giving up that we are closest to achieving what we want most. So remember – keep going, keep going, keep going!

So, there you go – 10 things you should NEVER say to yourself.

Once you’re able to recognize just how big of an impact your own words can have on your happiness, you’ll never want to say any of the above to yourself ever again. So give more positive self-talk a try – and enjoy the many benefits!

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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