Living In Limbo? How To Make Change Happen Today

If you’ve been practicing the most powerful Law of Attraction techniques for a while, you may find that you’re starting to get a bit impatient. After all, you might reason, you’re ready for your dream to manifest now! So how are you supposed to pass the time while you’re waiting for that big change?

While this line of thinking is perfectly natural, it turns out there are better ways to view this period and productive things you can do right now. Here’s what you need to know…

The Goal Is To Replace Waiting With Letting Go

Firstly, you’ll benefit from changing your perspective so that you don’t see yourself as waiting for your “real life” or “better future” to arrive. When you view your situation as a kind of limbo or purgatory, your intention point tunes into a negative frequency; one of absence, low energy, and resentment.

Although you might be visualizing every night and eliciting powerfully positive emotions, this combination sends out a confusing message to the Universe. It can accidentally suggest you’re not really sure what you want.

Ideally, what you need to do is find ways to immerse yourself in the now. Feel fully grateful for the present moment and maintaining pure confidence in your manifestation potential.

This means putting your faith in the Universe to bring you the type of abundance you crave, making peace with the fact you can’t know exactly when your biggest dream will be fulfilled.

How To Leave Limbo And ‘Make' A Better Life

For everyone who's had a difficult year and is looking forward to a better one… know this: yes, it hurts, and, yes, it will take time to recover and grow, but you will build a new, better life for yourself.

Here's what you need to do to help yourself make that transition.

Step One – Patience

Allow yourself some time to feel bad and mourn the past. You are only human, sometimes you just need to let your emotions out! There is no shame in this. Mourn what you once believed the world to be, cry if you need to.

This is all part of the process of moving forward and allowing yourself to feel better.

Step Two – Inspiration

When you feel like you are finally ready to move on, but still need a bit of help, find inspiration. There is a GREAT free e-book called “Bounce Back” that you can download online in 5 seconds. It is a sort of miracle blueprint for turning your life around fast! So if you need guidance, this is a really good place to start. You can download Sonia's Bounce Back book here now.

Step Three – Support

Accept the support of other people. It is true, that the only person who can really help you, is you. This is why you need to stop working on your mood yourself, but social support can mean a lot, too.

Reconnect with your friends and family. Do not cut yourself off. It's OK to feel like you need emotional support.

Step Four – Plan, Celebrate, Plan

Develop goals. You may feel like everything is terrible and nothing can go right, but that's not true. You just need to break your long-term goal down into short-term goals. And then break those down even more. Set yourself little daily tasks every day, and then celebrate your success. This is the way to start moving towards where you want to be.

Three Vital Things To Do And Remember (To Move Forward)

1. The Universe Is Responding To You

Try to recognize that the Universe is responding to your needs right now, and can’t help but do so due to the constant flow of energy. You haven’t been forgotten or overlooked by the world! Your time will come.


And often, though it may seem like nothing much is happening, various things are falling into place behind the scenes to ensure the best outcome for your situation. You just can’t always see when this is happening!

This is partly because large elements of this change may be happening elsewhere in the world, or in other people’s lives.

For example, you might have had a few applications rejected, even though you thought each of these job openings could lead to your dream career.

However, in a few years, you’ll likely see that you needed to be passed up for these in order to learn specific, useful lessons and to ensure that you were free for the real golden opportunity when it arrived.

2. You Can Use This Time To Grow

You can view the current period of your life as a fruitful opportunity to grow and evolve. As you continue practicing all your techniques and addressing feelings of doubt that arise, it’s also worth asking yourself what you can do to further prime yourself for the life you want to create.

For example, are there skills you can improve, new things you can learn about, or personal issues you can work on? If you’re aiming for a financially abundant future, why not brush up on your budgeting skills and look to recruit a good financial advisor?

If you’re on the hunt for love, could some journal work or therapy help you to make peace with past relationship troubles, cleaning the slate for the love of your life?

Chances are, you can come up with a pretty big list of ways you can enhance and improve yourself so that you’re in the optimal space to make the best of your fully manifested dream.

And in many cases, when that dream becomes reality, you’ll be grateful for the formerly-resented period in between intention setting and manifestation.

3. Anchor Yourself In The Moment

It’s not always easy to live fully in the present, but if you can learn to do so most of the time then you’re creating precisely the right circumstances for manifestation.

Many of our usual techniques work to create this type of mindfulness, such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, and keeping a gratitude journal. However, there are also other approaches you can try.

For example, try going somewhere with the express purpose of simply noticing every detail. Anywhere that’s beautiful and interesting is a good choice, as it will inspire you and induce positive emotions. For example, think of sitting by the water, or visiting an art gallery.

Practice tuning into every part of your surroundings, from the obvious sights to the subtle smells and all the background sounds.

If you even spend 10-15 minutes per day doing this somewhere convenient (e.g. a local park), you’re training your brain to anchor itself in the present and view your life as rich. This distracts attention from thoughts of lack or impatience.

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