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30 Law of Attraction Exercises To Help You Manifest More (With Examples)

Manifest, attraction.

This is an ultimate list of 30 time-tested and proven “do-it-yourself” techniques to help make The Law of Attraction work for you. Choose one or more of these to use every day to attract your dream! You will find a practical example for each of these tools to help you understand how to use them more effectively. I’ve chosen “attracting love” as an example. But these can really be used to manifest any other dreams as well.

(This is just a brief summary of the most effective LOA exercises out there, but if you want to study these techniques in more detail and discover other LOA “secrets” have a look at the new program called Origins).

1. Be Grateful

Be thankful for the great things that you already have in your life. Try writing in a gratitude journal or just taking a few minutes before you go to bed to think of all the good things that happened to you that day.

Example: Be thankful for the relationships that you had, even though they ended. Be thankful for your friends and family who love you. This will attract even more love into your life, in the form of a soul mate.

2. Use A Focus Wheel.

Using a focus wheel can aid the acquisition of momentum of gratitude that alters your belief system and behavior. It can help to ultimately attract more of what you want in life. Tip: Click here to find out how to use a focus wheel.

Example: Think of an aspect in your life in which you feel loved and produce sentences (to write on your focus wheel) that describe this situation. Like “I love my fabulously supportive sister who has complete confidence in my ability to shine”.

3. Dream Board

Create a dream board. Cut out (or print out) pictures and words that represent your goal, and stick them to a board. Hand the board somewhere you will see it daily. This will help you visualize your dream.

Example: If you are trying to attract a soul mate, you may want to put pictures of a happy couple, of a house you will live in, of what your bedroom might look like etc. Tip: Do not focus on physical characteristics of your perfect partner too much (like hair or eye color), it is more about what your lifestyle will be like and how he would make you feel.

4. Visualize

You can use the dream board to help you visualize your dream, but you can also do that without it. Just close your eyes and try to imagine your dream coming true, focus on the details and the feeling that you would have.

Example: Imagine going on a holiday together with your soul mate. Where will you go? What will you do? Imagine holding his hand in the airport, or lying on the beach together.

5. Use Affirmations

Choose a few positive affirmations and repeat them every day.

Example: “Love is coming my way” or “I am in a happy relationship”.

6. Meditate

Regular mindfulness practice will help you reach peace of mind and wellbeing, greater focus, and a more positive outlook on life.

Example: Sit down in a comfortable position, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Keep your mind from wandering. Start with 2-5 minutes of meditation a day.

7. Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is a scientifically proven way to influence your conscious awareness. It will help you achieve a state of intense mental focus needed to manifest your dreams into reality.

Example: Download a brainwave entrainment audio and listen to it to learn and experience its brain-enhancing benefits.

8. Positive List

This is similar to a gratitude list, but it is an expanded version and you can also add all the things that you are looking forward to.

Example: “Mom and dad coming to visit next weekend” or “Going out with my friends on Saturday”.

What's Stopping You From Manifesting Your Best Life?
Find out in just 60 seconds!
3,617,569 Tests Have Already Been Taken

9. Goal Setting

First, it is important to actually set a goal. Decide in your mind that this is something you are going to accomplish. Write it down to make it more real.

Example: “By the end of this year I will be in a happy relationship”.

If you are not sure what you want to achieve, read this article here about How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose.

10. Talk About Your Dream

After setting a goal, it helps to share it with others to send a message to the universe that you are serious about this goal and to get the support of your loved ones.

Example: Tell your best friend that you are ready for a new relationship and that you will start looking for love.

11. Connecting To An Object

Sometimes it helps to choose a small object, filled with positive energy, and carry it around to remind you of what you are trying to attract.

Example: This could be that bracelet that your friends gave you for your birthday with love, and whenever you wear it you feel attractive and happy. Decide that this bracelet will be a reminder of your goal to find love, wear it when you go out to reconnect with your confidence and determination or hold it during visualizations. (TIP: It can be any other object that represents the reality you want to manifest. Like rose quartz crystal for “love”).

12. Emotional Freedom Techniques

You can use EFT (Tapping) to clear resistance (old blocks or limiting beliefs that contradicts your desire). The basic idea is to lightly tap your fingertips on acupuncture points while expressing positive feelings.

Example: Repeat love affirmations and reminder phrases while tapping various acupressure points on your body with your fingers.

13. Audio Books

Audiobooks are a great way to get the information and the motivation that you need on the go. You can do other things while you get everything read out to you.

Example: “Magnetic Love Mysteries Revealed: The 9 Simple Steps To Attracting Your Perfect Romantic Partner” is a great audiobook (part of the ‘Origins‘ program) that teaches you to quickly and easily harness The Law of Attraction to find “the one” without feeling desperate or alone. It uploads all the information straight into your mind.

14. Use Your Intention Point

Your Intention Point is basically the “meeting ground” between your heart and your mind. When you activate your Intention Point you manifest from a higher energy vibration so things come faster and easier.

Example: Balance your Intention Point to and send out a coherent message to the Universe. Click here to learn how to do it more effectively.

Learn more about your Intention Point here.

15. Live “As If”

Start immediately living as though that reality is already yours.

Example: Buy clothes that you would wear on a date with your soul mate.

16. Spread Positivity

Smile, laugh, say nice things to people. Be supportive. Don’t complain or get angry.

Example: Your friend met a “special someone”? Be happy for them, ask questions, make positive comments.

17. Do Random Acts Of Kindness

Part of spreading positivity is doing random acts of kindness. Commit to doing at least one a day.

Example: Put some coins in someone else’s parking meter. Give someone a compliment. Let someone jump the queue at the bank. Hold the door open for someone.

18. Inspirational Quotes

Read motivational quotes whenever you get a chance. They will remind you that you can achieve whatever you want.

Example: “There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.” ― Sarah Dessen

19. Let Go

It is important to let the Universe do its thing. To stop obsessing about something, and worrying that it will not happen. Let it go and relax.

Example: Do not complain that you haven’t found “the one” yet, do not make every second of your life about finding a partner, continue living your life and being happy.

20. Create A To-Do List

What steps are you going to take towards your goal? How will you be ready to seize the opportunity when the Universe sends it to you?

Example: Arrange to go out to a club or a bar with your friends. Your chances of meeting someone will be bigger than if you just stay at home.

21. Make A Wish List

This is to help you be more specific about what you want. Sometimes we don’t get exactly what we want because we were not clear enough about it when we were sending out messages to the Universe.

Example: Make a list of qualities that you want your partner to have and what will be important to you in your relationship.

22. Get Rid Of Negativity

Cut out negative people from your life. Those who are constantly in a bad mood and see life as “a glass half empty”.

Example: Have a friend who doesn’t believe in life and is always complaining that it is impossible to find a soul mate. Limit the time you spend with that person.

23. Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

Do you think that you will not be able to reach a certain goal for some reason? Try to understand why you think that. It is probably just a disempowering belief that you need to get rid of.

Example: “Perfect relationships do not exist”. Remind yourself that relationships, just like life in general, don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.

24. Unclutter

When you’re able to free yourself of the stresses and obstacles caused by disorganization, you’ve just paved a clear path to everything you want in life.

Example: Throw away old things in your house that trap a lot of negative energy, like old clothes, magazines, newspapers etc.

25. Read More

Read a book that will help you focus on your goal and stay motivated. You can also read books about the Law of Attraction to discover the best methods of using LOA tools to attract what you want.

Example: You may want to read romance novels that will help your image yourself being in a relationship. Or you could read a Law Of Attraction book to get more tips on how to manifest love (if this is the case, have a look at “Origins”, it’s packed with simple DIY techniques that deliver measurable results in every aspect of your life).

26. Believe In The LOA

You need to truly believe that you can obtain the things you want in life.

Example: Do not worry that you haven’t met your soul mate, know that you will. And until then use this time to enjoy your freedom and get to know yourself outside of a relationship better.

27. Surround Yourself With People Who Think The Same Way

Hang out with people who have the same goals as you are. And who believe in the power of the Law Of Attraction. You will exchange positive energy and support each other.

Example: Ask yourself, which will increase your chances of meeting someone:

  1. Spending time with someone who has given up on love and doesn’t want to meet anyone new
  2. Spending time with someone who is in a relationship and doesn’t need to search for a partner
  3. Someone who is single and is searching for love

Yes. The third one is the correct answer.

28. Make Room For What Is To Come In Your Life

The Universe will send you what you’ve asked for, your job is to be ready to receive it and not to stand in your own way.

Example: Have you been invited to a wedding in 6 months? Ask if you can bring a +1, who knows, you may be in a relationship by then.

29. Multi-Perspective Visualization

Do visualizations from a third person perspective, seeing yourself from the outside.

Example: Imagine what you and your partner would look like as a couple. How your friends and family would see you when they look at you.

30. Multi-Sensory Visualization

Involve more than just your sense of sight when you’re picturing your dream life. Try to imagine what the environment smells like or if you touch objects what do they feel like under your hands?

Example: Imagine hugging or kissing your partner.

If you are doing all of these exercises, but haven't achieved your goal yet, read our article here to discover What To Do If The Law Of Attraction Hasn’t Worked For You Yet.

What's Stopping You From Manifesting Your Best Life?
Find out in just 60 seconds!
3,617,569 Tests Have Already Been Taken

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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