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Cosmic Ordering For Beginners: Secrets, Stories And Instructions


If you’ve read about the Law of Attraction and about people who have been incredibly successful in manifesting their desires, you’ve probably come across the idea of cosmic ordering.

For example, you may be aware that it involves asking the universe for something you want. However, you’ll likely have found that it’s hard to find specific instructions that tell how you place these kinds of orders yourself.

So, does cosmic ordering really work? Why do so many people credit their success to this approach? And if it does work, how can you make sure it works for you? This introduction to cosmic ordering will help you understand the process, explaining its links to the Law of Attraction and exploring its applications.

We’ll explain some of the most powerful cosmic ordering secrets.

Plus, keep reading for a straightforward, step-by-step guide that will allow you to start employing cosmic ordering techniques today.

What Is Cosmic Ordering?

First, it's worth spending some time getting a clear grasp on the nature of cosmic ordering.

Essentially, it involves identifying a specific thing that you want and then going through a process of asking the universe to provide you with that thing.

When making a cosmic order, it's important to remain wholly positive and focused; the practice of cosmic ordering is predicated on the use of positive energy and thinking.

There are no limits to what you can achieve. However, it's crucial to focus on individual orders at once. In this way, most people find that starting with small orders helps them to cultivate the skills required to make bigger orders in the future.

The principles of the Law of Attraction at the heart of cosmic ordering. So, in sum, you work to align yourself with a particular goal!

Plus, you open yourself to receiving abundance from the universe. In spite of being extremely effective, it requires learning a fairly simple set of techniques and then consistently sticking to those techniques.

But where did cosmic ordering first originate, and how can you best make it work for you? Let's move on to some of the details you need to know in order to succeed.

Bärbel Mohr: Cosmic Ordering History

The origins of cosmic ordering can be found in the work of Bärbel Mohr. In pioneering this way of using the Law of Attraction, she posited that we can turn a wish into reality by clearly defining that wish and writing it down. She published her ideas and associated exercises in her magazine ‘Sonnenwind'.

Then later she developed a monograph, The Cosmic Ordering Service: A Guide to Realising Your Dreams. In this book, she fleshed out the basic framework she described in her magazine, giving readers the tools required to place their own cosmic orders.

She placed an enormous emphasis on developing your own authentic inner voice, and on cultivating long-lasting methods of positive thinking.

Following the popularity of Mohr's book, the practice of cosmic ordering began to attract significant endorsement. For example, television host Noel Edmonds advocated its use.

He credited the cosmic ordering for a resurgence in his success after a period of little work. Subsequently, he published his own book on the topic, Positively Happy: Cosmic Ways To Change Your Life. Both Mohr and Edmonds believe that cosmic ordering can be used to attract everything from a new relationship to a different career, better physical health, or financial abundance.

‘How Does Cosmic Ordering Work?’

While the above introduction gives you a rough sense of how cosmic ordering is supposed to work, you might still be wondering about the spiritual and scientific underpinnings of this theory. Visualization is at the very heart of its effectiveness, so it's important to consider exactly how that works.

Essentially, visualization is a technique that involves picturing what you desire from the universe. You build up a clear, vivid image of it (involving sight, sound, smell, and touch).

Then you allow yourself to sit with the positive feelings that this picture evokes. Ultimately, you then release this image to the universe as a cosmic order.

One thing worth noting about how cosmic ordering works is that people are often surprised by the outcome. This means that a certain level of trust in the universe is required, as the thing you desire may not appear how or when you imagined it.

Those who are successful in their cosmic ordering remain truly open to how their intentions might manifest; they understand that cosmic ordering requires patient.

A vital part of your journey will involve learning to appreciate and enjoy the moment, even before your cosmic order has been fulfilled. It is this positivity that allows you to ultimately attract the thing you desire.

Cosmic Ordering Benefits

Some of the benefits of cosmic ordering are obvious, in that it provides you with an effective, spiritually satisfying way of getting what you want out of life.

In addition, keep the following benefits in mind:

  • It enhances your ability to focus. Cosmic ordering often works best when you write down what you want to achieve. Research shows that people who do this are reliably better at focusing for longer periods.
  • It attracts all kinds of positive experiences. While you will be trying to achieve something specific, practicing visualization helps to make you a more positive and productive person in general. Those who attempt cosmic ordering often report improvements in their social life, better moods, and more opportunities.
  • It improves your self-confidence. Believing that anything is possible helps to empower you, and your positivity seeps into your subconscious to reshape your self-image. Meanwhile, when you do get what you want, your belief in yourself increases and you become more aware of your own worth.
  • It can boost your health. Positive thinking reduces stress, as does putting your trust in the universe. In turn, reduced stress is shown to improve immune system function as well as helping you to limit unhealthy habits.

‘Will Cosmic Ordering Work For Me?’

The great news is that cosmic ordering can work for absolutely anyone. However, the more focus, specificity, and intensity you bring to cosmic ordering, the more likely you are to see significant results. If you want it to work for you, be extremely clear about your goal, be diligent in the way you follow the recommended techniques, and put significant amounts of energy into your visualization work.

Further, as noted above, patience is key. Impatience is a common reason why cosmic ordering doesn't work for some people, who begin to think negatively when their order is not fulfilled as quickly as they would have hoped.

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Cosmic Ordering Success Stories

When you first start experimenting with cosmic ordering techniques, it's extremely helpful to look at success stories.

These narratives both prove to you that cosmic ordering works, and give you a concrete sense of how you might best approach it. Looking back at the successes of Bärbel Mohr can be inspiring, as can the way in which Noel Edmonds used cosmic ordering to turn his life from uninspiring to exciting (as documented in his book).

Further, television presenter Laura Hamilton has recently drawn attention to the significance that she feels cosmic ordering has played in her life. You may know her from the TV series Dancing on Ice. She, in fact, credits cosmic ordering for the fact that she earned a place on the show.

Even more strikingly, the 2007 UK winner of Big Brother, Brian Belo, has said that cosmic ordering assisted him in winning the competition.

Finally, Stephen Richards is also a great example of the effective use of cosmic ordering. His self-help books describe his journey from being poor and depressed to ultimately becoming a happy millionaire

Many of the best cosmic ordering success stories have the idea of transformation in common. Often, it is when people hit rock bottom that they become open to trying less conventional approaches to personal growth. Cosmic ordering is a straightforward, low-risk method of improving your life, and the above stories prove that it can be effective even in times of great unhappiness.

The Law Of Attraction And Cosmic Ordering

The process of cosmic ordering has a significant overlap with the core set of Law of Attraction teachings. Both are based on positive thinking, and on the power of creative visualization to shape reality.

In addition, cosmic ordering and Law of Attraction manifestation work both notes that your life experiences reflect your internal state, placing an emphasis on changing your mindset so as to change your world.

It's also worth noting that many further Law of Attraction techniques (such as using affirmations, building vision boards, and examining underlying negative beliefs) fit equally well with cosmic ordering, helping you to identify and fulfill your true purposes.

In fact, many staunch advocates of cosmic ordering are also proponents of the Law of Attraction. So, there is a good reason to suppose that your best chances of success will involve combining these two complementary approaches to positive change.

Cosmic Ordering Instructions (And Tips)

Now that you have a good understanding of the nature and value of cosmic ordering, let's now turn to a step-by-step guide that will help you place a cosmic order yourself. Here are the five main steps that you need to follow, along with tips for personalizing them to your needs.

1. Set Yourself A Clear Goal

Cosmic ordering instructions will always encourage you to begin by defining an explicit aim.

For example, you might be looking to learn how to cosmic order love, money, a new career or an ideal home. If you're not sure exactly what your main goal is at the moment, write down a range of things that you want. Then, for each item, write down further reasons why you want those things.

Soon, you should begin to see that one particular entry on the list stands out as important just now. This is the goal you want to achieve using cosmic ordering. Experiment with different ways of wording that goal. Next, write the final one down on a blank page before displaying it in a place you regularly see.

2. Meditate To Connect To The Cosmos

Meditating to connect to the cosmic is very much like a regular meditation practice, so if you already know how to do this then you'll find this part of cosmic ordering entirely natural.

If you're not used to meditating, start by finding a comfortable place and taking slow, deep breaths. Try inhaling in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Close your eyes and feel the weight of your body, and its location in space. Gradually start to picture the room around you, and then the building beyond that. Keep going until you're picturing your town, your state, your country, and finally the earth from above. Feel the way in which you are connected to all things in the cosmos, then gradually zoom back in until you picture your body.

3. Visualize Your Future

As we've already covered, creative visualization is an indispensable part of cosmic ordering.

Once you're in a relaxed, calm and focused state after the meditation step above, you can move on to visualizing your stated goal. For example, if you’re cosmic ordering money then imagine yourself with that money; holding it, smelling it, spending it on what you want. Imagine the feelings you would have, of joy and satisfaction.

Similarly, if you're cosmic ordering a new partner, think about what it would be like to be held and loved by this person. Whatever you're visualizing, make sure you add as many little details as possible. The richer the picture you build up, the clearer the cosmic order you send out to the universe.

4. Write A Letter To The Cosmos

This step is all about building an even clearer sense of what you want and asking the cosmos for that thing. Whether you use a pen and paper or type it up, the letter should contain as much information as you can think of regarding the specific goal you want to manifest. Start by addressing it to the Universe, the cosmos, or a preferred deity if you're religious.

Next, explain in one clear sentence exactly what you're ordering from the cosmos. Then, add information about what you want. Here, you can draw on what you saw in your creative visualization to write down a vivid picture of your desires. However, don't worry if you find writing difficult. After all, the most important thing is that the letter is clear, not lengthy.

5. Send It

The final stage of the basic cosmic ordering process involves sending your letter out to the cosmos. You can choose to interpret this as literal, or as symbolic.

For example, you might want to post a physical copy of the letter to yourself, text it to yourself or send it to your own email. Alternatively, you might prefer to simply imagine the letter being sent out, incorporating this into your creative visualization. What matters here is not so much what happens to the physical words that you wrote, but rather that you experience yourself as casting your intentions out into the universe to be fulfilled. At this stage, you metaphorically hand over the reins to the cosmos, trusting the universe to give you what you need.

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