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The Story Of The World’s Largest Law of Attraction Community

Launched in 2014, is a global community of over 7.2 million students and followers from over 200 countries who are passionate about manifesting the life of their dreams.

Our user-friendly digital platform gives you access to simple exercises, practical tools, and educational programs designed by the world's leading Law of Attraction teachers.

Our teachers include Joe Vitale and Bob Doyle — who featured in the hit documentary, The Secret — as well as our LOA expert, Katherine Hurst. was founded and created by Paul Gunter and Andrew Shorten, with their passionate team behind other world-class learning platforms such as They hold the mission to empower 100 million people to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilled lives by sharing transformational practices that can help them become the greatest versions of themselves.

The Origins of may have been launched in 2014, but the birth of the platform was only made possible by an incredible journey that began in 2003 between Andrew Shorten and Paul Gunter — two unlikely friends with a shared passion for personal growth, and the future founders of Greater Minds.

Andrew, born and raised in Essex, England, was only 18 when he found out that he was having a daughter, forcing him to grow up overnight.

Paul was a university graduate in London who was hellbent on avoiding the corporate hamster wheel and jumped from one odd job to another.

It was a chance encounter that led to Andrew and Paul meeting on the same remote Greek island in 2003.

Agreeing to keep in touch, it wasn’t long before an opportunity manifested for the two to reconnect and work together.

The next few years turned into a whirlwind of startups that both flourished and flopped, but eventually, their online marketing agency became an industry hit, making the two among the youngest leaders in the field at the time.

It seemed as though Andrew and Paul were creating the lives they had always dreamed of. But despite achieving financial success, something was missing.

They had been so focused on surviving that they neglected what they needed to truly thrive — a mission that they could serve.

So, it was in 2013 that they decided that the best way for them to make a greater impact in the world was to share the same tools and techniques that had helped them during the times they felt lost, frustrated, and like the odds were stacked against them.

And that is how the idea for Greater Minds was born, starting with, which sparked a collaboration between Andrew and Paul and the platform’s first author, Katherine Hurst. They now proudly publish many of the world's leading Law of Attraction teachers.

Today, Andrew and Paul have decided to join the center stage and represent the community, not as founders or experts, but fellow students of the Law of Attraction, who are on this journey with you.

Andrew and Paul

An Open Letter from Andrew and Paul


We’re Paul and Andrew, the two guys behind It’s taken us a while to step out and formally introduce ourselves — so we’re really glad to finally meet you 🙂

For years, Katherine Hurst has been the core voice of our brand, while we worked behind the scenes to personally source and develop the best tools and techniques in the industry for our platform.

But after being inspired by your stories and falling in love with our amazing global community, we realized that our greatest strength lies in our own journey — the story of two ordinary guys who were able to lead extraordinary lives through the simple practices that we’ve been sharing with you.

So we’ve decided to come forward — not as experts or teachers, but as self-proclaimed fans of the Law of Attraction and Personal Growth, who are committed to creating the life we dream of… just like you.

We’re lucky enough to have access to some of the most amazing transformational leaders of our time, and now we’re bringing their wisdom to you, so we can all learn and grow together. Consider us your friends in high places 😉

To your ultimate greatness,

— Andrew & Paul

Katherine Hurst

An integral part of community since 2014, she is one of the first teachers on our platform and evidence the LOA works. She is also the personality behind our core program, Origins Reborn: How To Manifest 5,000 Times Faster With Your Intention Point.
Read more about Katherine Hurst.

Bob Doyle

A leading expert in the Law of Attraction for over 20 years. Wealth Beyond Reason is his most successful program to date, giving you the fundamental tools and techniques to tap into the full power of manifestation and transform every area of your life.
Read more about Bob Doyle.

Dr. Joe Vitale

A highly successful author and coach with over 35 years of LOA experience. The Secret Mirror is based on scientific techniques proven to help people identify and eliminate their inner struggles and receive the abundance available to them.
Read more about Joe Vitale.

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