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How To Calculate Your Hidden Passion Number In Numerology


Although it’s seldom discussed, the hidden passion number is a fascinating aspect of Numerology. It is one that’s especially useful when working with the Law of Attraction.

Essentially, it tells you about a specific ability or talent you have, one that’s key to your entire nature and can help you understand your life’s purpose.

Find Your Hidden Passion Number

Your unique hidden passion number comes from digits allocated to different letters of your name.

Write out your full name, then use this list to note down the number corresponding to each letter:

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1: A, J, S

2: B, K, T

3: C, L, U

4: D, M, V

5: E, N, W

6: F, O, X

7: G, P, Y

8: H, Q, Z

9: I, R

Your hidden passion number is the one that occurs most often in your name.

For example, if you were called John Smith, your hidden passion number would be 1. And if you find two or more numbers occur equally, all that means is that you have more than one hidden passion!

Hidden Passion Number 1

You have a deep underlying drive to stand out and accomplish great things. You might realize this as an entrepreneur, inventor, politician, or something else entirely, you have a talent for influencing others.

To increase your manifestation power, tap into the way success excites you and center your visualizations on this feeling.

In addition, use words like “successful”, “accomplished” and “achievements” in your affirmations.

Hidden Passion Number 2

Promoting and maintaining harmony is a huge part of who you are (or who you have the potential to become). You’re very good at raising your vibration purely through thinking positively and practicing meditation.

You’re also naturally skilled at professions associated with this theme, such as all kinds of therapy, whether psychological or physiological.

You’ll usually find this type of profession enjoyable.

Hidden Passion Number 3

A hidden passion number of 3 means one of your biggest gifts is creating inspiration through self-expression. You can use this socially (to build relationships), or creatively (e.g. through writing or art). It’s an asset when manifesting just about anything!

The types of exercises most likely to work well for you include using a dream board or vision board, and living “as if”.

Basically, try anything that requires acts of creation and imagination.

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Hidden Passion Number 4

There’s plenty to be grateful for if 4 is your number. Your gift is determination, so you can persist through even the most challenging of situations. You may also have a genuine love of organizing.

When working with the Law of Attraction, focusing on keeping clear and systematic plans that break down your goals. Look for concrete ways to measure success.

This will spur you on to greatness.

Hidden Passion Number 5

With a 5 guiding your nature and purpose, you’re highly likely to be brave and adventurous. You probably have a consummate love of experiencing novel things (such as travel and taking up new hobbies).

If you make your desire for growth the driving force in your manifestation journey, you’ll be channeling the most powerful and potent part of yourself and maximizing your chances of having the best, happiest experiences.

Hidden Passion Number 6

A hidden passion number of 6 suggests that being of service to others is what makes life feel satisfying and worthwhile for you. As long as you can balance this with appropriate self-preservation, you can find joy in humanitarian or care work.

You may also manifest most effectively when you’re collaborating to do so with others, whether online or in person.

Hidden Passion Number 7

You have a talent for intellectually evaluating situations and playing with abstract ideas, making you a great teacher and a lifelong learner.

The contentment and inspiration you find in deep thinking results in learning more about the science behind the Law of Attraction. This can really help you to connect with the core ideas and use them in your life.

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Hidden Passion Number 8

Those who are tied to the number 8 often share a love of attaining status in a community, and in directing others to better themselves. As with passion number 1, this leaves a huge number of career options open, all of which are ones in which you’re likely to thrive.

In addition, your leadership potential means you might be able to spread knowledge of the Law of Attraction to others, which can only bring more positivity your way!

Hidden Passion Number 9

Finally, having a hidden passion number of 9 means that you have almost endless supplies of warmth and love sharing that with others.

However, this is combined with a wonderfully creative mind, a part that number 9s often suppress or believe will not lead them to success.

If you let your natural self-compassion combine with your artistry, you’ll likely find yourself more fulfilled than ever.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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