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How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

A table with magazines and a cup of coffee, creating a positive energy.

We all want to manifest our dreams and ideally manifest them quickly and magnificently. One thing we tend to forget is that if our vibration or ‘vibe’ doesn’t match what we are trying to manifest, it simply won’t appear. When we are vibrating at a low level we effectively push our desires further away. This can be frustrating and can even become an ongoing ‘block’.

I have certainly found getting in the vortex of higher vibration to be an ongoing journey of learning and I wanted to share with you, 11 great ways that I have found to successfully raise your vibration in your home, to remove negativity and align yourself with your desires.

Are You Ready To Cut The Negative Energy Cord In Your Life?
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Signs Of Negative Energy In Home

There are quite a few signs that could tell you that you have negative energy in your home and in your life. They are likely to be more obvious than you might realize and can be quite easy to change so that you can have a more peaceful, positive energy in your home. Some signs of negative energy in the home could be:

  • Negative Relationships. – If your home has a negative energy, the people living inside will most likely have a negative energy too. This can cause relationships to develop problems, and arguments are easily caused.
  • The House Feels Cluttered. – When you are surrounded by physical clutter it can sometimes be hard to have a positive energy and feel peaceful. Physical clutter can also cause clutter in your mind and you may feel stressed and anxious.
  • Constant Complaining. – Certain situations can cause negative energy, and this can be common with relationships or the people you live with. If you find there are constant complaints, this can be because everyone is experiencing a negative energy and complaining is a way to “blow off some steam”.
Are You Ready To Cut The Negative Energy Cord In Your Life?
Free ebook reveals little-known, powerful “ancient” technique for identifying and clearing limiting beliefs helping you to break through to your best self (taking you to a higher place of consciousness).

11 Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

1. Do More Of What You Love

This may seem simple but are you really happy every day? It’s easy to say we’re ‘happy’, but are you honestly living an authentic life and serving your highest purpose? Does your work bring you joy?

Do you need to take more time out of work to do more activities that will increase your happiness levels? By doing more of what you love you not only get in alignment with your manifestations but you will appreciate life more and automatically raise your vibration.

The reason why being happy works so well is because, for example, if you are wanting to manifest money, once you receive it you would feel happy, not sad. You wouldn’t worry about money because you would have plenty and you would be treating yourself because you can. So remember acting ‘as if’ is the quickest way to align yourself with your desires.

2. Be Grateful

Again, another obvious point but are you being as grateful as you could be? I like to write out 10 new reasons for being grateful each morning. I start with ‘I am so grateful for… because…’.

This gets me instantly into a great vibration of gratitude and happiness. It’s also an instant vibration booster when you're having a bad day or feel you're off track with your manifestations.

3. Make Affirmations

Positive daily affirmations are the most powerful way to manifest and create your own reality. Personally, I use affirmations to raise my vibration every day by repeating them in the mirror.

  • I am strong.
  • I am fearless.
  • I am worthy and deserving of love.
  • I am powerful.

By saying powerful, positive affirmations every day to yourself you will not only believe more, you will also motivate yourself, attract your desires much faster, as well as raising your energy to positive new levels.

4. Crystals

I love to work with crystals when manifesting as I really believe they have helped me successfully attract my desires in the past. Rose Quartz is one of the most commonly known crystals and is a great stone to work with as it’s full of love and can help attract love into all areas of your life.

Honey Quartz is another great crystal to use when manifesting as it helps you feel more gratitude and positivity.

It's important to cleanse your crystals at least once a month, I normally do this on a new moon. To cleanse them simply run them under filtered water (not tap water), finally hold the crystal afterward and ask for its help. With Rose Quartz, for example, you could ask it to help with manifesting a new partner into your life.

5. Meditate

You can also instantly raise your vibration by meditating. I like to meditate once a day if I can for about 15 minutes. In this time I focus on my gratitude and center myself so that I can re-align my vibration.

When we take time out of our busy schedules and allow ourselves time to work on self-development it becomes easier to quickly snap back into a high vibration and attract our manifestations much quicker.

Tip: If you are a beginner, you can learn, step-by-step, how to meditate here.

6. Himalayan Salt Lamps

Not only do Himalayan salt lamps cleanse and deodorize the air, but these incredible lamps also have numerous health benefits. I've had one for a few months now in my living room and I love the positive energy these lamps amplify.

These lamps claim to also reduce coughing and asthma symptoms meaning they can bring benefits to the whole household.

I also find that my salt lamp lifts my energy when switched on and having it in my living room means that it neutralizes electromagnetic radiation that comes from mobile phones, television, computers e.t.c.

7. Throw Out Things That Remind You Of Negativity From The Past

We are all guilty of holding on to things from our past whether it's photos, objects, or even emotions, it's important to let go. I like to do this by doing a white sage cleansing and using incense. If I hold an object and it doesn't bring me joy I get rid of it or donate it to charity to help someone else.

With emotions especially if forgiveness is required I think of the person or situation and say to myself more than the person, ‘I'm sorry, I love you and I'm letting this go now'. I then like to burn white sage, which clears negativity and can be found at your local crystal store.

8. Embrace Nature To Infuse Positive Energy

It's really important that you let as much nature in as possible to your home. My home used to be a really negative place until I decided enough was enough and I wanted to create my own positive sanctuary away from the world. I did this by opening the windows more often and letting fresh air pour in with positivity and then I bought more houseplants to make my flat feel more like home.

Each day I also burn my favorite candles and white sage incense to clear any negative energy in the air and to once again raise my vibration. Doing these small little practices each day will get you into a solid positive routine and means you instantly know how to snap back into a higher vibration when you're feeling down.

9. Don't Invite Toxic People Into Your Home

Sometimes this can be impossible due to negative family members or friends. My best advice would be to either go to their homes or meet in a public space, that way they can't suck up all the positive energy you've been building up in your home.

If you really can't avoid a toxic person from entering your home, then make sure to do a white sage cleanse straight afterward to realign yourself and the energy in your home.

10. Cleanse That Clutter

You need to have a good Spring clean throughout the year, not just in the Spring! Holding on to clutter in your home is simply toxic and will clutter your mind in return.

One thing to consider is utilizing online resources and apps for your own benefit. Use Pinterest for decluttering inspiration and Facebook for daily positivity! Similarly, whilst it's lovely to own physical copies of books, try reading ebooks first. This avoids unnecessarily clutter on your bookshelf! (Start with this ebook now, for FREE!)

Make a special effort to clear the surfaces and allow more light into your home. Consequently, this can make all the difference and will instantly make you feel more at ease and positive.

11. Put Up Pictures And Things That Remind You Of The Good Times

Who doesn't love looking at photos from those happy nights out with your friends or your latest trip abroad? Make a special effort to put these happy, positive memories around your home to instantly uplift you and increase your vibration.

I also like to have positive affirmation and quote prints around my home as they bring a stylish/decorative way to remind you of your positive power.

With these 11 tips in mind, are you ready to cut the negative energy cord in your life?

Are You Ready To Cut The Negative Energy Cord In Your Life?
Free ebook reveals little-known, powerful “ancient” technique for identifying and clearing limiting beliefs helping you to break through to your best self (taking you to a higher place of consciousness).

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