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5 Helpful Hints For When Life Throws You A ‘Why Me?!’ Moment


It happens to the best of us. One minute we are enjoying a seemingly good day, the next, life has thrown us a curveball that leaves you holding your head in your hands and asking ‘why me!?’

It doesn’t matter what area of your life has been affected; be it your relationship, career or something as simple as stubbing your toe. Sometimes, it can feel as though the universe is out to get you. There is nothing wrong with a little cathartic self-pity every now and again; we are only human after all. But what should you do when you find yourself unable to drag yourself out of your ‘poor me’ attitude?

It is perfectly acceptable for us all to have our down days and occasionally succumb to the ugly emotions that we feel bubbling their way to the surface. After all, suppressing your emotions is by far the worst thing that any person can do.

Having said this, if you find yourself asking ‘why me?!’ on a regular basis, it is probably about time that you try and gain a little perspective. As we already know, the Law Of Attraction works on the basis that our emotions and thoughts dictate what manifests in our everyday life. Therefore, it can be crucial to have set procedures in place for when life throws you a ‘why me?!’ moment, to help you catch those pesky negative emotions before they begin to impact other areas of your life.

If you are in need of a backup plan for the next time life throws you a sucker punch, then follow these five handy hints on how to pull yourself out of any funk, at any time!

1. Check Out The Bigger Picture


When you think that things are looking pretty bad for you, try taking a step back and taking in the bigger picture.

There is nothing more humbling or effective at putting your own life into perspective than putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes for a while.

No matter how bad things may seem for you, there will always (without exception), be someone out there going through a worse time.

This isn’t to say that you should spend excessive amounts of time dwelling on the misfortunes or tragic occurrences of others.

Instead, you should simply try putting things into perspective every once and a while and ask yourself, in the grand scheme of things, do I really have it that bad? I think you will find that the answer is a big, resounding no.

And to help you put things in perspective, here are The Top 5 Regrets People Reveal They Have On Their Deathbeds. These are the things that are really worth focusing on.

2. Look For Lessons

More often than not, when we come across a stumbling block in our lives, we tend to think of them as a hindrance. However, next time something bad comes your way, instead of allowing it to hold you back or bring you to a standstill, why not take it as a valuable life lesson to help you move forward?

Ask yourself the following;

  • Is there anything that you can take from this seemingly negative situation?
  • Has it taught you anything that you can remember for the future?
  • Perhaps this negative ‘thing’ has happened for a greater purpose?

Choosing to transform a negative into a potentially life-altering positive can show maturity on your part and could help to send new opportunities your way. Or, if all else fails, you can always just stick to a good old-fashioned sulk…

3. Give Thanks

Gratitude can have such a transformative impact on our moods and attitude. Just taking a few minutes every day to think about all that we are grateful for in our lives, no matter what it may be (i.e. the warm bed we sleep in, our family, our dog, our dance classes etc.) can have a short of miraculous effect on how we feel about things.

Focus on the areas of your life that you are grateful for and not only can you find your problems slowly melting away (‘problems, what problems?!’), but you should also find the universe showering you with more and more reasons to be thankful.

4. Trust In The Universe

Maintaining your faith in the universe is a must. Sometimes life can seem incredibly tough, but you should always rest assured in the knowledge that there is nothing that can be thrown at you that you cannot handle! Human beings are astonishingly resistant, so trust in your strength and courage to overcome anything… and I mean anything.

When you genuinely hold on to the belief that the universe can provide you with all that you ask for; and when you remain focused on what you want most (rather than fixating on what you don’t want), it should become easier to accept that what you are going through is just a temporary blip and those better things are lying just over the horizon.

do-something-fun 5. Do Something Fun!

Finally, the easiest way to get yourself out of any stupor is to take some time out to enjoy doing something that you love! We should all have those go-to activities or people or things that can be sure to put a smile on our face, no matter what else is taking place in our life. Whether it is going swimming in the sea, reading a good book, watching a certain film or sitting with your dog. Give whatever you love the opportunity to rain down on your pity parade.

If after putting all of these suggestions into practice, you find that you simply cannot shift your ugly mood. Just relax.

There really is nothing wrong with writing off a day as a bad one, there is always tomorrow after all. Just acknowledge that this is how you are feeling and allow yourself to feel; if you try too hard to resist your mood then you can only make things worse. Once you have made peace with your emotions and permitted them to surface, in no time at all you should find yourself feeling more refreshed and free to transform your mood.

6. Remove Any Future Blocks

This is the final and most important step!

You may have managed to compose yourself after a big ‘why me' moment. But what is next?

None of us aim to ‘move backwards' but often it feels inevitable. Motivation fades and soon we are once again subconsciously attracting negativity. But this doesn't need to be the way!

As my good friend Bob Doyle says:

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how simple it is to experience the power of the Law Of Attraction, once you clear away whatever's blocking it from you right now. I think of it the same way as my kitchen sink blocks up now and then – because there's a build-up over time that's not your fault, and after a while everything just stops flowing. Once this happens, it's a simple matter of clearing the pipe, and everything starts flowing again as if it were brand new.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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