6 Ways To Practice The Law Of Attraction On Your Commute

Are you excited to make the most of the Law of Attraction and yet wondering how you’re going to manage to find the time for all the techniques, exercises, and routines that the experts suggest?

Don’t worry! The truth is that many people working with the Law of Attraction have busy lives and are looking for smart ways to juggle their other commitments with their desire to practice ways of improving manifestation abilities.

If you have a daily commute, then try following these six tips to make the best of that time.

1. Visualize

As long as you’re not the one driving the car, bus, or train, you can definitely practice your creative visualization during your commute! Even if you only have a 10-15 minute commute, that’s plenty of time to get entrenched in your vision of a better future.

You might find it harder to tune out distractions than you do when you’re in your own home, but that’s where headphones come in. Load up some soothing or inspiring music, and let it help you get into the headspace to visualize your goals.

And remember, it’s much more powerful to build an intense, brief snapshot of what you want to manifest than it is to construct a long-winded narrative. You can also try visualizing from multiple different perspectives to see what feels most effective. For some people, seeing themselves from outside their own bodies makes a visualization seem much more real.

2. Do a Meditation to Boost Energy

As well as visualizing, you can do a meditation that focuses on accessing one of your Dian Tien points (centers of energy that correspond to the gut, heart, and head). Your basic energy is just below your navel, and working to increase it helps to improve your intuition and deepen your connection with your most authentic desires.

Just close your eyes and picture a ball of light glowing in that area, gradually increasing in size until you feel its warmth radiating around your pelvis. You’ll immediately feel energized and ready to face the day ahead with determination and happiness!

This is just a basic Dan Tien exercise, and if you like doing it then you’ll love all the extra exercises I offer in the manifestation addendum of Origins, my breakthrough book.

3. Read New Material On The Law of Attraction

Speaking of books, what better way to spend your commute than by reading more about the Law of Attraction! Whether you do this with a physical book, printed articles, or an electronic device, you’ll be maximizing your use of time and are sure to learn new techniques that will instantly improve your practice.

Try to pick something that is related to a particular goal you have or a difficulty that is concerning you, and who knows; you could be another step closer to that goal or practicing a new habit that dissolves a personal block by the time you get to your workplace!

4. Look At Affirmations On Your Phone best ways to practice The Law Of Attraction every day, especially on your commute using your phone.

You can say your affirmations out loud in the car if you’re the one driving or you have a like-minded passenger.

However, you might draw a few concerned stares if you start verbally reciting your favorite affirmations during a commute on a bus or train!

You can say them to yourself internally, but it might be more powerful to look at them on your phone.

You can design reminders that pop up during your commute and display your affirmations, or you can have a document on your phone that lists all your affirmations and is accessible offline.

These are all ways to tune into the right mindset for manifestation when you’re not able to do a standard affirmation. You can even record yourself saying your affirmations and then listen to them on your phone using headphones. Whatever keeps you in touch with the key messages that are at the heart of your use of the Law of Attraction!

5. Update Your Gratitude Journal

Another way to use a commute (when someone else is driving) is to take the time to keep a gratitude or positivity journal that keeps you thinking of all the good feelings you have about your life. There a few different ways to approach this.

The first is to document things you appreciate about each day, focusing not only on the big things but also the little bits of the day that make life worthwhile; like a beautiful rainbow, an encounter with a playful animal, or hearing a favorite song.

The second is to write your gratitude journal as if you’re already living the life you’re currently trying to manifest. You may be familiar with living “as if” and the concept here is similar; if you write as though you already have that dream job, an amazing partner, or financial abundance, you’ll be more readily able to attract those things.

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6. Spread Positivity

Finally, don’t forget that an important part of practicing the Law of Attraction is radiating positivity and spreading good vibes to others! Like attracts like, and the more happy feelings you spread in the world, the more happiness you’ll receive in return.

There are plenty of chances to do this on your commute; let a stranger take your seat if they look tired, ill, or stressed, give someone a compliment on their amazing outfit, smile at someone who looks like they’re in need of reassurance, or consider sharing a snack if you have something that’s easy to split.

Even if you’re driving, there are ways to spread positivity. Let another driver out when they’re waiting for an opening, smile and wave to say thanks to someone who does you a favor, or compliment a stranger on their brightly colored car once you’ve finished parking.

Meanwhile, if your commute is done on foot, there’s bound to be a chance to give a homeless person some food or a warm drink.

If you’re looking for opportunities to make the world a more pleasant, unified place, you’ll be surprised by how many such opportunities you see!