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Manifesting Friendship With Positive Thoughts


People who have many friends attract other people because of the way they think. They give out positive vibes of openness and receptivity, which open the door to friendship.

However, it is easy to generate negative vibrations unintentionally if you are lonely.

Once you feel as though meeting new people is difficult, doing so genuinely becomes hard because you put up emotional barriers that hold potential friendships at bay.

However, you can attract companionship with positive thoughts.

Why Loneliness Can Create Negative Thinking

There might be numerous practical reasons why you do not make as many new friends as you would like.

You might be so busy with responsibilities relating to work or your family that you have little time to socialize. Alternatively, you may follow a similar routine each day and rarely come across new faces.

Attracting Friendship With Positive Thoughts

Nonetheless, paradoxically, a need to be close to others can create separation. The more disconnection you imagine is occurring, the wider the gap seems to be between yourself and potential friends. Soon, you begin to compare your social life to others and believe that you fall short.

Next, you commence a downward spiral of negativity as you produce thoughts about how unlikable or unapproachable you must seem to people. As you attract that into which you place emotional focus, you pull toward your further disconnection.

So, learn how to cultivate a positive mindset.

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Why Positive Thoughts Magnetize Friendships

No doubt, you have met people who you may describe as rays of sunshine. Such people are easy to be with and exude warmth. Everyone likes to be around them and wants to be their friend. Positive thoughts are the key ingredients that give sunshine people an attractive glow.

You do not need to smile and be bright and breezy all of the time if doing so does not suit you. However, if you allow thoughts such as “I am socially inept” and “I'm just not likable” to persist, your whole persona will reflect your negative emotional state.

Far from being sunny, you will be gloomy, and instead of emanating a warm glow, you will send out chilly vibes.

People who might be described as cold are often standoffish because they are defensive since they are afraid of not being liked. They imagine that they need to withhold friendship in order to avoid rejection. As a result, they push people away, when deep down inside they want closeness.

Attract Friendship With Visualization

Ask your inner self to be specific about what you want. Rather than using the loose term ‘friendship' to describe your needs, use precise words. For instance, perhaps you want someone reliable, trustworthy, and caring as a new companion.

Attracting Friendship With Positive Thoughts

Alternatively, maybe you are looking for a friend who shares your interests and will accompany you when you carry out enjoyable activities.

Write a list of the qualities you want to see in a new companion.

Being specific about your requirements will help to generate a momentum of good feelings.

By thinking about the qualities you want in a friend, you will automatically inject positive emotions into your need. You can enhance the process by purposefully visualizing yourself enjoying the qualities of the person you want to meet.

For example, you can picture yourself talking with him or her on the phone, making social arrangements, while the individual behaves thoughtfully. Imagine what you would say and how you would feel as you enthusiastically made plans.

Let Your Thoughts Create New Behavior

When your thoughts become more positive as you use visualization to attract friendship, you will begin to open your heart.

You will feel willing, and even eager to engage with people. Your intuition might nudge you to speak to a friendly-looking stranger waiting in a queue next to you.

Alternatively, you may get the urge to join an evening class or go to other places where you could meet people. Listen to your heart as it may prompt you to carry out actions that help you attract what you want.

Combat Negative Thinking

Even though you will be more open to meeting people than you were previously, you may still encounter thoughts that hold you back.

Negative thoughts will prompt you not to develop new friendships by providing excuses that shield you from making the effort to do so.

Part of you does not want to be in a vulnerable situation where rejection is a possibility.

Letting go of old fears can take time, so be patient. When thoughts such as “I haven't got time to socialize” and “no one wants to talk to me” arise, acknowledge their existence, but gently correct them. Soothe your inner self with kind, encouraging words like “I can make time to socialize” and “people will be glad to talk with me.”

Attracting Friendship With Positive Thoughts

What Do You Like About Yourself?

There may be things that you do not like about yourself that you have focused upon. Shift your perception by turning your thoughts to what you do like. Write a list of your positive qualities. Do not be shy about extolling your virtues; let rip!

Write as though you are a wonderful friend who loves and admires you. Incidentally, one of the best ways to gain such a friend is to be one to yourself.

Be Your Greatest Friend

If you want people to respect and appreciate you, respect and appreciate yourself. In fact, once you begin treating yourself as you want to be treated, you will discover that you create the right frequency to attract similar behavior from others.

In effect, you will generate the reality that you want and it will be reflected back to you.

After all, isn't that what's happening already? You have created the reality that you are experiencing now.

Occasionally, people are advised to use positive thinking to change their lives for the better, but the concept is so simple that they overlook the idea. They cannot imagine that getting what they want could be easy.

Allow yourself to embrace the concept that thoughts create reality and you will attract friendship.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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