Should I Quit My Job?’ Knowing When To Quit Or ‘Give Up’ On A Dream

You are taught that the things in life worth having are the things that you have to work (and maybe even suffer) for. But when you have to work so hard for something that it begins to damage your health, impact other areas of your life, or even just leave you depressed, how do you know when it’s time to say enough is enough?

Growing up, the majority of us are taught that quitting is for, well, quitters. Therefore, we try to avoid ‘quitting’ like the plague. So, when times get tough we grit our teeth and dig our heels in. We become determined to see through what we have begun, come high water or hell. But actually Giving Up May Be the Best Thing You Ever Do. 

You Cannot Recover The Past But You Can Still Rescue The Future

Have you ever dedicated hours, months, or even years in pursuit or something? Then, only to find that every moment is an uphill struggle and your well of enthusiasm and energies have completely dried up? The obvious answer to something bringing you such obvious unhappiness would surely be to let it go? But for the majority of people, do not even consider this to be an option.

Even when life throws you obvious signs and clues that it is time to quit, that happiness can be found down a different route, most people still cannot let go.  All that they can think about is the capital, time, and energy that they have already invested in what it is that they wanted to achieve.

This is possibly the biggest reason why people are unable to let go of the things, no matter how big or small, that quite simply, do not make them happy.

Whether it’s the countless hours you have spent playing a video game that you have now lost interest in but cannot give up or the years that you have spent working in a job that you have come to despise but feel you have invested too much in to walk away, you are allowing your past to blemish your future.

Yes, it is true, you can never recover the time, finances or effort that you invested in the past. The past is called the past for a reason. But what you can do is make sure that you waste no more of the same income, time or energy continuing to make the same mistakes in the future. Free it up for bigger and better things that should bring greater happiness and rewards!

Winners Know When To Quit

It is a common misconception that true winners never quit. The truth is in fact, quite the opposite.

It can take considerable amounts of strength and courage to ignore the status quo and quit the things that are not right for you. In comparison, it is also hard trying to keep everybody happy doing something that does not serve your life’s happiness. The most successful people in this world are more often than not the ones that have had to let go of something in order to pursue their biggest dreams and achieve their greatest happiness.

So, how can you too know when it’s the right time to quit? Here are 3 of the biggest signs that it is time for you to move:

  1. You Are Unhappy
  2. You Have Lost All Passion
  3. You Are Hurting Yourself Or Hurting Others

If you find yourself in any of these 3 positions, then the signs are there. It’s time to move on to bigger and better things.

It’s Never Too Late

Perhaps you invested your entire life savings to start up your own business, only to discover that going it alone gave you too many sleepless nights? Or found yourself in a 9-5 job straight after uni, only to realize that you wish you had traveled first?

It could be something small. Maybe you spent income on a dress, which on second thoughts, looks hideous on you. But you spent a great deal of money on it so you will wear it. It could be something much more monumental. For example, the dream novel you have been writing for eight years, but know deep down you have lost all enthusiasm for.

Giving something up that you have seemingly invested so much can feel incredibly tough. But ask yourself: are you willing to continue with something you hate, at the risk of ruining your future?

We only live once. We have no time to waste on anything other than what makes us happy.

So, the next time you feel that you have too much to lose by quitting, remind yourself of the following:

Life is short.

Nothing is ever wasted – no matter how much time, energy, or capital you have invested in something.

There is a lesson to be learned in everything. It is often the lessons in unhappiness that can bring you one step closer to finding what does make you happy.

Every loss has something to offer.

Long-life friends from the job you hated, improved self-awareness from a relationship you ended, a useful skill from a hobby you have given up. We leave every experience, person, and pursuit no matter how bad, knowing a little bit more about ourselves. This makes us all the better for them!

Quitting is for winners! So know when to quit and do what’s best for you.

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