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Law Of Attraction 101: 4 Ways To Strengthen Family Relationships


The Law of Attraction is for everyone. Whether it’s your granny, your children, your husband, yourself, the Law of Attraction is a part of all our lives. Some people just don’t know it yet!

Wouldn’t it have been great to have learned about it at a younger age? To have grown up powerful and strong in the knowledge that our entire world was our own to create? Oh, how differently we may have chosen to live our lives…

If you want more for your children, for them to grow up with a good understanding of the Law of Attraction and what they are capable of, they can! Many people would love to improve certain aspects of their family lives. They might want more money, more time spent together as a family; but what they probably want most, is for their children to grow up confident and happy in themselves and the paths that they choose to follow.

Do you want these things? Here is the basic Law of Attraction 101 for tips that can help to transform your family, and you, for the better.

4 Ways To Strengthen Family Relationships

Tip 1: Think About What You Want

An easy introduction to the Law of Attraction is to simply stop thinking about what you don’t want. A recognizable example of this within the home is when as parents we become fixated on everything our children are not doing, rather than what they are.

Leaving wet towels on the floor, forgetting to do chores after you’ve asked them, slamming doors. We can all get hung up on the negatives.

Set an example to your children and tell the universe what you want, by paying more attention to the things that you do like. A smiling teenager coming through the door, the family sat around the table; what we give our attention to, we can attract into our lives by the two-fold.


Tip 2: Why To Avoid ‘Don’t, Not and No’

This is a great tip for everyone and should be shared with the entire family!

The universe is like a great mirror; it magnifies and reflects back into our lives the energies, thoughts, and emotions we emit most. So what can be done to ensure that these energies are as positive as possible?

The key to this is simple, cancel out the words ‘Don’t, not and no’. Apply it to the way you talk to your kids. For example, when you tell them ‘No TV after 10’, all they are hearing is ‘TV after 10’, see the problem? Change your language, with both your family and the universe. It’ll revolutionize the way your family feels and thinks.

Tip 3: What Do You Want?

Teaching your family to be solution focused, not problem focused, is arguably one of the greatest gifts you can give them. After all, an individual that lives their life in a spirit of positivity, rather than negativity, is going to create a much happier, abundant and successful life for themselves.

We are all prone to the occasional moaning or bouts of self-pity, we are human after all, but when someone in your family has become trapped on a treadmill of negativity, ask them: what do you want?

When you stop and take a moment to ask yourself what it is that you want, your energies instantly shift from the negative into the positive. You begin to feel better and what once seemed a problem is no longer a problem at all.


Tip 4: Speak Up

Unless we speak up and state what we want, how would the universe (or our families, for that matter) know what we want from them? A household where the needs and opinions of everyone are expressed, lovingly, never selfishly, is a happy one.

When everyone knows what is expected of them, this creates an atmosphere of calm and purpose; essential for authentic self-expression and happiness for all.

Create an environment for yourself and your children, where speaking up about your needs is encouraged. Keep the same attitude in mind for using the Law of Attraction. After all, if you don’t ask you’ll never get!

There it is, the Law of Attraction 101 for you and your family!

Introducing these powerful LOA tips to your household can not only help bring you and your family closer together but should also provide everyone with the basics they’ll need to apply the Law of Attraction to every area of their lives.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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