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Power Poses That Project Happiness And Increase Your Mood


When you’re trying to manifest a better life, you spend a lot of time thinking of the best ways to maintain momentum and create an open, positive mindset.

Most Law of Attraction exercises focus directly on your thoughts and feelings. However, it’s also worth tapping into physical techniques, such as power poses, that boost mood. For example, the way you carry your body and the type of posture you maintain can not only make you more cheerful but also influence the way others see you. This can be useful for everything from dating to career advancement and simply making friends.

Here are some of the best power poses that project happiness and increase your mood.

The Classic “Superman” Power Pose

Let’s start with one you may already know about… The “Superman” power pose that many people swear by when they need to receive a quick jolt of confidence.

Stand with your feet apart, your head up, your chest out and your hands on your hips, then notice the wave of good feelings that result.

There is some compelling evidence that this type of posture reduces cortisol production, counteracting stress and helping you feel good about yourself. This is perfect just before a job interview or a first date, or simply to give you a great start to the day!

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power-poses-project-happiness-increase-moodThe Gratitude Pose

Law of Attraction experts talk a lot about gratitude, and with good reason.

It is only by tuning into your appreciation of the world around you (and your own gifts) that you can consistently vibrate on the frequency of abundance required to draw great things into your life. Gratitude journals and positive affirmations are highly effective here, but try adding a new power pose to your repertoire as well.

All you need to do is stand up straight, stretch your arms right up to the ceiling (in the rough shape of a ‘V’, as you might when you’re stretching first thing in the morning). Stay in this pose for 4-5 deep breaths, and focus in on your feelings of gratitude.

If it helps, consider repeating a positive statement out loud at the same time. Some good examples include “Thank you” and “Life is good”.

The Love Pose

Just as the gratitude power pose gets you into the frame of mind to appreciate everything you have, the love pose helps you connect specifically with compassion and care for others. It is also said to help bring more affectionate relationships into your life. This is likely because it focuses your thoughts and feelings on the idea of love.

Once again, this is a simple position to adopt. Just stand up straight, put your hands on your heart, breathe in for a count of two, and then open your arms as wide as you can as you exhale.

You can repeat this up to 5 times. Do it slowly if you’re feeling stressed about interpersonal matters and need to slow your thoughts, and do it quickly if you’re looking for a quick jolt of loving energy.

power-poses-project-happiness-increase-moodThe Joy Pose

Anytime you want to feel happier or connect with feelings of excitement and inspiration, the joy pose offers a quick and easy solution.

Stand with your shoulders back and your legs about two feet apart, then hold your arms out to one side (at shoulder level) and put both thumbs up.

Finally, smile and hold the pose for 5-6 breaths, smiling all the while. You should feel rejuvenated and ready for action! Smiling can have great benefits on our overall mood.

For example, some people try to adopt this pose when they first get up, so that they’re tuned into good feelings as they approach their work for the day.

The Receiving Pose

This power pose is perfect for manifestation work! No matter what you’re trying to manifest, what you’re attempting to do is open your heart and mind to what the universe wants you to receive.

However, people manifesting financial abundance often report that this pose is particularly effective for them.

Again, stand up tall, keeping your shoulders back and your legs about a foot apart. Next, place your arms out in front of you (at shoulder height), turn your palms to face the sky, and take 5 deep breaths.

As you do this, think about the idea of receiving a gift in your waiting hands.

The Relaxation Power Pose

We all have times when anger, resentment, or sadness get the best of us, and it can be really hard to move out of that place of stress. When you need to calm down, remember this pose.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, but keep your hips and legs fairly loose and relaxed. As with the love pose, place your hands over your heart, but this time close your eyes as you do so.

Hold this position and take 6-8 deep breaths.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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