Top 100 Law of Attraction Quotes from “The Secret” Part 4

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61. “You attract your dominant thoughts.”

62. “Whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting.”

63. “For those, you work with or interact with regularly .. get a notebook and write down positive aspects of each of those people.”

64. “Every thought has a frequency. Thoughts send out a magnetic energy.”

65. “You will free yourself from the cumbersome impossibilities of needing to control the world, your friends, your mate, your children…”

66. “The universe likes SPEED. Don't delay, don't second-guess, don't doubt…”

67. “Most people offer the majority of their thought in response to what they are observing (bills in the mail, being late, having bad luck…etc..)”

68. “Parts of our bodies are replace every day, every week..etc… Within a few years we have a brand new body.”

69. “When you realize your potential to feel good, you will ask no one to be different in order for you to feel good.”

70. “You can start with nothing .. and out of nothing or no way – a WAY will be provided.”

71. “Thought = creation. If these thoughts are attached to powerful emotions (good or bad) that speeds the creation.”

72. “And allow the world as others choose to see it, exist as well.”

73. “We are like magnets – like attract like. You become AND attract what you think.”

74. “Start by using this sentence for all of your wants: I'm so happy and grateful now that…”

75. “What can you do right now to turn your life around? Gratitude.”

76. “When you have an inspired thought, you must trust it and act on it.”

77. “VISUALIZE!!! See it, feel it! This is where the action begins.”

78. “You will attract everything you require – money, people, connections.. PAY ATTENTION to what's being set in front of you.”

79. “Gratitude will bring more into our lives immediately.”

80. “The only difference between people who are really living this way is they have habituated ways of being.”

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