The 11 Principles Of Success They Won’t Teach You At School

Regardless of our age, culture, gender or background, we all have one crucial thing in common: we all want to be successful.

That isn’t to say that we all want the same things from life; what success means to one person will be completely different to another. In fact, what you may consider being a success might be considered a failure to another person. But as individuals trying to live our greatest possible life, it is our own unique definition of success that is important. For one person, success may be a lifetime of good strength. For another, it could be having enough cash flowing to enjoy a succession of expensive homes and cars. And, for someone else, it could be having a happy family unit. Whatever this means to you, it is important to remember this;

Success is not just about realizing your ambitions. It is about how much drive, commitment, and belief you show on your journey there. If we were all to find success quickly and without difficulty every time we wanted something, we would never become truly ‘successful’. After all, it is about overcoming obstacles and discovering who you truly are.

So, without the rough patches, how would you ever learn how to appreciate the smooth? Or discover what you are really capable of?

Everybody should want to become the greatest possible version of themselves.

If you already feel this way and you know what success means to you, then read on for the most important 11 success principles that you will ever learn;

1. Fear Regret, Not Failure

Failure is a crucial part of becoming successful, as failure can teach you some of the most important life lessons that you can ever learn; as well as how to become more resilient.

So never fear failure – it is the regret of never trying that should scare you.

2. When You Do Fail, It Means That You Are One Step Closer To Success

Your failures are the signposts to your success. Every failure you encounter is one more lesson that you have learned, and one step closer to accomplishing your dreams. Learn to think of failure as less of a hindrance and more as a tool for your success.

3. There Is A Lesson To Be Learned In Every Challenge And Obstacle That You Face

Everything that life throws at us – be it good or bad – has some wisdom to offer us. Find your lessons in everything and be thankful that they came your way.

4. Choose Who You Want To Be, Not What Career You Want

As children and young people, we are always asked the same question – ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’

This was the wrong question to ask.

Instead, we should be asking our children and ourselves not what do we want to do, but who do we want to be? Being prosperous is about living a life that you love – something you cannot do in a career that you hate. So, identify your passions in life. What mark do you want to leave on this world? Answer this and the rest will simply follow.

5. Keep Your Eye On The Prize At All Times

Life is full of distractions and if we are not too careful, it can be all too easy to lose focus on what it is that we want. Keep your goals and wants in front of your eyes at all times – don’t let them blind you to the beauty of the life that you are living now – but fuel the fires of these passions by talking, dreaming, thinking and visualizing them as often as you can.

6. Surround Yourself With Positive, Like-Minded People

We are only ever as good as the people that we surround ourselves with. So, try to always keep yourself in the company of the do-gooders, motivators, encouragers, creative-thinkers, supporters and successful people that cross your path. Who knows what part they may come to play in your success.

7. Never Complain About Something Unless You Intend To Do Something About It

Your role should never be a passive one – you are the creator of your world, so you need to be the one calling the shots. So, don’t like something? Change it!

Putting the Power of Positive Thinking to Work In Your Life

8. The Most Successful People Are The Ones That Know Themselves The Best

Being successful is about knowing who you are and what footprint you are going to leave on this world. Take time getting to know who you really are. After all, you are all that you have got.

9. Be Unique

Your creativity and uniqueness are what will make you successful – so embrace it! Too many of us will try to ‘fit in’ in order to play it safe and be comfortable. But becoming successful is about being at your most uncomfortable; if you are not experiencing any resistance then you are not living big enough.

10. Become Self-Aware

When we become self-aware, we reassume control of our life’s path. Negative thoughts create negative, unsuccessful people. Therefore, learn to block out the negative thoughts and fill your mind with positive, successful ones. Learn to do this and your life should immediately be changed for the better.

11. Be Thankful

When we stop and take stock of what we already have in our lives, we are often surprised by the abundance of love and positivity that already surrounds us. A day that begins and ends with gratitude is guaranteed to be a good one.

Another thing you should consider is if you may be neglecting your own chances of succeeding in life. Our subconscious minds can place mental barriers stopping us from achieving our dream lives!

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