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How To Wake Up Happy And Energized In The Morning


A lot of Law of Attraction guides note that your activities and mood in the morning set the tone for the rest of the day. These moods determine your vibration and manifestation potential. If you’re feeling energetic, upbeat and productive, you carry that energy with you and draw more of the same towards you.

In contrast, if you’re grumpy or groggy then you tend to align with a vibration of lack rather than abundance. But how do you ensure you wake up happy and with positive energy? Here are eight simple but powerful tips. Keep reading to discover how to wake up happy and energized as soon as tomorrow morning!

How To Wake Up Happy And Energized: 8 Steps


1. Make It Impossible To Hit Snooze On Your Alarm

Firstly, even when we have the very best of intentions, many of us are guilty of enthusiastically setting goals one night and then ignoring the alarm the next morning.

To ensure you actually get up and out of bed at the time you intended, keep your alarm out of the way. Preferably keep it across the room, where you’ll still hear it but be unable to silence it.

Once you’re up and you’ve turned it off, you will most likely stay up and get going. This could allow you to start the day feeling alert and determined. So, this is a great method if you are someone who sets 20 different alarms but ends up snoozing them all!

2. Use Daily Positive Affirmations

It’s likely that you’ve already incorporated daily affirmations into your Law of Attraction work. If you find that you wake up feeling a little sluggish then you might benefit from reciting those affirmations straight away.

Alternatively, you can design some new ones that are specifically tailored to starting the day in the right way. For example, you might try “I’m happy, energized, and ready for the day ahead” or “I feel rested, rejuvenated, and full of positivity.”

Find out more about the power of affirmations in my book, The Secret Law Of Attraction, which you can get for free here now.

3. Make Your Bed

There’s an argument to be made for airing your bed after you’ve been asleep in it all night. If it’s your mood and mindset that you’re concerned with then you’ll likely be much better off if you choose to make your bed right away. This massively reduces the temptation to get back under the covers. It also makes your bed a relaxing, calm place to come back to in the evening.

4. Use Cold Water

There’s a reason that cold water has such a great reputation for boosting focus and combatting lethargy! Whether you splash your face with cold water shortly after waking, take a cold shower, or down iced water, you’ll feel more wakeful and mentally alert afterward.

In fact, regardless of whether you want to put cold water on your body, make sure you have at least some to drink. Most of us are at least mildly dehydrated when we first wake, which can cause sluggish cognition and slow metabolism.

wake-up-happy-energized5. Prepare A Healthy Breakfast

Don’t be tempted to skip breakfast! It is in many ways the most important meal of the day. Instead, make something fresh and healthy that’s packed with vital nutrients.

Some people swear by green smoothies, while others prefer to cook up hot porridge or make an omelet. As long as it’s good for you and giving you a decent reserve of fuel for the day, you can let your personal taste dictate what you have.

6. Get Active

Try working out first thing in the morning to create positive energy for the rest of the day.

Even just ten or fifteen minutes of physical exercise can make all the difference!

Whether you go for a quick run, do a dance workout, complete some yoga positions or swim before work. All of these activities get the blood pumping and endorphins flooding your system, giving you the upbeat mentality you need to succeed.

However, don’t forget to stretch first… You’ll probably be a little stiff when you first get out of bed.

7. Seek Inspiration

One quick and easy way to enhance your positive energy is to expose your mind to inspiring thoughts and ideas.

TED talks, podcasts, and Law of Attraction success stories are all excellent examples. The key goal here is just to reconnect with your awareness of your own limitless potential. In addition, they remind you of just how much creativity, positivity, and achievement is waiting for you in the world.

8. Improve Your Sleep

Finally, if you’re not waking up with positive energy, it could be that you’re sleeping too little… Or even too much.

Sleep experts typically suggest we aim for 7-9 hours of sleep. Individuals vary when it comes to precisely how much makes them feel best.

One smart thing you can do is add on 15 more minutes each day, doing this until you reach an amount of sleep that allows you to feel good when you get up.

On a related note, take a critical look at your sleeping environments! Quiet, cool, and dark rooms promote the most effective rest.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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