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3 Ways to Enhance Your Relationship With the Law of Attraction


Whether you are in an unhappy relationship or want to enhance a mediocre one and make it great, the Law of Attraction can help you.

Additionally, even if you are content most of the time, there may be occasions when you want to inject your relationship with extra positivity and joy.

What You Give Is What You Receive

The concept that you get back what you give can be hard to comprehend. If you feel as though you have been struggling with your relationship for some time, trying your hardest to make things right, there are ways to overcome insecurity in your relationships.

After all, you may feel as though you make an effort and put in time and energy, while your partner or spouse doesn't try.

Quality Time Love Language

Likewise, if your relationship, while not fraught with arguments, is stale, you may feel frustrated. Your attempts to bring life and excitement to the fore may have fallen on stony ground.

The two examples are given of relationships that require enhancement have resistance in common.

You can do various things to try to improve your relationship, but if they are carried out when you feel frustrated, angry, sad, or disappointed, you will not send the right type of vibration to attract improvement. You will send the vibration of frustration, anger, sadness, or disappointment.

Your personal frequency tunes into what you observe and focus upon. Therefore, if you feel angry because your partner is relaxing rather than taking out the trash as agreed, you are going to send negative vibrations even if you do the job yourself without saying a word.

Likewise, if you decide to be patient about behavior that your partner engages in that you dislike, but are secretly frustrated, holding back will not be helpful. You will still produce the vibration of frustration.

Countless people try to improve their relationships but do not align their thoughts, feelings, and behavior. When these factors do not line up, people do not get the results they want.

If you experience negative emotions while going through the motion of being understanding and thoughtful, your strongest vibration will stem from your feelings rather than your behavior.

Couple positive behavior with positive thoughts and emotions and you are on to a winner. Fail to combine all three and, at best, confusion will arise.

1. Why Your Frequency Is Important

When you use the Law of Attraction to fulfill your desires, you need to match your vibration with the frequency that you want to receive. Therefore, if you want your partner to be understanding and thoughtful, guess what? You need to be understanding and thoughtful.

A conflict between what you are trying to be and what you really are arising when you carry emotional baggage. If you harbor underlying resentment toward your partner, it doesn't matter how many nice things you do for him or her, your anger will color your relationship.

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2. Examine Your Thoughts


Your emotions stem from your thoughts, which influence your perception of your relationship.

You only need to look at the beginning of relationships to see that this is true.

When people begin dating and one partner is late for dinner, the other is just delighted and relieved to see them when they finally arrive. When they have been together for some time and one arrives late home for dinner, there's likely to be a note on the table stating, “Your dinner's in the oven,” or worse still, “your dinner's in the dog.”

Couples start their relationships thinking positive, optimistic thoughts that are forgiving and kind toward each other. Later, expectations and responsibilities enter their union and baggage accumulate.

When it does, negative thoughts creep into the picture and people send negative vibrations to one another. As a result, they attract unhappiness.

3. Turning Things Around

You can use attraction to turn things around and enhance your relationship. The best way to begin is to do the opposite of what you are probably doing right now that is not working.

Stop examining what you think is going wrong. Don't pay attention to what your partner is doing that you dislike. Instead, focus intently on what you do like and what is going well between you.

When problems arise in a relationship people focus on them, even looking for more where there are none. They stop noticing what is good, or even okay, and pour all of their energy into what is not working.

Soon, their relationships are infused with negative vibrations, which gain momentum and grow. The growth of positive vibrations enhances relationships.

Expecting matters to improve when negativity abounds is like planting a tree in concrete and expecting it to flourish. You need to nurture your relationship if you want it to get better.

Plant it in healthy vibrations and establish strong roots. Eventually, your relationship will blossom.

But, There's Still The Problem With The Trash…

There will still be occasions when your partner does not meet your expectations. If you have needs that are not met, open the lines of strong communication in order to attract constructive conversations.

Avoid the language of blame such as “it's your fault that I'm miserable”. Instead, use language that expresses the need for connectedness rather than separation.

Saying, “I feel miserable. Maybe you do as well. I want us to work out how we can be happy together,” will attract beneficial change.

Do not focus on unmet needs, but do not deny them either. When you repress negative feelings you fuel them with resistance that makes them grow. It's okay to acknowledge unhappiness, since pretending it does not exist will not make it go away.

However, remember to conduct communication with the intention of gaining connectedness if you want to connect more deeply with your partner.

Speak in words that conjure feelings of separation and you will attract an end to your relationship. Speak in words that attract togetherness and you will grow closer.

Attraction can bring you and your partner together. All you need to do in order to make your relationship work is to focus on joy and connectedness.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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