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How To Live Your Very Best Life By Conquering These 4 Fears


Would you say you have mastered how to live your very best life? Would you say that you live your life free from fear? Can you imagine how your life might change if you could honestly say ‘yes' to these questions? The fear referred to doesn't mean mortal danger, or, fight or flight. Simply, the everyday fears so many of us harbor and allow to impact our day-to-day lives. So many of us live our lives in the shadow of our fears.

What Is Fear?

Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real.

We spend our time either rehashing our past mistakes, trying to figure out why we did or did not do something, or limiting ourselves with a fear of the future, afraid of what is waiting around the corner.

The problem is that this ‘fear-fuelled’ mindset, will eventually come to control your life. It will keep you small, and when you’re feeling small and afraid, how do you expect to live out your very greatest life?

So many people are so unaware of just how much of their life is dominated by fear. But if only they began to better examine their fears, they would see that most of them hold very little truth. Our fears are nothing more than a concept created by the mind; stories are largely constructed by the beliefs and experiences of others.

If you want to start living your very greatest life (and who doesn’t?), you have to learn to stop giving your fears the upper hand.

4 Fears You Must Conquer

With a better understanding of them, you will be one step closer to letting them go and be able to live your very best life.


1. ‘I’m Not Ready’

People will often spend so long preparing and planning for something, they often end up missing out altogether. We place so much importance on the idea of being ‘ready’ for something. Alternatively, we may plan so much that we never feel its the right time.

But get this, there is no such thing as being ‘ready’. It’s completely subjective. Who can ever really define what being ready even means?

Remember, there is no such thing as the perfect time, the perfect circumstances or the perfect levels of readiness. Perfect is a complete undefinable notion! Our fixation with waiting for the ‘right time’ is just our fears talking. The only way you’ll ever be ready is when you just do.

2. ‘I’m Not Good Enough’

We all have an idea of how we think we should or shouldn’t be. Whilst it’s always good to have personal aspirations and to strive to be your best self when your idea of how you should be is based on the beliefs and expectations of others, you’re on a slippery slope.

It's time to stop comparing yourself to others and be more confident. Be it your parents, teachers, or society as a whole; know that you are already exactly who you are supposed to be. Create your own standards and forget the rest.

3. ‘I’m Afraid of Getting My Heart Broken’


The majority of people living in fear of having their heart broken have usually already had it broken once or twice. This would explain why first love is often the most intense; people in the throes of first love will often go into a relationship with a more open and trusting heart.

However, unless you intend to live as lonely as an island for your entire life, the truth is that you will have your heartbroken. Getting past the fear of heartbreak is part of your personal growth as you learn how to get over a breakup and move on, whilst still being able to fully appreciate and enjoy the experiences of love.

The only real solution is to think of it like this; yes, putting your heart on the line can be terrifying and there is always going to be the risk of having your heartbroken. But what’s even more terrifying is the prospect of missing out on experiencing real love ever again. It’s your choice.

4. ‘I’ve Got Too Much to Lose’

The idea of loss is scary because there is potential for it everywhere; your things, loved ones, money, a lifestyle, even memories…

But like heartbreak, it happens, and there is no guarantee against it. But take courage; whilst it’s almost impossible to get something back once it's lost, at least not in the same way you had it before, you will always gain something new and it will be OK. Start to think of loss in this way, and you'll begin to fear it less and less.

It is near-impossible to rid yourself of all fears. And why would you want to? At times, fear can prove our most valuable teacher. However, by taking the time to better think through and gain a new perspective on your fears, you can start to work with them, rather than fight against them.

Remember, the majority of the time fear is nothing more than a created fiction of the mind. This is great news because it means that it is completely within your control to change your fears into something more positive and constructive.

It is completely up to you to live your life in the best way you know how, why not choose to live it free from fear?

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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