The Power Of A Smile: 7 Health Benefits Of Smiling

Do you smile often or frown often? Perhaps you have also wondered if there is any science behind smiling? Maybe you want to know if there are actual health benefits of smiling? Can it make us feel happier?

While some people can often smile more than others, it’s safe to say that we all smile from time to time, but does this actually have any benefits for us?

I am going to be talking about the many benefits of smiling in this article. But first, let’s take a look at some of the science of smiling.

Science Of Smiling

Some research has shown that smiling can actually trick your brain into thinking that you are happy. This is also the case whether your smile is authentic or not, it can have the same result.

When you smile, it can also trigger us to think about pleasant memories we have experienced which can improve our mood.

Smiles can also release happy hormones called endorphins, this can make us feel happier, as smiling can alter your brain’s emotional pathway.

Research has also shown that those who smile can be seen to be more friendly and likable by others, as well as making others feel cheerier too. Smiling can be contagious!


7 Health Benefits Of Smiling


So now that you understand the science behind smiling, we can look at the benefits of smiling for yourself.

As you now know, even the simple act of smiling can trigger us to feel happier, as well as those around us.

There are a variety of benefits from smiling, including some health benefits too.

Hopefully, once you have read these you will be more prone to smiling, even when you are not feeling particularly happy, as you will know what benefits it could bring you.

1. Smiling Lowers Stress And Anxiety

As mentioned previously, smiling can improve our positivity and make us feel happier.

In studies where people had to deal with stressful situations whilst smiling, those who smiled were found to have lower heart rates than those who were not smiling.

Heart rates can be linked to stress and anxiety, so the fact that smiling can cause lower heart rates shows that this is a great health benefit from smiling.

As smiling can lower our heart rate and help us to feel less stressed and anxious, we can then start to feel happier and be able to have a better, more positive mindset to deal with stressful situations.

2. Smiling Releases Endorphins

Smiling can also help with stress and anxiety because of the hormones that are released when we smile.

When Endorphins are released, we can feel happier and more positive. Endorphins are the same hormones that are normally released when you exercise, which can make you feel much better, more motivated, and less stressed or worried.

3. Smiling Makes You More Approachable


Studies have also shown that most people feel that others who smile are much more approachable than those who do not smile.

This can help with work, friends, and complete strangers, as others can feel like you are easier to talk to and they are not afraid to approach you.

Similarly, this can provide an overall nicer experience when talking and interacting with someone who smiles, rather than with someone who doesn’t.

4. Smiles Are Contagious

Have you ever found that when someone smiles at you, you automatically smile back? It could be a friend, work colleague, or maybe even a stranger.

Research has shown that due to something that we all possess called Mirror Neurons, we often respond to the act of smiling by imitating it and smiling ourselves.

This will then also cause us to simulate the emotions that come with the action of smiling too. Consequently, this will cause those involved with the act of smiling (for example, a work colleague who smiled at you and now, also you), to become happier and feel happier emotions too. So, smiles really can be contagious!

5. Smiling Boosts Your Activity


Not only can smiling make you feel happier and more positive, but it can also help you to become more productive.

Studies have shown that being happy has a great effect on productivity in the workplace.

Smiling can cause us to be happy and experience happy emotions! This helps us to become more productive as we can have a better mindset.

Although, this can also be the same with the opposite, negative emotions can cause us to become drained and less productive, so keep on smiling.

6. Smiling Kills Pain

Smiling has been shown to help ease any pain that you could be experiencing.

As mentioned previously, smiling can release endorphins, which can make you feel happier.

These hormones are also known as natural painkillers. They can also help to ease the pain you are experiencing.

7. Smiling Makes You Look Younger

Smiling can also make you look younger than you are, studies have shown. On average, the research has shown that you normally can look about 3 years younger.

When you smile, it can naturally lift your face and can fend off any frown lines that you may get. Consequently, this can help you to look younger.

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