Boost Your Concentration: 7 Tips For Better Focus

Part of what is so appealing about the Law of Attraction is that it offers a wide range of tools that increase productivity and concentration to help you to focus on the positive.

However, even if you’re practicing creative visualization exercises every day and steadily moving towards your goals, there are bound to be times when you struggle to focus. Here are seven tricks that will help you to accomplish more every day. Plus, encourage you to make the very best of your day.

7 Ways To Boost Your Concentration

1. Look At Potential Sources Of Time-Wasting

If you ever feel like you’re procrastinating, don’t berate yourself and dwell on negative thoughts that lower your self-esteem. Instead, think about what it is that you’re protecting yourself from when you procrastinate.

For example, are you putting off certain tasks because you’re over-scheduled and just can’t tolerate any more obligations? If so, it’s time to start saying “no” to certain things and prioritizing self-care.

Alternatively, do you tend to mindlessly browse social media instead of beefing up your CV because you’re struggling with fears about failure?  If this is familiar, maybe you need to practice more exercises that promote optimism, such as daily affirmations that strengthen your convictions about your forthcoming success.

7 Tips That Will Boost Your Concentration

The more you reflect on why you waste time when you do, the better equipped you’ll be to find ways to get rid of those underlying anxieties or unmet needs.

2. Change Your Environment

Your décor should help you to concentrate when you need to, and keep you feeling peaceful rather than tense. Look around you, and figure out how you might be able to change your workspace to facilitate better focus.

Could you add scented candles? For example, studies suggest that ginger and lavender boost concentration. Meanwhile, plants help to improve air quality and may improve cognitive performance as a result, and colors like green and blue promote a stable mood.

Plus, here are also five ways to make your home a more positive place in general.

3. Make “To Do” Lists

If you’re not already a list-maker, you stand to gain a lot from starting to use lists that document what you want to accomplish over the day, week or month. Be realistic when you make your lists, and place them in a prominent place where they can always be seen.

Consider breaking big tasks into a series of smaller goals (e.g. writing down ten things associated with redecorating instead of just writing “decorative living room”).

In addition, you might want to have three “levels” of tasks each day, easy, moderate, and challenging. Make sure that your tasks are evenly distributed throughout these categories so that you can maintain appropriate energy levels.

4. Keep Your Work-Space Clean And Tidy

Research on productivity strongly suggests that people accomplish more when their workspace is tidy rather than messy. Decluttering your home is a great way to streamline your environment and helps maintain a high vibrational frequency.

So, throw away all those unneeded piles of used paper (or, better yet, recycle them), and keep a bin nearby for empty food packets and other junk.

While you don’t need to have all of your pens arranged in a symmetrical pattern, keeping the place generally clean and neat could be an easy way to keep your mind in order.

Here are 9 questions you should ask yourself when tidying your home.

7 Tips That Will Boost Your Concentration

5. Schedule The Day To Suit You

There is considerable social pressure to get up bright and early, accomplishing the bulk of your goals in the morning and early afternoon.  However, if you’ve tried to organize your day in this way and found that you’re always exhausted by lunch or never feel mentally sharp until about 2 pm, go with this pattern.

Identify the times when you feel on the ball, energized and capable, and use those time slots to tackle the day’s most challenging or complex tasks.

While you don’t have the freedom to adjust every part of your schedule if you have a conventional job, you can certainly have the evening and weekends to use as you like.

6. Assess Your Physical Comfort

If your muscles are sore and your backside is numb, it’s hard to stay focused on anything for very long. Think about whether you’re comfortable in your workspace, especially in terms of your chair.

You want to have that supports your back and naturally encourages good posture. In addition, consider an ergonomically designed keyboard, ensure your lighting conditions prevent squinting, and double check that your desk is at the right height to prevent things like elbow pain.

7. Relax In Ways That Rejuvenate You

Finally, when you run out of steam, it can be tempting to just slump in front of the television or skim through your Twitter feed. However, while it’s preferable to engage in these activities than to try and work past your breaking point, there are better things you can do in order to relax your body and mind.

Try to replace pointless or dull pastimes with things like meditation, reading, spending time in nature, gently exercising and engaging in creative exercises (like painting, playing an instrument or doing crafts).

Improve Your Concentration With Self Hypnosis 

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