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The Law Of Attraction Is ‘The Secret’ By Rhonda Byrne


The Secret is a Law of Attraction Documentary, movie, and book, and you may already know how this series popularized the idea of manifestation.

Alternatively, perhaps you’re learning about The Secret after seeing the latest 2020 movie (starring Katie Holmes).

The key message of The Secret is that everyone has the ability to create their own reality.

In other words, “thoughts can become things”.

If you're wondering who wrote The Secret, it was written by Rhonda Byrne. It became a best-selling self-help book, with The Secret available in over 50 different languages.

It received critical acclaim for the way it offers straightforward techniques to transform your life.

This article will give you all the necessary facts you need to know about the book’s success. We’ll also take a look at the other books in the series.

Plus, explore the author’s background, and consider how the books and movies are received.

So, what is The Secret? The Secret’s history is rooted in books, documentaries, and even movies.

Firstly we'll discuss the documentary that sprung the concept of the Law of Attraction to popular culture, then move onto Rhonda's books, and finally the 2020 movie.

The Secret Documentary

The success of the book and movie series really began with the documentary film in 2006.

In 2006, Rhonda Byrne and the other makers of The Secret Documentary interviewed the world’s most accomplished Law of Attraction teachers, with all of them exploring the question “what is the Law of Attraction?”.

Some of the most famous experts interviewed include Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, Jack Canfield, and Marie Diamond.

Some of them specialize in metaphysics or the quantum physics of the Law of Attraction, while others are leading authorities in psychology or personal development.

The Secret teachers discuss how desires can shape the world. Plus, they explore how to cultivate thought processes that support manifestation.

The documentary became a global phenomenon. Viewers reported the many exciting ways in which positive thinking helped to improve their lives.

Before the 2020 narrative film, this documentary was the top Law of Attraction movie and introduced many people to the concept of manifestation.

‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret Book Series

After The Secret documentary came The Secret book series, the first of which also came out in 2006.

To date, the book has sold over 30 million copies.

It continues to attract attention for its accessible, empowering style.

As seen in the documentary, The Secret book also covers simple ways of explaining how to start using the Law of Attraction.

According to The Secret, the Law of Attraction is for everyone, and it’s working all the time. You don’t need a specialist skillset to use it.

You just need to develop more refined positive goals, and you must stay focused on rooting out negativity in your life.

Among celebrities, the Law of Attraction continues to receive enthusiastic praise.

For example, Oprah Winfrey famously promoted The Secret, and actors Will Smith and Jim Carey have publicly discussed the impact the Law of Attraction has had on their lives.

“Be grateful for what you have now. As you begin to think about all the things in your life you are grateful for, you will be amazed at the never ending thoughts that come back to you of more things to be grateful for. You have to make a start, and then the Law of Attraction will receive those grateful thoughts and give you more just like them.”

– Rhonda Byrne

About Rhonda Byrne And The Secret Books Series

Rhonda Byrne is an author, writer, and producer who was born in Australia in 1951.

She discovered the power of positive thinking after her daughter recommended her the book, The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

Byrne would later go on to credit The Science Of Getting Rich as an inspiration for The Secret.

As well as writing The Secret and producing the associated movie, she was in Time Magazine’s 2007 list of 100 people who shaped our world.

The Secret Series

“Few names have as much resonance as Rhonda Byrne”

– The Times

The Secret is one of a series of books focusing on her New Thought philosophies, all of which teach something new about the Law of Attraction.

  • The Secret: As discussed above, The Secret is the first in the series and helps you grasp the foundations of manifestation. It’s the perfect book to start with if you’re just learning about the Law of Attraction. It stresses the importance of techniques like visualization and gratitude inventorying.
  • The Power: Released in 2010, The Power focuses on how you can get anything you want in life. Whether it’s love, career success, or financial abundance, this book highlights that you have always had the capacity to create these things. Building on the material in The Secret, The Power places love at the center of success.
  • The Magic: Still a best-seller on Amazon after its release in 2012, The Magic is Byrne’s next book in the series. It explores the mysteries surrounding a sacred text, which Rhonda uses to construct a 28-day plan for the reader. Each day brings a new step that focuses on developing practices that enhance the enjoyment of life.
  • Hero: Released in early 2014, Hero attracted similarly positive reviews. It uses twelve success stories to create a model for how anyone can discover and live their true purpose. It also offers helpful tips for overcoming major obstacles on the path to joy.
  • The Greatest Secret: Released in 2020 the Greatest Secret attracted mostly positive reviews. The purpose of this book is to answer every question and to fill every desire of the reader. It claims to be a ‘quantum leap that will take the reader beyond the material world to where all possibilities exist.'

The Secret Book Review

The Secret book continues to earn positive reviews. While there is undoubtedly controversy over the Law of Attraction, new developments in science lend support to its key ideas (e.g. about the impact of positive thinking).

People who read the book commonly note that they began feeling hopeless or skeptical.

Many of them only read the book on a recommendation from someone else, or due to celebrity endorsement.

However, what’s common to these secret stories is a shift in response after a few chapters of the book.

In particular, people find that once they actually try practicing the techniques in the book, their lives start to change.

Some experience subtle shifts in well-being, while others report finally getting on the path to success after years of self-sabotage or apathy.

The Secret Movie Review: Dare To Dream

Katie Holmes, The Secret

The Secret movie hit cinemas and streaming services in 2020 – a big Hollywood film, based on ‘The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne.

This Law of Attraction movie uses the main ideas in the book to form the story of a struggling young widow (played by Katie Holmes).

When she meets a handyman (played by Josh Lucas) during a serious storm, she lets him into her life.

As she gets to know him, he begins to explain the Law of Attraction and the widow starts to see how this could transform her life.

Read more about The Secret Movie: Dare To Dream here.

The writers, directors, and products of the movie The Secret: Dare To Dream ensure that this is a moving, funny, and heartfelt production.

Rhonda Byrne was actively involved as a co-producer of the movie, based on her best-selling book.

The Secret movie has opened up whole new groups of people to the benefits of the Law of Attraction which is awe-inspiring to see.

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