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What Is A ‘Normal’ Person Like? What It Means To Be Normal…

A red umbrella stands out among a crowd of gray umbrellas, challenging notions of normalcy.

How much time do you spend trying to ‘fit in’? Trying to be like everybody else? Molding yourself to meet the standards of the status quo? Do you often wonder what it means to be normal?

Too many people waste their time striving to conform to the ‘norm’. They may tone down their opinions, dull their personalities, stifle their laugh, bury their needs or, most commonly of all, they change their appearance, to better fit in with society’s current definition of beauty (whatever that is).

Basically, a lot of us are changing the very essence of who we are, in order to keep up with a notion that doesn’t even exist.

The notion that is being ‘normal’. But what does it actually mean to be ‘normal’? What is a normal person like?

And is our pursuit to be seen as ‘normal’ even a worthwhile one?

I’ll let you decide for yourself…

The definition of normal tends to be described as:

Normal: conforming to a particular standard and is what people expect.

Here’s what, by today’s standards, it means to be ‘normal’.

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Normal is:

1. Believing that money is more important than happiness.

Sometimes it can feel like we live in a world where greed is an automatic reaction and people can be shamed for helping those less fortunate than themselves.

2. Forgetting what makes you happy

For example, pursuing a career that sucks you dry but pays the bills.

3. Saving your dreams until retirement…

… when you no longer have the energy to pursue them anyway.

4. Believing that the experiences and opinions of others must be your own.

Where uneducated opinions can be just as “valid” as those with deeper, more insightful arguments…

5. Avoiding talking to or connecting with strangers.

(This can also result in a lack of understanding and empathy… See point below.)

6. Being afraid of anyone or anything that is different.

Sometimes, it involves time and patience to understand those who are different from you. This is often too much trouble and effort for people.

7. Going to extreme lengths in order to fit in with somebody else’s definition of beauty.

This includes surgery, starvation, and injecting poison into our faces.

8. Believing everything that you see in the media…

… and not educating yourself further than ‘shocking' headlines and biased campaigns.

9. Viewing overly emotional displays as something to be ashamed of.

This includes saying ‘I’m sorry’ for crying.

10. Never laughing too loudly in public.

Because it's ‘normal' to fear what others think.

11. Standing on a crowded train carriage, and taking painstaking care not to have to make eye contact or talk to the person next to you…

…even if you are practically nose to nose…

12. Eating three meals a day.

Whether you’re hungry or not.

13. Using your car as a reason to act aggressively towards others.

And solely judging someone and their worth on something as small as their ability to parallel park.

14. Working 9 to 5, every day, in a job that makes you want to die.

Because we are worried about change or leaving our comfort zones.

15. Numbing pain with television.

And other media formats for ultimate escapism from our ‘normal' lives.

16. Stereotyping gender.

Women don’t make good company CEOs and men shouldn't cry.

17. Blaming other people for everything going wrong in your life.

Because someone else is always to blame.

18. Staying with someone that doesn’t make you happy…

Because something better may never come along. Plus, ‘normal’ dictates that you ought to be married by 30 with children, and time is running out…

19. Believing that ‘kindness’ and ‘compassion’ are synonymous with ‘weak’ and ‘push-over’.

To succeed in life, there ‘must' be a person worse off than you…

20. Laughing at or feeling sorry for anyone who chooses to live outside of the ‘norm’.

Because how could someone who lives differently from me be happy??

So, there you have it, some definitions of what it means to be ‘normal’.

Still interested in fitting in? I thought not…

If you’ve ever been called ‘strange’, ‘odd’, or been laughed at for staying true to yourself and following your own path, take this as a compliment.

And always, always be sure to live your own life, not your idea of somebody else’s.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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