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Heal Your Past Using The Law Of Attraction


Events from the past can influence you in the present. Nevertheless, even though your history cannot be altered, you are able to modify your perception. Doing so has the power to color your future dramatically by helping you attract the experiences you yearn for.

Recognizing moments when you have strong reactions, and traveling back in your mind to when you first had similar feelings, will help you identify where healing is required.

Here is a story about someone I know…

For confidentiality reasons, I shall use different names to protect this person identity.

There was a woman called Sandra. She noticed that she became very upset whenever she did not do things perfectly. Being a perfectionist certainly took its toll on her life. Her behavior regarding attempting to do everything meticulously caused her to feel stressed. At the same time, people found being with her taxing; it took her so long to complete tasks that her friends, colleagues, and family were always waiting for her.

Whether Sandra accidentally parked a few centimeters too far away from the curb or failed to uphold her status as a perfect hostess, she would inwardly chastise herself.

When she learned that she could use the Law of Attraction to heal her past, she realized that her need to do everything perfectly and follow rules exactly might be the key to unlocking an experience that was damaging her now.

The next time that she felt her heart race with panic about not doing something perfectly, she asked her inner self to reveal the initial experience that had caused her to feel fearful of not being perfect.

Immediately, she was transported back in her mind to experience when she was a tiny child, and she was showing her Grandmother a coloring book.

“Look, Grandma! I've colored the pretty picture myself!” Sandra was pleased since it was the first time that she had worked hard at producing a colored picture. She had labored carefully in an attempt to produce just the right colors.

“Well Sandra, I have to tell you that your coloring skills are rubbish! You've gone outside the lines! Surely you can do better!” Sandra's heart sank with disappointment. She was shocked that her grandmother had not recognized her hard work, and, for the first time, she had a sense of not being good enough. The shame of letting her grandmother down by producing poor work left her mortified.

Adult Sandra relived the experience, feeling ashamed and worried that not being perfect could result in rejection. However, she knew that she could heal the little child within who still felt the pain of her grandmother's harsh words.

Sandra pictured herself as she was now, taking the hand of her inner child and speaking to her Grandmother.

“When you told Sandra that her coloring skills were rubbish she felt scared that you were rejecting her and fearful of going outside the lines of her coloring book. She was so afraid that she decided that she would always work within the lines in all respects of her life forever. She stopped being creative and became terrified of not getting things right in the eyes of others.”

Sandra then pictured a kind neighbor entering the room, who looked at the open coloring book and exclaimed, “What wonderful colors! It must have been hard for you to work within the lines to the degree that you've managed because you are so young. You've done a great job.”

Slowly, the new scene that Sandra had added to her experience faded. She breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that her best had been good enough after all. She recognized that she often strove to accomplish tasks perfectly because she was holding on to a fear of rejection, and now she could let go.

Like Sandra, you can heal your past by following these guidelines:

  • Recognize moments when you react strongly to situations.
  • Ask yourself when you first encountered similar feelings.
  • Relive the experience.
  • Let your current self enter your imagination and support you.
  • Visualize what you needed most at that time. For example, a loving parent, caring teacher, or friendly playmate. Picture a new, improved scenario taking place in which you are loved and supported fully.

You can transform your fears by healing the past using your imagination. Doing so will register in your mind positively and free you from anxiety. At the same time, the frequency that you send out to the world will alter and become positive and will result in the attraction of happiness.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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