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International Lucky Symbols And Charms You Should Try


As you probably know, visible symbols and representations of your Law of Attraction goals can help your manifestation process. For example, you may already have thought about specific stones, ornaments or pieces of jewelry that play this role.

However, you can get even more inspiration by looking a little further afield. International lucky symbols and charms are often based on a wide range of legends, folk tales and spiritual beliefs around the globe. Here are ten of the best, along with some ideas for incorporating them into your Law of Attraction work.


There are many different superstitions surrounding coins. Some go back to ancient times. They are often linked to the old beliefs that metal can help to protect a person from evil.

Coins are also connected to good fortune, especially if you find one in the street. Other myths claim that found pennies are only lucky if you find them facing up.

Considering using a coin as a symbol of abundance. Leave it in your pocket at all times so that you can touch it when you need a little extra encouragement to maintain your positive mindset.


This particular lucky symbol originates in shamanic beliefs. According to these beliefs, the ladybug is a sign that wishes are being granted. So, if you encounter a ladybug in the wild, this could be a signal from the Universe telling you that you’re well on the road to success.

You can also get a ladybug charm or statue to serve as a reminder that wishes can and do come true if you align yourself with the right vibrational frequency.

Cat’s Eye Gemstones

Cat’s eye gemstones don’t always get as much attention in modern literature as other semi-precious stones. However, in Vedic astrology, they are known for their potential ability to cure.

This can be literal (e.g. if you’re working towards better health). Alternatively, it can relate to a metaphorical “cure” (e.g. a cure for loneliness if you’re looking for love).


Some ancient beliefs tie the cat’s eye to protection from loss. So, it can also be good to acquire cat’s eye jewelry if you want the best for a new business venture. And if you want to insulate it from the potential competition.


More expensive than a cat’s eye gemstone but also thought to be energetically potent, the sapphire has long been believed to bring joy to the wearer. It also has roots in luck associated with legal proceedings. Therefore, it was once worn by people signing contracts or hoping for favorable outcomes in court cases.

If you want justice on your side, a sapphire is a good investment as a symbol of fairness and future happiness.

Alligator Teeth

While you may find this lucky charm ethically dubious, it is a traditional African symbol of good fortune, especially financially.

This makes it useful for manifesting abundance or guarding against bad luck with money. For example, you may have seen gamblers wearing alligator teeth in photos or in films.


According to Hinduism, the elephant is a sacred creature. It is tied to both peace and warding off ill health.

Interestingly, Ganesh, the Indian god with an elephant’s head, is the god of moving past obstacles and making fresh starts. As such, there’s really no better animal to represent most manifestation goals!

Red Lanterns

You may have seen Chinese Lanterns around the time of Chinese New Year. This is when they are used most prominently as symbols of luck.

Chinese people used to hang these lanterns to ward off potentially dangerous wild animals. They’ve since evolved to be connected to all forms of celebration and are sometimes used to represent peace (e.g. after an argument).

This makes them ideal additions to your home if your Law of Attraction goal is related to resolving conflict or achieving a milestone worthy of celebration (whether at work or in your personal life).


Eggs are lucky symbols in England, but only if the eggs are white! Brown eggs are said to be unlucky.

The old story associated with white eggs is that they bring fertility and birth. They are obvious manifestation symbols to consider if you want to start or expand your family.

However, as with some of the other symbols above, they can also represent a kind of symbolic rebirth.

So, if you have a goal that’s all about transforming or becoming more authentic, the egg could be right for you.


While we’re on the theme of food, it’s worth considering the Spanish and South American tradition of eating grapes for luck. This is traditionally done on the first day of the year when people often eat 12 grapes (one for each month of the coming year).

If you’re starting your Law of Attraction work right at the beginning of a year, why not add this ritual to your day, underlining your fresh start?


Finally, if you’ve read about Feng Shui then you may have come across the idea that bamboo represents all five of the major elements: fire, water, earth, metal, and wood.

It is said to transfer strength, wisdom and the potential for personal development to those who own it. This means you can incorporate it into just about any type of manifestation work. In addition, bamboo-based products also make touching and empowering gifts.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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