8 Life Lessons To Learn From Last Year To Create A New You

It’s natural to take stock as you enter a new year, reflecting on what you’ve accomplished and, now, planning what you want to do over the next 12 months.

To support your goal of attracting happiness, success, and abundance in the new year, we’ve compiled a list of vital lessons learned last year! Hopefully, this will help you make this year the greatest one yet.

1. Challenges Are Food For Growth

We sometimes want to shy away from challenges, as this feels.

However, as you may have noticed this year, facing difficulties and coping with apparent roadblocks can actually lead you to develop in amazing new ways, making you more aware of the depth of your strength and the range of your capabilities.


This year, take purposeful steps out of your comfort zone and have faith that this will only help you find your best self.

2. Always Seize The Day

Last year was particularly challenging for many people, often due to the loss of significant cultural icons and a sense of uncertainty about world affairs.

However, there’s an important and life-affirming lesson in there.

We need to act now to create the lives we want to live.

Don’t plan to work on your manifestation techniques next week, or in a few months.

Instead, start immediately, with the resource you have right now. You are more ready than you know.

3. Peace Must Come From Within

In troubling times, we also learn that we need inner reserves of peace if we’re going to remain optimistic and empowered.

Make the coming months different by working to top up your internal resources each day.

Monitor yourself carefully to know when you’re becoming depleted, regularly set aside time for self-care, and don’t let anything discourage you from faithfully maintaining a meditation practice.

4. Accountability Is Key

It’s counterproductive to berate yourself for past mistakes or to wallow in shame as you consider things you wish you had done differently.

Nevertheless, the last 12 months have shown that it’s wise to strike a balance here. In other words, you must take full accountability for your actions if you’re going to be authentic and reach your potential.

Taking responsibility for the good and not-so-good choices in your life underlines the lesson that you are directing your story, reminding you that you can manifest anything you put your mind to.

5. Embrace Your Evolution


It’s hard to let go of things we once thought were right for us, but last year proved that we need to be open to the idea that our ideal path transforms over time.

What you wanted 5 or 10 years ago may not be what’s good for you now, so take a critical look at your deepest beliefs.

Are you making excuses to avoid letting go of things that, deep down, you know are probably holding you back?

Start this year with a clean slate, and shed this excess baggage.

6. Small Gestures Have Big Results

It doesn’t take much time or effort to give back to the world around you by doing little favors for a loved one, donating to those in need, or volunteering for an organization you support.

As you may have noticed in the past year, even when people are going through really hard times there’s still a real power to these small gestures.

You can transform a person’s day by giving a little love, patience, or compassion! When you choose to do so, you elevate your vibration and tune into the energy of positivity.

The goodness you give out determines the goodness you receive.

7. Don’t Take Anything For Granted

Just as you’re likely learning the lesson seizing the day gets the best results, so too may you be beginning to realize that practicing gratitude is more than just a mood-boosting exercise for those beginning their manifestation journey.

Keeping your heart and mind in close contact with gratitude not only makes you more positive and moves your focus away from lack.

It also allows you to fully appreciate the ephemeral things you have, while you still have them.

The last year may have made you feel like you could lose anything at any time, but you can choose to reframe this as a lesson about enjoying every moment of life.

8. You Are Good Enough

Finally, whether you’re struggling with negative messages from your childhood or experiencing imposter syndrome in your career, personal experiences and news stories from last year show that we all have something valuable to give to the world.

Approach your Law of Attraction work with the assumption that you’re good enough to receive everything you want in life.

Remind yourself of this through affirmations, challenge your inner critic, and take stock of reasons to love yourself (just for being you).

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