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Why Do Bad Things Happen… Is Negativity Contagious?


When you read about the Law of Attraction, the focus will typically be on how you can use the Law to your advantage, attracting more of what you want into your life. However, the Law of Attraction concerns everything in the universe, both positive and negative. Consequently, this means that all of your heartbreaks, past traumas, and difficulties can be understood through the lens of manifestation. In addition, once you view your life's journey in this way, it's easier to see how you can ensure a happier future for yourself.

So, if you’re always wondering “Why do bad things happen to me?”, this guide can help you get a firmer grip on the causes of negativity in your life. We’ll also explore how to move forward, whilst reducing the impact of past negativity. Throughout, the focus will be on learning to make more sense of what you've been through, and on looking to a productive future.

Are We Truly To Blame When Bad Things Happen?

It can be painful to think about why bad things happen. Often, we are inclined to blame ourselves or to assume that our traumas show we lack value. However, the reality of the situation is more complex than you may have supposed.

In particular, it's important to remember that recent psychological studies show negativity is contagious. It seeps into our thoughts and feelings, influencing our opinions and shaping our beliefs. So, even if you have set good intentions and have attempted to use the Law of Attraction to manifest them, contagious negativity from around you (or even from a previous life) can get in the way.

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Why Do Bad Things Happen? 6 Theories

Here are six leading theories that could explain how the Law of Attraction relates to the bad things you've experienced in life so far. With this understanding in place, you can then move on to think about how you can protect yourself from bad things in the future.

1. You Manifested It Via Fear Or Negativity

It’s important not to disregard this fact as it is possible to accidentally cause bad things to happen in your life because of fear or negativity. In other words, if you set an intention but you don't tackle the associated limiting beliefs in your subconscious, you can send out mixed signals. These not only prevent you from manifesting what you want but actually lead you to manifest things you don't want to have in your life at all. If you think back, you may be able to see that you held unrecognized or suppressed fears that existed at the same time as some of your toughest experiences.

The way to get around this common cause of bad things is to face up to mixed feelings you have about your manifestation goals. Instead of trying to pretend they don't exist, take a solid look at them and work out how to counteract them with productive, positive beliefs.

2. Someone Else Manifested It

When reflecting on the question “Why do bad things happen?” it’s also well worth looking beyond yourself. As mentioned above, negativity is deeply contagious. Therefore, you’ll often experience it when someone else has manifested it. This is especially true if they are someone you love or spend a lot of time around.

Once again, think about the specific bad things you've struggled through, and consider who was in your vicinity. Could that have manifested the negativity that you experienced?

As well as thinking about negative individuals, negative overall environments can be a major factor. You can absorb bad energy in a workplace, or even in a building where lots of people are unhappy. This is an important reminder to be conscious of who you let into your life, how much time you spend around negative people, and what boundaries you set to protect yourself.

On the flip side, being around positive people can actively help you to manifest good things.

3. It Was Manifested Pre-Birth

Beyond what you do and where you spend your time, things even further outside of your control can have an influence on what you manifest and the traumas you endure. This can happen in one of two ways. Firstly, you may have manifested something in a past life, which only comes to full fruition in your present life.

Secondly, a family member can influence your manifestation journey before birth. While there is nothing you can do about this, of course, it can help to make sense of what has happened to you if you can't trace your negative experiences to something you can remember in your present life.

The possibility of pre-birth manifestation is also a reminder of how you can impact the lives of others before they are born. For example, manifesting positivity and abundance for future children is possible. In addition, efforts to manifest may go beyond your present life, helping you in future lives.

4. Deflection

If you've ever doubted the validity of the Law of Attraction because of the fact bad things happen, or you've ever used the concept to make yourself feel worse, it's highly probable that you're engaging in a process of deflection.

In this context, what deflection means is avoiding growth, staying stuck, and remaining ignorant of your greatest wants and needs. So, ask yourself if there are particular emotions or particular facts about yourself that you may be trying to avoid; consider how this avoidance may be related to negative experiences of manifestation.

However, be clear about the fact that it's natural to want to deflect or avoid things sometimes. Self-knowledge can be scary, especially when it may be contrary to what we've previously believed about ourselves or our life's purpose. So, don't be hard on yourself for deflecting, but remind yourself of the cost of it. Conversely, reflect on the benefits associated with growth.

5. The Universe Has Something Planned For You (Timing Is Everything)

When you experience heartbreak and trauma, it can often feel like there's no possible way that these experiences will lead to a better future.

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However, sometimes you're unable to manifest something positive right now because the universe needs you to manifest something even better at a later date. In other words, negativity can sometimes come as a necessary step on the road to your most important destination. As painful as some life events can be, they will often turn out to be part of the universe's plan for your unique gifts.

In addition, note that just because you weren't able to successfully manifest something (e.g. love or abundance) at some point, this doesn't mean you will never be able to do so. Timing is everything! And perseverance can be key.

So, be alert to signs and intuitions suggesting you may have reached the right moment to try again. In retrospect, you may see that without your struggle, your ultimate joy would have been lessened.

6. It Is Outside Our Control

Finally, think of huge and terrible events, such as wars and genocides. The majority of contemporary Law of Attraction practitioners would not want to say that victims of such events caused their own suffering, or were in complete control of their lives. Rather, they might note that there are some things in life over which we can in principle have no control, and simply cannot prevent in spite of our best efforts. Manifestation is, after all, a complex process. The balance of all of our individual intentions can interact in ways that produce unpredictable outcomes.

There are two important things to take away from the message that we likely don't have total control. First of all, that sometimes there is nothing you could have done to prevent a traumatic event. Secondly, that you will instead benefit from focusing on your internal reaction to that trauma. That is something over which you have full control.


What Now? How To Move Forward, Not Back

Armed with a more solid sense of how negativity acts as a contagion and how the Law of Attraction may play a range of roles in trauma, let's move on to think about what you should do next. As discussed above, there are ways to reduce the chances of accidentally manifesting negativity. However, it's more sensible to devote the bulk of your energy to actively manifesting positivity.

Here are three powerful things you can do to move forward after a bad experience, along with examples that may relate to your own situation.

Challenge Yourself

There are multiple senses in which it is important to challenge yourself. Firstly, when we stay in our comfort zones, we stagnate rather than moving forward. If you've been through a difficult period in your life, one of the best things you can do is deliberately step out of that comfort zone. Make a list of things that will help you manifest your greatest goals. Then, look to see which ones you've been avoiding. Focus on those, and really engage with them. Tell yourself that no matter what happens, you will learn from the challenge.

Secondly, challenge the way you think. When you notice yourself thinking negatively, look beneath the belief to the assumptions and to the belief's origins. When did you learn this, and why? Do you really endorse it? What can you say to yourself to help you replace the limiting, negative belief with something more empowering and positive?

Forgive Yourself

When you ask “Why do bad things keep happening to me?”, psychology experts often point out that you’re most likely to move beyond negativity if you truly believe you deserve good things. If you're stuck in the mentality of blaming yourself for every difficulty you've faced, you'll only generate more heartache and attract more negative people into your life. Instead, forgive yourself for past mistakes, and take a non-judgemental attitude to them. By all means, identify such mistakes and what you would do differently. However, disconnect this from evaluations of your value as a person.

If you struggle to forgive yourself, consider whether you'd take the same attitude towards someone you love. If you're blaming and resenting yourself when you would be gentler and more understanding with another person, then you're being much too hard on yourself. We are all fallible, and mistakes are a key part of our development.

Love Yourself

Finally, to move forward after heartbreak and trauma will require learning how to love yourself in a deep, sincere way. This is partly related to the above point of forgiving your fallibility. However, it's also about truly celebrating your abilities and successes. What do you enjoy about yourself? What things of value do you contribute to the world? How would your favorite people describe you? All of these questions encourage you to focus on the reasons why you are deserving of love.

Loving-kindness meditations can be of use in developing self-love. These practices aim to help you develop compassion for the self by repeating your wishes. You can design your own affirmations to repeat in a meditative state. An example to start with is “May I be happy, healthy, strong and at peace”. Done on a daily basis, loving, kind messages can slowly help you to heal after trauma.

What do you think? Is negativity contagious or do bad things ‘just' happen? Let us know your opinion.

Comment below now.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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