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Want To Drop The Drama? Here Are 5 Tips For A Drama Free Life


Drama is great! When it’s kept on screen or on a stage. In real life, however, drama can suck! The definition of the kind of ‘drama’ that we see thrown about in real life, at the office, in a restaurant, or even in the streets, is best described as ‘making a big deal over something unnecessarily'.

Ring any bells?

We have all been witness to this type of ‘drama’ at some time or another. Have known people that thrive off of and create drama… or perhaps been guilty of it ourselves? But do you really have the time or room in your life for something that causes unnecessary conflict, tension, and just general bad feelings?

Drama can eat away at what we don’t already have enough of in our lives: time. Do you really want to be wasting any more of it?

The day you left school was probably the day you thought you’d finally turned your back on drama forever. You have probably since learned that no matter what your age, drama still has a way of creeping back into your life.

So, are you ready to drop the drama from your life for good? Savor your time, make the most of this extraordinary life and enjoy longer-lasting, more peaceful relationships?

Learn how with these 5 awesome tips for a drama-free life!

How To Avoid Drama And Live A Drama Free Life

1. Learn How To Interpret Positively

Drama always begins with an assumption from someone; a negative interpretation of a situation, person, or event that leaves the person feeling hurt and wanting to share their pain with others.

However, it is important to remember that you and you alone are in control of your emotions and thought processes. What somebody may have done or said to you was a fact; it happened. Now it is your responsibility to choose how you are going to interpret the situation.

For example, are you going to make assumptions about why this person did or said what they did? You may make assumptions about their motives, their inner thoughts, how they intended to make you feel. When you do this and choose to interpret their actions negatively, you are creating a ‘drama’ without fully understanding the entire situation, causing yourself and others only more hurt.

Instead, choose to hold back from giving something your own, unreliable interpretation. Work with the facts of the situation, rather than assumptions, to find a solution.

2. Say It As It Is

Want to nip drama in the bud, before things start getting ugly? Another significant cause of drama is miscommunication. Sly comments, sarcasm, gossip. None of this is constructive and will only serve to heighten the confusion and misleading information that drama thrives on.

So start talking more, say it as it is! As adults, we should have the advantage of rational communication and listening skills. Push the hearsay and assumptions aside, have an honest and calm conversation with the people involved. Everybody will feel considerably better about it.

3. Bin Gossip!

The problem with drama is that it is very rarely based on fact. ‘He said…she said…’ the more people a story passes through, the further and further it begins to digress from the truth.

So, be picky about what you do and do not choose to believe. Refuse to become a part of the grapevine and instead, go straight to the source! You’ll save yourself the drama and a lot of time in the process.

(Click here to read 5 alternatives that will help you kick gossiping from your life for good.)

4. Forget Drama Queens/Kings

To an extent, we are all a result of our environment and the people that we surround ourselves with.

Therefore, if you are beginning to notice extended periods of drama in your life, it is probably about time that you questioned your environment and the people in it.

Are there people in your life that are drawn to drama? Learning how to identify and avoid drama queens can be easily done, but what about when that drama queen is your own mum, cousin, or best friend?

There are some drama-prone people that you just cannot avoid; so instead, learn to accept the ‘dramatic’ quality of the drama queens in your life. But make it clear that you wish to have no part in their dramatic goings-on – ever.

5. Rise Above It

When we feel as though we are being ‘attacked’ or sense negativity from another person, our primal instinct is to respond in the same way. This is often fighting fire with fire! However, this only serves to further fuel the problem.

If you want to live a drama-free, positive life, then you need to become a better person. Rise above it and show that you have no interest in the situation. Learn to let things go and feel good knowing that you have done the more mature thing.

The next time you are faced with time-wasting ‘drama’, try putting these 5 great tips to good use. As you continue to practice what you have been taught, you will find yourself attracting less and less drama into your own life-giving you more time to focus on the great relationships, as well as understanding love languages to have more positive experiences as a result.

Sometimes, there may be certain people in your life that only bring drama and pain to you. You should decide if you want these friends in your life or not. If you need some help ending a toxic relationship or friendship, take a look at this self-hypnosis program.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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