The Best Law Of Attraction Videos: Will Smith

An iconic figure and popular household name, actor Will Smith has achieved great levels of success over the course of his lifetime.

Enjoying international fame as an actor, rapper, and producer, Will Smith seems to have it all; a hugely successful career, wealth, a loving family. Not to mention buckets of charisma! But what exactly is it that has helped Will to get to where he is today?

Will Smith's Success And Advice

In this telling interview, Will shares the key truth behind his success: The Law of Attraction.

Talking to interviewer Travis Smiley, Will shares his belief that we are all the sole creators of our universe; each and every one of us capable of creating a life for ourselves to our own exact choosing.

Will Smith is a true example of someone that not only understands the power of the Law of Attraction but someone that has also applied it to his life, with awe-inspiring results.

The success that Will credits the Law of Attraction within his own life, is truly inspirational evidence of the limitless potential that the Law of Attraction can unlock within us all.

So, check out the interview below! See for yourself what Will can teach us all about using the Law of Attraction to live out our very greatest dreams!

Truly inspirational words from an inspirational man! We can all learn from Will's incredible Law of Attraction journey, to make our own every bit as magical.

“I believe that I can create whatever I want to create.”

In the video above, Will talks about believing in himself, and never giving up. Will believes that we can make a choice and live the life we want to, instead of feeling like we are just an ‘effect' of the Universe.

This is key to the teachings of the Law of Attraction, as, if you believe in something, manifest it, visualize and work for it, the possibilities can be endless.

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction then you may be aware that whatever you feel and think, you can attract into your life.

So, if you are negative, and are constantly thinking about the bad things that are happening in your life, the chances are that you may be attracting more of those negative things into your life.

Whereas, if like Will Smith, you can stay positive, believe in yourself and what you want, then you could be more likely to achieve it.

Will has also said before that ‘our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, our ideas are physical in the Universe.'

This means that whatever we feel and think, including our dreams and goals, should be put out into the Universe, so that we can begin to achieve the things we want to achieve and start living the life we want to live.

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