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6 Limiting Beliefs That Are Preventing You From Manifesting

A bird cage symbolizes the presence of limiting beliefs, while birds flying freely in the sky represent liberation from those constraints.

If you’ve been reading and thinking about the Law of Attraction for a while, you’ll almost certainly be aware of just how powerful your thoughts can be. A lot of the literature focuses on thinking positively, but it’s just as important to connect with your negative thoughts and find ways to reject or rewrite them, such as your limiting beliefs.

After all, if you have negative ideas running in the background all the time, they’ll leave you vibrating at a low frequency that isn’t conducive to creating your best life.

Here are six of the most common limiting beliefs that could be preventing you from manifesting, along with some tips for how you can begin to overcome them.

1. “I’m not good enough.”

This is perhaps the most common limiting belief of all; the underlying assumption that you don’t really deserve the thing you’re trying to manifest.

However, if you can’t truly believe that you are good enough to enjoy love, money, a great career or whatever else you want, then you’re not going to be able to attract it.

Instead, you’ll send the universe that you don’t really expect to attract your dream.

Challenge these negative beliefs about yourself; where did they come from, and when did they start? Write down reasons to reject them, and look at those reasons every day.

2. “I need this person to approve of me.”

When you focus on gaining the approval of someone else, you stop yourself from accessing what you really want from life and prevent your mind from turning into who you really are.

The truth is that your true self is what will serve you best in life, and will naturally attract the right kind of people; those who intuitively recognize and are drawn to your value.

3. “There isn’t enough for everyone.”

Do you ever feel like you need to rush to grab what belongs to you before someone else snatches it away? Alternatively, do you find yourself feeling guilty about the idea of getting what you want, in case you’re somehow preventing someone from getting what they want?

In both cases, you’re assuming there is only a finite amount of romance, prosperity, or success to go around. And if you believe or say there isn’t enough for everyone, you start to manifest experiences where there really isn’t enough!

Try to understand that there is room for everyone to get what they want from the universe, provided they ask, believe and work hard.

4. “I have to work maximally hard to succeed.”

Yes, you do have to take concrete actions to achieve your dreams, whether you’re using the Law of Attraction or not. However, if you believe that you can only get the life you crave by working yourself into the ground, you’ll attract little success without this kind of draining effort.

Instead, try to believe in a balance; you need to be motivated, ambitious and eager to take appropriate action, but you’ll also benefit from realizing that you can attract success just by thinking positive thoughts and truly enjoying your life.

Everything can be joyful and easy if you’ll only let it be so!

5. “I need to suffer so others can be happy.”

While it’s noble and compassionate to engage in a measure of self-sacrifice, you’re ultimately undermining all of your goals if you suffer so much that you become unable to help yourself or others.

Try not to take on so much for other people that you have no reserves left over to take care of your own needs. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up burning out, feeling lonely, and overwhelmed.

If it’s difficult for you to focus on your own needs, consider setting aside a specific time of day that’s just about taking care of you. Use that hour to think about what will make you happy and restore you in both body and mind, and then do it!

You’ll be better able to manifest your dreams (and help others manifest theirs) if you build your resilience in this way.

6. “I need things to happen in just this way.”

Finally, many people beginning to work with the Law of Attraction have a tendency to set an ultra-specific intention. While it’s great to have a clear goal (e.g. losing 3 stone, not just “getting fit”), there’s also the risk of making your goal so specific and controlled that you limit your manifestation potential.

So, aim for an intention like “attracting a relationship with person X” as opposed to multiple intentions like “attracting a phone call from X” and “seeing X next week.”

Once you’ve set your intention, be open to it being realized in a wide range of different ways, and look for signs that your life is changing in ways you may not have expected.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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