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How To Deal With Naysayers & Block Out The Haters

How to deal with naysayers

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you feel you have to “defend” the Law of Attractions principles?

People come at you with all the ‘tough questions' like, “Well, what about if a Tsunami comes?” and “What about all the people that have died in WAR?”

Or how about those that either demand scientific proof or present you with their ‘proof' that the Law of Attraction isn't a valid concept?

Have you ever noticed how angry these people are, or even how rude they can get? In this article, we will discuss how to deal with these naysayers and similar types of trolls.

Why Are Naysayers… Naysayers?

Naysayers seem so negative in every way, it leaves us questioning where is the happiness within their beliefs?

They seem to be so set upon always being right, even if their ‘rightness' gives them reason to be unhappy, cynical, worrisome, or even fearful in some cases!

I guess we will never know truly why naysayers are so negative but we can find a way to deal with them.

How To Deal With Naysayers

How To Deal With Naysayers

The key thing we have to remember is that just as we attract all the evidence we need in order to know that the Law of Attraction is working within our lives, they will also attract all the evidence they need to prove that it is not working!

But that's a perfect irony because we all know that the naysayer has then inadvertently just proved the Law of Attraction working in action!

We will ALL attract appropriately (also, it's important to realize that we attracted the naysayers into our lives, which gives us something to look at about our own deeper beliefs).

We will ALL have all the evidence we need to support our positive core beliefs because we are in vibrational resonance with it.

What we have to be wary of is slipping into a confrontation with these people, because then we are matching their vibration, and that's the last thing we want!

Our duty is to our own vision, and keeping our personal vibration where we want it in order to only attract what we want in our life!

I have witnessed people being called “idiots” for believing that they can attract their desires or create their own reality.

If you are following your manifestations, really living these principles, how often do you find yourself calling other people “idiots”?

Probably never, right? That's just not what happy people do, so carry on just doing exactly what you want, don't “feed the trolls” as they say…

How To Spot An Internet Troll

The very same people who want to literally steal your happiness from you will INSIST that they are happy!

But something really doesn't jive there, does it?

Why would a random stranger totally satisfied with their lives feel the need to “derail” a truly happy person like yourself by trying to convince you that your beliefs are wrong.

After all, the Law of Attraction demands that virtually all of our beliefs are “right” (at least to a real believer!)

The only explanation for such a person to randomly come your way is that they are just there to infuriate you, these types of people are often called ‘trolls' and will say anything to annoy you and therefore are usually resesolved with a simple ‘block'.

Argumentative Naysayers

Argumentative Naysayers

When a naysayer wants to argue with you, it is because they have a need to “prove” their point of view.

This would only be necessary if they had some measure of doubt about it.

Otherwise, it would be like arguing that you have 60 heads.

What would be the point?

You obviously don't, so they'd have no need to convince you.

If they truly “knew” they were right, they would feel no need to bash you over the head with it.

But it is the nature of those with limited thinking and limiting beliefs to want to hold others back along with them.

If they can't seem to progress, they not only want to provide the world with all the “good reasons” that they cannot, but they also want to tell you why you cannot.

Often you'll find that these people are very good at arguing their point and sounding very logical. After all, they've probably been defending their position for years, and have appropriately attracted lots of evidence for their argument.

It's just so ironic that the very principles they're arguing against are the very principles that have brought them the very evidence they're using!

Ignoring The Naysayers

it's not actually our job to try to convince people about the Law of Attraction. We need only live it and be a walking example.

When we do that, we will be living in bliss. This is a state that people will want to emulate.

Just stick to following your passions, and effortlessly attract what you desire, then be truly happy – and “wrong” in the eyes of others.

But being “wrong” is better than being unhappy, dissatisfied, skeptical, cynical, and… “right” as they say.

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By Bob Doyle
Bob Doyle is a Law of Attraction teacher who is well-known for his “Wealth Beyond Reason” program and is a featured teacher in the hit movie “The Secret”. He aims to help people truly connect to what they love, and to facilitate their journey towards using the Law of Attraction to manifest abundance and happiness.

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