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Andy Shaw – A Bug Free Mind By Saltori

Andy Shaw, A Bug Free Mind speaking at event

Andy Shaw is an inspirational author, coach, and speaker. He is regarded as an expert in the personal growth and self-help industry.

Andy’s journey in life has helped him to be able to use his own experiences when sharing his knowledge with others through his self-help products. A Bug Free Mind was created by Andy. It discusses how you can move from chaotic thinking to Saltori structured thinking.

A lot of Andy’s principles are based on the Law of Attraction notion that our thoughts create the world around us. He also teaches others how it’s possible to repeatedly find success and fulfillment.

About Andy Shaw

Andy Shaw was born in West Sussex in England. Before his personal development career started, Andy was a cabinet maker for a few years and worked for various people. After moving from job to job, Andy decided that he wanted to go into business for himself.

Andy has described noticing a “different” way of thinking as early as age 13. At this age, he felt that he had opened his eyes to all the possibilities he had. He knew that he had success wired into his desires.

Throughout Andy’s life, he created a few business ventures, some of which did not work out. He had to deal with financial catastrophe when one of his businesses failed due to the credit crunch. However, this did not deter Andy from trying again.

After the financial crisis, Andy said that he knew that this failure was just an event and that he was “between riches”. His belief in the potent power of the mind drove him from the financial catastrophe to abundance. And he credits his achievements to his ability to face all of life’s challenges with a smile.

Andy decided that he wanted to share his knowledge with others so that everyone could achieve success. He shares this through his two books ‘Creating A Bug Free Mind’ and ‘Using A Bug Free Mind’, as well as his other self-help product ‘Structured Thinking Starter Kit’.

Andy’s life experiences have helped him understand how you can be successful. He shares the knowledge he has learned with others through his personal development products.


Andy Shaw is the founder of Saltori; the company and website that is home to Andy Shaw’s products, including A Bug Free Mind, Structured Thinking Starter Kit, and Life Breakthrough Kit.

On the Saltori website, you can find the products and other downloads from Andy Shaw and his team. As well as information on the journey of Saltori and how it came to be. Saltori also includes articles on their website, which offers advice on life, money and much more. They also have interviews with other well-known personal development trainers including Bob Doyle.

You will also find various audio and video training on the site, where you can find teachings on increasing your progress and changing your mindset.

Andy Shaw’s Products

Andy offers many self-help products, to help people develop a way of thinking. Both his book and online product are designed to help people learn how to become successful by creating by using the right techniques.

All of Andy Shaw’s products offer to help those who are seeking more from life than they currently have. They focus on helping people achieve a life where they are achieving more, feeling more fulfilled and enjoying their lives more too.

His products are also unique, as he had used his own personal experiences from his failures and successes in life to design his products and help others.

Structured Thinking Starter Kit

The Structured Thinking Starter Kit program is another product from Andy, where he helps others to change the way they think and take control of their own mind.

The program is designed to help people learn the structure of their thinking and understand the key parts. This is so that success can become more certain.

The program is split into four separate lessons – each with their own video to go with it. Throughout the program, you will learn how to ‘silence’ your mind and become fully aware and present. You’ll also learn how to tap into your subconscious mind on demand, how to live a successful life and finally, how to create ‘A Bug Free Mind’.

Structured Thinking Starter Kit is designed to help people learn how to think in a way that is ‘bug free’. This can help them to reach their full potential.

Product Rating
Support Rating
Our Verdict

Structured Thinking Starter Kit Review

Structured Thinking Starter Kit has helped me to change my way of thinking and start raising my level of consciousness. I learned how to tap into my subconscious and improve my own thought patterns.
The videos that I received with the lessons were very helpful and easy to understand too. This program taught me how to structure my thinking in a way that can help me achieve my goals.
If you have a chaotic thought process, like I did, I would highly recommend taking a look at the Structured Thinking Starter Kit.

A Bug Free Mind

A Bug Free Mind is the most prominent of Andy Shaw’s books. However, it is more accurate to characterize it as a process, as he encourages all readers to engage with video, the community, and audio of A Bug Free Mind as well as the book itself.

This process teaches you how to replace your chaotic thinking with structured thinking. There are two books in the series: Creating A Bug Free Mind and Using A Bug Free Mind. The Creating A Bug Free Mind book is summarized by Andy as a guide to learning how to use your mind to transform your reality into exactly what you desire.

This process can be repeated as many times as you need. Andy recommends going through the process more than once, to really learn this way of thinking. The complete A Bug Free Mind process is meant to help you develop the ‘bug free’ mindset you had when you were a child.

This is where we have a natural success mindset that has been programmed out of us as we become adults. Once you have developed this mindset using A Bug Free Mind, you should start to be able to learn and succeed at anything you want to without stress, anxiety, fear, depression or worry.

The program offers concrete techniques and outlines ways to make better sense of the knowledge you already have. It can help you to reduce anxiety, depression, and pain that may otherwise be overwhelming.

Product Rating
Support Rating
Our Verdict

A Bug Free Mind Review

A Bug Free Mind is a great process that has really helped me to replace my way of thinking in a more productive and successful way. This program can work for you no matter what you are trying to achieve, as it focuses on the way we think and how we can change this to achieve success.
A Bug Free Mind helped me to let go of stresses I had and I became more positive and motivated for my future. I think the process is very effective, especially since Andy himself uses his own techniques.
Being able to use the books, audio, over 400 videos and becoming part of a community has really helped make the process easy, fast and enjoyable. If you are looking for a product to help you let go of your negative way of thinking and be able to achieve success in a positive way, this product is for you.

Andy Shaw Quotes

“The Law of Attraction is simply a tool. To become a master craftsman with any tool, you first have to master its use.”

“The power to create your life of purpose can only be activated from the present moment.”

“We receive in life what we are deeply convinced is so.”

“If you cannot control what you think about then you cannot create the future you desire.”

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