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Sonia Ricotti: Unsinkable Bounce Back System

Sonia Ricotti and Bob Proctor

A professional speaker, the CEO of Lead Out Loud Inc, and a #1 bestselling author, Sonia Ricotti is one of the world’s foremost Law of Attraction experts. She specializes in strategies that help people overcome adversity, attract abundance and find the inner resources of strength that maximize success.

Sonia Ricotti: Biography

While most Law of Attraction experts are associated with The Secret, Sonia Ricotti’s spin on manifestation focuses on filling in some of the gaps in the traditional approach. She presents her highly effective methods in her books “Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down” and “The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple.”

Sonia Ricotti with Bob Proctor,

Sonia Ricotti with Bob Proctor, teacher from The Secret

As seen in the Sonia Ricotti quotes below, she is a powerful motivational speaker and has a gift for communicating manifestation techniques in a clear, straightforward way. Her speaking style has ensured the success of her critically acclaimed teleseminar series, “Be Unsinkable”, in which she discusses adversity and personal growth with other leading experts.

In her work as the CEO of transformational company Lead Out Loud Inc, Sonia influences the lives of people in dozens of countries around the world. When she’s not writing new material on the Law of Attraction or running her company, she is regularly seen on stage with other equally prominent personal development gurus, and has recently committed to regular humanitarian efforts in countries such as Thailand, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Review: Unsinkable Movie – The Secret To Bouncing Back

After 3 years in the making, the long-awaited ‘Unsinkable' movie is here – a 90-minute feature film (documentary) titled “Unsinkable: The Secret to Bouncing Back“.

The Unsinkable movie takes you on an inspiring journey with Sonia Ricotti, discussing some of the greatest challenges you will inevitably face at some stage in your life, and exploring how to bounce back quickly from them. Whether it's issues surrounding your health, finances, relationships or career, it's normal to experience adversity throughout our lives, it's how we deal with these challenges that do make the difference to how we bounce back big.

Sonia Ricotti bares all as she shares her true and shocking story of how her life crumbled apart and hit rock bottom. At the time she had no idea what to do, however, this experience resulted in her discovering the secret to bouncing back to experience huge success, inner peace, and happiness.

The Unsinkable movie is a transformational film, that will open your eyes to how you can turn things around in your life quickly and begin living your best life. This inspirational and life-changing movie also features a world-class line up of top motivational speakers including, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Marci Shimoff, Barnet Bain, Marie Diamond, Jack Canfield, Shellyadd Siddoo, Ona Brown, John Gray, John Assaraf and Rhonda Britten.

Watch the Unsinkable movie trailer.

Sonia Ricotti’s Unsinkable System Program

Sometimes called Sonia Ricotti’s Unsinkable Bounce Back System, this network of teachings is at the heart of Sonia’s books and focuses on how you can program your mind to recover every time you encounter difficulties. According to Sonia Ricotti, Law of Attraction techniques can be used to elevate yourself from past wounds and present challenges, and can help you achieve the type of mental freedom that permanently insulates you from the types of pain that used to drag you down.

Part of Sonia Ricotti’s Law of Attraction teachings also focus on tapping into your natural intuition, which can lead you towards your life’s true purpose and away from the urge to fulfill the needs of others.

According to Sonia Ricotti, Unsinkable System techniques can also be used to stabilize mood, installing a type of positivity that boosts your manifestation potential.

Also an expert on the latest science behind powerful forms of meditation, Sonia Ricotti believes that it is possible for Law of Attraction practitioners to induce a feeling of peace and happiness that stays stable, regardless of external influences.

Sonia Ricotti's Quotes

Sonia Ricotti's quotes regularly make it into lists of top motivational sayings. Some of the most popular come from her speeches and seminars, while others come directly from Sonia Ricotti’s Unsinkable Bounce Back System. For example:

Sonia Ricotti

Sonia with Natalie Ledwell from Mindmovies and Christy Whitman from QSCA

“You may not know what the future holds and fear of the unknown can sometimes be overwhelming and nerve-wracking but just remember you have a choice of how to react to this situation.”

“Having bad thoughts such as hate, anger, or resentment toward another person is comparable to you drinking rat poison and hoping the rats die.”

Sonia Ricotti

Sonia with Paul Gunter and Andrew Shorten, founders of Greater Minds

“Success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom.”

“Change is inevitable.It is happening all the time. As much as we'd love to hold on to the safety and comfort of the known, we all come to a place in our lives where we are required to take the road of uncertainty.”

“The past is history. It is no longer exists, but you are keeping it alive in your mind through your thoughts. Let it go. It is not serving you.”

Sonia Ricotti Meditation

Sonia Ricotti

Sonia with Bob Doyle, teacher from The Secret

As indicated in the Sonia Ricotti biography above, Sonia Ricotti’s meditation expertise lies at the heart of all her work on the Law of Attraction.
Using ‘Holosync’ audio technology, her approach aims to provide self-knowledge, lightness of spirit, self-control and inner peace in just a few short weeks of regular participation…and the reviews speak for themselves.

Over the years, the reviews suggest that Holosync comes with benefits that it normally takes years of meditation practice to achieve. Sonia Ricotti’s Unsinkable System is also heavily informed by her understanding of the link between meditation, mental clarity and resilience.

Sonia Ricotti Unsinkable Review

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Unsinkable Bounce Back System Review

If you don’t know how to change your life, then don’t spend years trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t – use a program like this to pull yourself out of the rut you are in and start to consistently move forward towards better things, people, and circumstances.

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