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Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond

Often known for her starring role in The Secret, Marie Diamond is also a specialist in self-help coaching, business consultancy, and Feng Shui. Her unique “Diamond Feng Shui” approach has earned her international acclaim, and she is both President and Founder of the Association of Transformational Leaders. She currently lives in France, where she continues to develop and refine her Law of Attraction approach, dowsing techniques and other tools that enhance personal growth.

Diamond Feng Shui

Marie Diamond’s Feng Shui is based on nearly a lifetime of Feng Shui experience—she began practicing when she was just 1 years old, and since becoming a Feng Shui master she has created the Diamond Feng Shui school. With thousands of students all across the world, the school places an emphasis on helping people transform the energy in this homes and office spaces, offering results that are both instantaneous and long-lasting.

Marie Diamond’s Feng Shui curriculum is praised for its easily followed, step-by-step approach, and for teaching techniques that apply to physical health, spiritual enlightenment, close relationships and general success. The Marie Diamond app also offers basic guidance and can help to keep users practicing their new techniques in consistent ways.

The Law of Attraction

Many people first come across Marie Diamond’s work due to her pivotal role in the Secret Book and movie. Arguably the most famous Law of Attraction book on the market, The Secret takes potentially complex principles and makes them digestible to the lay person, opening the door to powerful manifestation abilities.

Marie Diamond also has much Law of Attraction wisdom to impart outside of her contributions to the Secret. In particular, by using a vision board Marie Diamond suggests that you can make your goals more concrete—this is a perspective shared by many Law of Attraction practitioners, but Diamond has her own spin on how to do vision boarding most effectively. Meanwhile, Marie Diamond’s Law of Attraction number work explains how you can learn more about your vibration, strengths and potential blocks. Marie Diamond’s energy number work is also highly lauded for its usefulness and accuracy.

Marie Diamond Books

In addition to her work on The Secret, Marie Diamond has written her own books that are broadly relevant to both The Law of Attraction and personal growth more broadly. You can learn more about Marie Diamond’s vison board techniques and Marie Diamond’s meditation plans in some of her books, but the focus is largely on teaching the reader about how to use Diamond Feng Shui. These e-books are easily accessible and competitively priced.

Diamond Dowsing

Marie Diamond’s dowsing approach is advertised as a way to enhance your ability to accomplish your life goals—whatever they are. Some people use it in their journey towards abundance, while others focus on its helpfulness with respect to health, meditation, exercise or career development.

Dowsing can supplement Marie Diamond’s meditation style and Law of Attraction techniques, as many of the attendees of her demonstrations and students on her course will attest.
While many people simply assume that dowsing is only useful for finding water, Marie Dimond’s dowsing expertise can help you understand that it can be a potent way of finding and combatting negative energy in all areas of your life. Since she was demonstrating and actively using dowsing at the time The Secret was filmed, there is even some speculation that she helped to neutralize negative energy and attract more positive energy to the production.

Diamond Hexagrams

You can use what you’ve learned from Marie Diamond’s energy number explanations in order to engage in her Diamond Hexagrams techniques, but you can also begin to use Diamond Hexagrams without any previous familiar with any of Marie’s other work. Essentially, she explains that hexagrams are like bar codes, which help to attract the things you want into your life—so, for example, if you place a certain hexagram in a particular place in your house, you absorb or “scan” some of the associated energy in yourself, which the Universe then “reads.”

In sum, using Diamond Hexagrams is an inventive, simple and empowering way to supplement your Law of Attraction work and boost your manifestation potential. Marie Diamond offers an 60-minute audio book teaching the basics, and tells you all you need to know about using ancient symbols to improve your life.

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