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10 Health Commandments That We Should All Live By


Your health is in your hands. As we know, prevention is always much better than cure. So, what should you be doing to preserve this and ensure that you are living your healthiest possible life?

The key is this: let your body take care of you. After all, that is what it was intended for. Our bodies already have the capability to heal, regulate and balance themselves! So, it is your responsibility to give it the best possible conditions in which to do this. Create a state of well-being that allows your body to do what it does best and you can guarantee yourself a long, prosperous and happy life. To create the optimum state of well-being for this to happen, your job is to worry about nothing other than feeling happy, channeling inner peace and becoming more self-aware. Do this and the rest should simply follow.

The Healthiest People Are The Ones That Practice Self-Awareness.

Self-awareness means everything to our health. When we are aware, we are thinking and acting more deliberately. We consciously listen to and choose the thoughts and actions that are best for our well-being. An aware mind questions, and considers, how our actions and thoughts may be impacting on our body. In contrast, an unaware mind should make decisions and act unconsciously, with no awareness of what it may be doing to our body or mind.

The more you work on becoming self-aware, the more in tune your mind and body will become with one another. It is when your mind and body aligns with one another, that a lifetime of good health is yours to enjoy.

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3,617,569 Tests Have Already Been Taken

10 Health Commandments That Use Self-Awareness To Achieve Optimum Health:

1. Live passionately

Those who find their passions and hobbies in life are often very positive and motivated to try their best. This is also great if you would like to become more self-aware – you can find out what your true passions are, and aim to achieve them.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Being surrounded by positive people can really lift up your spirits, particularly if you are feeling down. If others around you are happy, you can be more likely to become happier too and feel better after being with them.

3. Practice stress management

Stress can cause problems and make us feel anxious, worried and unmotivated. If you can practice stress management, you can become more aware of how you feel and how you can respond to the way you are feeling. You can start to become more relaxed and aware of what might trigger your stress too.

4. Make time for relaxation and play

Everyone needs some relaxation from time to time, and this can help your body and mind. Whether you prefer to meditate, do some Yoga or just take part in a hobby you enjoy, it can really help you to become a happier, healthier person.

5. Be open to the views and opinions of others

When you become more self-aware, you are often aware of the views and opinions of others too. Try to stay open to their opinions and recognize how you react or feel to other peoples views. Being open-minded can help you to see different possibilities you may not have seen before.

6. Rid yourself of resistance

Resistance can stop us from taking part in many things, including trying to reach our goals or doing something out of our comfort zones. However, they are the places we often achieve new and great things!

7. Take part in meaningful, worthwhile projects

Having meaningful projects to work on can give you a great sense of achievement and you may also feel proud and positive towards yourself and the work you are doing. They can also help you keep your mind from any worries or stresses that you may be dealing with in your daily life.

8. Step outside of your comfort zone now and again

As I mentioned before, your comfort zone is a place where you feel safe and secure. However, once you step out of it, you can achieve many things you didn't think possible. Sometimes we have to come away into the unknown to face our fears and accomplish our goals.

9. Be true to yourself

You are your own best friend. So being true to yourself is a great thing to do. Don't try and be somebody you are not and trust your instincts. When you have a great relationship with yourself, you are more likely to have a great relationship with others too.

10. Practice self-awareness

Self-awareness is a great skill to have. You can start to understand your mind and why you feel the way you feel. This can help you with future triggers or events that may cause you stress or worry – you will hopefully be more aware of how you feel and how you need to treat yourself in order to feel better.

Health And Happiness: The Importance Of A Balanced Life

Try to live by these commandments and your mind and body will thank you for it.

At first glance, you may wonder what do these suggestions have to do with your physical health. Why would something promoting good health not discuss exercise or nutrition?

The ten commandments above may not cover the more conventional methods of keeping healthy, but they address the need to achieve a general state of well-being in order to enjoy good health. The importance of the mind and a balanced life is too often overlooked when people talk about ‘health’, but our health is not just about our physical body, it is the whole package: our physical, spiritual and mental self.

You may stick to a regimented gym routine, eat only the greenest of salads and spend hours studying yoga, but when you let too much of the focus fall onto your physical health, you are not letting your body look after itself. So, continue to keep your body strong and well-nourished; but next time you skip a gym session, instead of falling into a dark pit of negativity, spend some time looking at the inside to become more aware of you.

Being healthy means creating a matrix of well-being, peace, and happiness for your body to exist in. Do this, and you could have mastered the key to a lifetime of health and happiness.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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