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50 Acts of Kindness To Spread Kindness, Patience And Attention


No matter what time of the year it is, people everywhere are running themselves ragged with the hectic day to day, preparing and performing as many of life's daily routines as possible.

Sometimes we forget to stop and appreciate ourselves, our lives, and those around us. Due to how busy most of us are, we sometimes put these things in the back of our minds, when really they should be at the front.

Whilst living in this frantic world it's important to show the special people in our lives just how much they mean to us by giving some acts of kindness.

You don't have to buy them expensive gifts, many of us can forget that the very best gifts in life are free.

Does this sound corny? Sure. But is it also one of the most truthful pieces of advice you’ll ever hear? Absolutely!

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So, if you want to offer gifts of kindness, give more of your time, give more of your patience, give more attention to your relationships… and give from the heart!

Stuck for ideas?

Here are some simple suggestions for some acts of kindness:

  1. Call up a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Ask them how they are doing and just listen.


  2. Put yourself in another person’s shoes. Empathy is arguably the greatest gift there is.

  3. Pay for the person behind you in the coffee shop queue or drive-thru. This could make their entire day.

  4. Praise someone’s work. Let them know how well they are doing and make them smile.

  5. Once you’ve finished attending to your front lawn, offer to do the same for your neighbor.

  6. Shop for someone who is housebound or ill.

  7. Stick up for someone being wronged or bullied.

  8. Give a homeless person a hot drink or food.

  9. Volunteer your time.

  10. Leave a small, unexpected gift for someone to find.

  11. Compliment someone. Whether it's their outfit, their hairstyle or just a general compliment. This can really make someone's day.

  12. Offer someone your undivided attention.


  13. Send a letter of love and support to someone going through a hard time.

  14. Take the time to remember someone’s name.

  15. Donate your unused goods to a charity or person who needs them.

  16. Make the first move to reconcile a strained relationship.

  17. Be forgiving. Try not to hold too many grudges and decide whether you can move on.

  18. Ask someone what they need.

  19. Offer to babysit for any busy or stressed-out parents you know.

  20. Lend your expertise to someone who needs them.

  21. Buy someone you love flowers.

  22. Help someone you know looking for a job.

  23. Bring a treat to work for everyone you work with.

  24. Invite people to your house for dinner.

  25. Tell people you love them.

  26. When you buy new clothes, donate your old ones.

  27. Be patient with others.


  28. Check up on your elderly neighbors. Lend them a hand now and then.

  29. Bring a care package to a sick friend – or just someone who needs it.

  30. Smile at strangers.

  31. Help somebody to move house.

  32. Support someone’s dream.

  33. Love yourself. You are only able to give others as much love as you have for yourself.

  34. Collect coats and blankets for the homeless.

  35. Adopt an abandoned animal.

  36. Feed someone – your neighbor, your family, the homeless guy on your street.

  37. Throw a soiree! Big party or small gathering – bring the people you love together.

  38. Be understanding.

  39. Reach out to strangers – even with a simple ‘hello!’


  40. Pass on an inspirational book to someone who needs it.

  41. Support a new co-worker.

  42. Write thank you notes.

  43. Write love notes.

  44. Be more patient in traffic.

  45. Say sorry when it’s called for.

  46. Give up complaining.

  47. Make someone laugh.

  48. Make kinder choices for the environment.

  49. Show your love for animals – it can be your own pet or the animals at your local animal shelter.

  50. Resolve to always be yourself.

Comment below with any other acts of kindness suggestions you have.

Want more? Here are more acts of kindness you can check out.

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It can hard to do kind things for the people you love when you are feeling upset and negative in yourself.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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