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How To Feel Beautiful And Confident With These Inner Beauty Tips

You are beautiful written in scrabble tiles on a yellow wall.

Man or woman, young or old, rich or poor; we all want to look and feel beautiful. From the very first caveman to stagger from his cave to the modern-day commuter on her way to work, history has shown that beauty and the idea of beauty have always been of significant importance to the human race.

We have celebrated it in paintings; vase work, poetry, music, literature, photography, and competitions. We have feared and mourned the loss of it, searched high and low for it, and finally, celebrated it.

Throughout the course of humanity, physical beauty and attractiveness (especially in women) have been considered a somewhat invaluable asset. It is something that, to this very day, can be bought and sold.

Examples of this today include the use of paid models and sold cosmetics, promising you beauty and the advantages that come with it, all for a costly sum.

Physical vs. Inner Beauty: Media's Standards Of Beauty

Physical beauty is indeed something to celebrate; but as our standards of beauty have become more unrealistic, unattainable, and narrow, both women and men are feeling more and more inadequate. Helpless even!


A physically beautiful person is no longer considered a rarity. It is something found on the side of a vase, or sauntering about in a Hollywood film. They are everywhere! On TV, in magazines, commercial boards, the newspapers, everywhere you look.

It would seem that the world is full to burst with conventionally ‘beautiful’ individuals seemingly living the ‘perfect’ lifestyle.

This beautiful brand is sold to our society on a daily basis, putting people everywhere under untold amounts of pressure. Convinced that if only they too can conform to this strict idea of ‘beauty’ that they might also have a chance at achieving the happiness they see in the adverts.

But this way of thinking is all wrong! We need to broaden our idea of beauty, to include the wider majority.

Even better still, we need to start shifting our attention from the physical to the internal. Begin teaching our children that beauty is not only about what you can see on the outside, but on the inside too.

Yes, looking good can help you to feel and be your best. But what about the things that you have to offer, that nobody can see? Your sense of humor, your kind heart, your talent, and your intelligence…

Wouldn’t a world in which we were judged for what we had to offer, rather than the size of our thighs or eye color, be a much happier, much more nurturing place to live?

It’s time that we waved goodbye to our insecurities, our self-loathing… rid ourselves of the ‘beauty’ myth once and for all.

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How To Feel Beautiful And Confident: 15 Inner Beauty Tips

1. Be Confident

A person that truly knows their worth and accepts themselves exactly as they are will exude confidence.

Confidence in yourself and what you have to offer the world is an incredibly attractive quality. So, love who you are, and the world should love you back. Try using daily affirmations to get a confidence boost. Learn How Affirmations Can Change Your Life.

2. Appreciate The Good, And The Bad

We can easily learn to appreciate our attractive traits, but what about our flaws? Remember, imperfection is the truest form of beauty; it is a reminder of our humanity!

So learn to love both the good and the bad about yourself – be proud of your flaws. They are what make you unique!

feel-beautiful-with-these-15-top-tips-for-true-inner-beauty 3. Smile

Happiness is the source of true inner beauty; so feel beautiful and share this beauty with others through a simple smile.

4. Go For A Jog

Or practice some yoga? Or maybe even go for a swim? Anything that gets your heart rate up and helps you to break a sweat! When you exercise and move your body, you get a rush of endorphins. These help you to feel great inside-out.

5. Be Kind

Cold and callous or warm and loving? Regardless of a person’s physical exterior, which would you say is the most attractive?

A person that radiates kindness and generosity of heart can not only feel beautiful in themselves but can be regarded as a beautiful soul by many.

6. Look For The Beauty That Surrounds You

When we acknowledge and feel appreciation for the beauty that we already see around us, we begin to spot beauty more and more elsewhere, including in ourselves. So, look for the beauty that surrounds you to help cultivate the beauty within.

7. Have Beautiful Thoughts

Ever heard the saying ‘we are what we think?’ If not, then it is a phrase that you should take straight to your heart.

Make your thoughts and energies beautiful ones and your reality should follow suit.

feel-beautiful-with-these-15-top-tips-for-true-inner-beauty 8. Sleep

Getting enough sleep can not only help you to look better but most importantly to feel better. A decent snooze can beat any face cream any day!

9. Sit Up Straight

Our posture can speak volumes about us as individuals.

So throw your shoulders back, hold your head high and let people see what a confident, resilient person you are! Even if you are not feeling particularly confident maintain this kind of posture for long enough and you should soon begin to feel the effects of your mindset too.

Find out more about power poses for happiness, here.

10. Stand Out

Dress to reflect your personality, not fashion. Let your surroundings be a testament to your passions and interests. Express yourself and communicate with others. True beauty is about being comfortable with whom you truly are and making your life an expression of this. Never be afraid to stand out.

11. Release Stress

Stress can hurt us both internally and externally, so try shaking it off every now and again. It’s hard to cultivate inner strength and self-love when you are stressing about a million different things, so take regular time out to de-stress and get back to being you. Beautiful!

12. Observe, Never Judge

Judgment is such an ugly thing, whether we are judging others or judging ourselves. Refuse to be judgemental.

13. Say ‘Thank You’

You are complimented on your dress, you respond by saying ‘Oh this old thing? I don’t think the color suits me’. Instead, your response should have been ‘Thank you’. It is as simple as that. Learn to accept the praise that comes your way, you deserve it.

14. Don’t Lose Touch With Reality


Every day we are bombarded with media images of airbrushed, impossibly beautiful celebrities and models, all of which are selling a brand of beauty that is neither attainable nor real. So before insecurity begins to creep in be sure to give yourself a reality check.

These unrealistic images have been created by Photoshop and teams of make-up artists, lighting experts, and hours of work. Do not be fooled.

15. Feel Awe At The Wonder Of Your Physical And Spiritual Being

You are an infinite, all-powerful being! Consider how much you are capable of, what your body does for you on a daily basis, the power of your thoughts, and the depth of your love. Feel awe at the absolute wonderment of your being!

Being beautiful is about inner beauty; not the fashions you choose to wear on your back or the price of your face cream. Use these top tips to cultivate your inner beauty daily.

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Over 261,977 people have downloaded this powerful audio already

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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