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How To Let Go Of Negativity And Move On From The Past

A woman letting go of negativity while standing in front of a rock with a backpack.

Letting go of pain, fear or anger from the past can be challenging, but it is a hugely empowering act that can dramatically improve your self-confidence and enhance your quality of life.

When you learn how to let go of negativity from the past, you can start to focus more on the present moment and worry less about things that you cannot control (eg. your past and the future).

Follow this advice to start thinking more positively and learn how to turn negative experiences into something useful.

4 Tips To Help You Let Go Of Negativity From The Past

I am going to share with you some advice that can help you to let go of the negativity from your past. It can seem like a very hard thing to do, but it's not impossible to let the negativity go.

Whether it's a mistake you made in the past, someone who hurt you or just something you keep remembering which causes you pain; don't hold on to it, it won't serve you now or serve your future.

Try and put this advice into practice and learn to let go of negativity from the past.

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1. Externalize Your Emotions

Writing about your thoughts and feelings can bring some much-needed clarity. This, in turn, can provide a sense of closure that facilitates the process of moving on.

An honest, private account allows you to reflect on inner conflicts and strategies for moving forward. The process of writing can be so cathartic, that your journal becomes an external container for your negativity.

If you struggle to write down your thoughts, never underestimate the simple power of having your feelings heard by someone who is truly listening.

An unconditionally loving friend or a good therapist can provide you with a safe space to work through a process of self-discovery. This can then pave the way towards a newly positive way of living.


2. Acknowledge The Lessons Of Your Past

Every negative experience can be viewed as at least partly positive if you focus on how these difficult periods of your life have taught you how to be happier.

For example, if you have struggled with feelings of dissatisfaction in a career that ultimately wasn't successful. Let this difficult event guide you towards choosing a truly fulfilling vocation that makes you feel alive.

It can be easier to let go of lingering negative feelings if you take a closer look at the causal chain that connects a painful past to an exciting, loving future. There is truth to the old saying that everything happens for a reason.

3. Practice Positive Affirmations

Affirmations can transform your beliefs, cultivating love and positive thinking. You can choose general affirmations or tailor them to fragile areas of your self-esteem.

For example, “I have limitless potential to succeed and I can conquer any challenge” suits almost everyone. Meanwhile, “I am deserving of love and my ideal partner will come into my life sooner than I expect” can be useful for those trying to move on in their romantic lives.

You might say your affirmations every night before you go to bed. Or you may opt to recite them into the mirror as you get up in the morning.


4. Be Proactive

In addition to reflecting on the useful consequence of your struggles, it can be helpful to find ways to clearly delineate the past from the present and future.

You can symbolically draw a line under the negative elements of your history with a major change like moving to a new home. Or, by making several small changes that represent the theme of renewal.

Signing up for new classes, revitalizing your wardrobe, pursuing new hobbies and improving your fitness are all excellent examples of activities that can boost your sense of well-being and positivity. All of these shifts help to reshape your ideas about yourself and lead you toward success.

Have you discovered an effective way to turn negative experiences into positive energy?

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When you can start to look at yourself and your life in a positive light, it can become a lot easier to start letting go of the negativity that is holding you back now.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Katherine Hurst, is a Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, workshop leader, educator, and award-winning blogger on psychology, life design, structured thinking and emotional wellbeing.

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