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Who is Esther Hicks & How Did She Become Successful?

Esther Hicks & Jerry Hicks smiling

World-famous Law of Attraction author Esther Hicks was originally one of the expert teachers in The Secret movie and has written nine books about the teachings of Abraham.

Much of her work was co-authored with husband Jerry Hicks. Also known for her inspirational speaking and her appearance on Oprah, Esther Hicks has received a lot of positive attention for her accessible writing on personal growth and development.

Esther Hicks Biography

When answering the question “Who is Esther Hicks?”, the most important thing to know is that she has made it her lifelong mission to present the essence of Abraham-Hicks teachings, which focus on messages of freedom, creation, power, and joy (discussed further below).

Esther Hicks married Jerry Hicks in 1980 and had a rich personal and professional relationship with her husband, though he sadly passed away in 2011.

When she was invited to take part in The Secret, Esther Hicks ended up narrating in the movie as well as appearing in it.

She is often credited for being the major inspiration behind the film, though she no longer appears in it due to contractual issues and a subsequent decision to move on to other projects.

Since then, she has continued to publish highly successful books on the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham.

Esther Hicks YouTube Videos

Esther Hicks Law of Attraction's work is presented in a range of freely accessible videos. Her YouTube videos cover much of the material you would find in Esther Hick's seminars.

For example, on YouTube, Esther Hicks shares some of her motivational speeches and the famous “Law of Attraction in Action” series.

With dozens of clips available, the range of available Esther Hicks videos looks at everything from meditation techniques to a 30-day self-improvement program and discussions of her books.

Esther Hick Books

Pick up any Esther Hicks book and you’ll likely see something that is applicable to your own struggles.

Books by Esther Hicks all incorporate the teachings of Abraham but focus on a particular area where personal growth can foster manifestation.

Ask And It Is Given

Many people start wondering “Who is Esther Hicks?” once they hear about the contents of Ask and It Is Given, which is arguably one of her most critically acclaimed books.

It is considered the best place to start if you haven’t already read anything about the teachings of Abraham, and the main message is that you can choose to align yourself with well-being and that positive things will automatically follow.

Further, it contains 22 recommended processes that encourage the reader to develop in ways that enhance their Law of Attraction abilities.

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham

Another of Hicks’s recommended “starter books”, The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham covers what everyone can learn from the dialogue held between Jerry Hicks and Abraham (who spoke through Esther Hicks).

Often discussed in Esther Hicks videos as well, this book is not only intended to teach technique but also to give the reader a grounding in the history of the Law of Attraction.

According to Esther Hicks, the Law of Attraction can be better understood through Abraham’s characterization, and this book explains how the energy of the Universe works.

Thereafter, it moves on to look at how you can use these laws to your advantage, shedding light on why your life has developed as it has and how you can change it for the better.

The Vortex

In The Vortex, Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks explore what the teaching of Abraham can tell us about cooperative relationships and the Law of Attraction.

This book is relevant not just to the dynamics of romantic relationships, but also to familial bonds, work relationships, and friendships.

It works through a range of false assumptions that most people make about relationships, explains how relationships come to be, and guides the reader to enter the “Vortex” where they will be able to develop the relationship they have always wanted.

Esther Hicks Meditation

Often mentioned in Esther Hicks seminars, Esther Hick's meditation techniques are powerfully effective and yet straightforward to learn.

An expert on meditative practices, Esther Hicks presents Abraham Hicks meditations that can be adopted as daily exercises that focus the mind on different areas of well-being (ranging from love to abundance, health, and joy).

Who Is Abraham Hicks?

Many people have questions about the link between Esther Hicks and Abraham and ask what (or who) Abraham is.

In the words of Esther Hicks, Abraham is a “group consciousness from the non-physical dimension” or an “infinite intelligence” and connects us with the Universe’s energy flow.

Abraham Hicks Teachings

While the nature of Abraham may sound mysterious, the set of Abraham-Hicks teachings makes intuitive sense to many.

The values underlying the teachings of Abraham Hicks emphasize our power to influence the non-physical.

According to the teachings of Abraham, for example, joy is the purpose of life, anything we can imagine can be brought into reality, we choose our emotions, and we have everlasting life. These teachings are further unpacked on the Abraham-Hicks website.

Who Is Jerry Hicks?

The key facts in Jerry Hick's biography help to illuminate the relationship between Jerry and Esther Hicks.

He had experience as a circus performer, comedian, businessman (to name but a few of the roles he has occupied), and came from a background of illness and poverty that allowed him to tap into our power to transform our lives journey.

Esther and Jerry Hick's books were largely constructed through conversations Jerry had with Abraham (through Esther), and Jerry is said to have recorded almost everything Abraham has ever said.

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