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Jean Houston: Teacher of ‘Unlock Your Quantum Powers’ and Author of ‘Jump Time’

Jean Houston dressed in green posing for a photo.

Jean Houston is an American author and philosopher. She is also known as one of the founders of the Human Potential Movement which, at it’s most basic, is the belief that humans can experience an exceptional quality of life through developing their human potential. Jean has worked closely with many leaders around the world, including the Dali Lama, Hillary Clinton, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Within Jean’s teachings, she combines her deep knowledge of history, culture, spirituality, human development, and new science. She is the author of 26 books, some of which are best-sellers, these books include ‘Jump Time’, ‘Manual of the Peacemaker’ and ‘The Possible Human’. She also creates personal development courses, including ‘Unlock Your Quantum Powers’.

About Jean Houston

Jean was born on the 10th May 1937 in New York City. She earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Union Graduate School and a Ph.D. in Religion from the Graduate Theological Foundation. Jean met Dr. Robert Masters, and in 1965 they founded The Foundation for Mind Research.

They both married in 1965 and became known for their work in the Human Potential Movement together. As well as founding the Foundation for Mind Research, Jean is also the founder of the Mystery School (now called ‘the Renaissance of Spirit’) – a school of human development, history, philosophy, psychology and many other topics of human potential.

Jean Houston is a powerful speaker and often holds conferences and seminars that are aimed at helping others to enhance their uniqueness and human potential. Many of her speeches can be found online and she is considered one of the most evocative speakers on connecting the human spirit, action, and potential with time.

Jean Houston has inspired many and she has worked closely with many inspirational leaders, such as the Dali Lama. Jean is an advisor to UNICEF in human and cultural development, and because of this, she was able to work with the Dali Lama in India. She also helped Hillary Clinton as an advisor, as well as assisting Mrs. Clinton in writing her book ‘It Takes A Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us’.

Jean Houston now offers courses, books and private mentoring to anyone who would like to discover their human potential.

Evolving Wisdom (Jean Houston's Publisher)

Evolving Wisdom are the publishers of Jean Houston’s latest courses and webinars. They work with Jean and have released different courses on three topics: Unlocking Your Quantum Powers, Your Life’s Purpose and Live Your Quantum Destiny.

Evolving Wisdom started in 2009 and they have had hundreds of thousands of participants in their various courses and seminar events. Evolving Wisdom’s mission is to provide people with transformative education that they can use to create deep transformations within themselves.

Through their various courses, online workshops and events with inspirational teachers (including Jean Houston and others such as Neale Donald Walsch), they hope to inspire others and help people live their best life.

Unlock Your Quantum Powers Course

One of the courses Jean has published through Evolving Wisdom is called ‘Unlock Your Quantum Powers’. This is a 7-week online course that can help you find clarity about how to best achieve your goals.

The aim of this course is to use your Quantum Powers to start living a life full of fulfillment and accomplishment. Jean has used these powers herself and wants to share this knowledge with others.

There are seven different topics that Jean teaches throughout the 7 weeks. The first week is about learning how the Universe really works with regards to our lives and what it offers us. The second topic is about the power of the Quantum Self and how you can discover more about your partnership with the Universe and how they work together.

The third topic is all about learning to live without being bound by time and it’s limited perceptions, in order to live your best life. The fourth is based on the Quantum Mind and enhancing our ability to learn and develop new skills.

The fifth explains how we have the power to manifest whatever we need in our lives and that we can attract the resources we need to succeed at a higher level. Next, discover the power of Quantum Healing and Endless Energy, it can teach you how to develop abilities that will truly energize your body and mind.

Lastly, the course shows you how to use all of these quantum powers to your advantage and in every aspect of your life.

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Unlock Your Quantum Powers Review

If you don’t know how to change your life, then don’t spend years trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t – use a program like this to pull yourself out of the rut you are in and start to consistently move forward towards better things, people, and circumstances.

Learn more.


The 3 Keys To
Your Quantum Powers

Jean will show you exactly how to tap into deep sources of energy within you.
Do everything you can to attend this powerful (free) training.
WARNING: Only Register If You Are Ready To Turn Your Life Around In A BIG Way
And Life A Remarkable Life And Make A Greater Difference In The World!

3 Keys To Unlocking Your Quantum Powers

As well as making courses, Jean also offers free events online through Evolving Wisdom. Her latest online event is ‘The 3 Keys To Unlocking Your Quantum Powers’. This free online event involves Jean revealing some of the most important discoveries she has made in her career.

Based around the Quantum Powers, Jean discusses the 5 Quantum Powers everyone needs to know how to use. The first is realizing that time doesn’t hold you back and that you can do more in less time than you have before, without adding stress to your life.

The second Quantum Power teaches you how to operate at your highest energy level even on your most challenging days. Thirdly, you will learn how to easily accomplish your goals by using your partnership with the Universe.

The fourth Quantum power shows you how to express and expand your creativity without limiting your daily responsibilities. Lastly, you will learn how to attract the money, resources, and people you need to move forward in your life and achieve success.

Jean’s free seminar offers in-depth information she has gathered from her career of 60+ years. The webinar gives viewers a chance to receive training from one of the most respected Human-Potential pioneers of our time – all in the comfort of their own home.

Jean uses her platform, courses, and webinars to help others reach their full human potential and change their lives for the better.

Jean Houston’s Books

Jean has been an author for the past 50 years and has produced several best-sellers. Most of her books are seen as ‘self-help’ books. She has written books on creativity, human potential, and psychology.

Some of her best selling books include: The Wizard Of Us, The Possible Human, Jump Time and A Mythic Life.

Jump Time: Shaping Your Future In A World Of Radical Change

Jump Time is a self-help book which is based on the prediction of a ‘different kind of human’ in the future (after the year 2000), that has been shaped by new technologies and dormant capabilities.

In the book, Jean explains how six dynamic forces have built over the previous generations and that they point to a fascinating quantum leap forward for humans.

She talks about how, through her thirty plus years of research into human development, she has discovered how humanity will experience a ‘jump time’ – a period of rapid change that will transform human nature for the better.

‘New Horizons for Learning’ have said that this book is ‘Houston at her finest. This book really stretches the mind to a new dimension.

It's available on Amazon.com and Amazon.uk to purchase.

The Possible Human

The Possible Human was published in 1997 and it became a best-seller.

In the book, Jean explains the theories that helped to form the human potential movement. She also teaches the readers in this book, helping them to enhance their physical, mental and creative abilities.

The readers can learn how to draw on their inner resources that have been used by successful writers, artists, teachers, and leaders.

The Possible Human is the book version of Houston’s powerful and groundbreaking workshops.

This book includes Jean Houston’s own exercises that can enhance your creative abilities, improve visual and audio perception, memory and find your unused inner resources.

Jean Houston In The Media

Jean Houston’s teachings caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah invited Jean onto her talk show for a session on ‘SuperSoul Sunday’ to discuss various spiritual, self-growth and personal fulfillment topics.

Some of the topics that Jean and Oprah discussed included: The beauty of aging, life lessons, Jean’s early spiritual awakening and the mile markers of every life journey.

Jean has also appeared on ABC Nightline, alongside Deepak Chopra, for a live debate discussing if God has a future and the tension between God and science.

There are a lot of videos online of Jean and the many speeches she has made throughout her career.

You can watch her talks and seminars online, as well as many interviews she has given.

Jean also has her own Youtube channel with various videos discussing topics such as leadership, raising the bar and one of her best selling books, The Wizard Of Us.


The 3 Keys To
Your Quantum Powers

Jean will show you exactly how to tap into deep sources of energy within you.
Do everything you can to attend this powerful (free) training.
WARNING: Only Register If You Are Ready To Turn Your Life Around In A BIG Way
And Life A Remarkable Life And Make A Greater Difference In The World!

Jean Houston Quotes

“At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities.”

“We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released.”

“Change your story and you change perception; change perception and you change the world.”

“Now is the time when we must renew ourselves and live as if we and all of life is sacred, and as if everything we do makes a difference.”

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