The Secret Teachers From The Movie & Book

Teachers of the Secret are known as new thought teachers, gurus, and authors in the fields of quantum physics, psychology, philosophy, theology, finance, metaphysics, coaching, feng shui, medicine, and personal growth. Author of The Secret Rhonda Byrne, brought them all together where they all contributed to the Law of Attraction movie (and book) in a documentary-filled format where they all shared their own expert insight to human potential using the Law of Attraction and manifesting techniques.

Over 10 years later, the teachers from The Secret have continued their journey, and below you can learn more about them all and their most recent teachings.

Law Of Attraction Teachers From The Secret

John Assaraf

A Law of Attraction expert, best-selling author, and CEO of leading company NeuroGym. Known for his work as one of the Secret Teachers, and for his unique ability to apply behavioral science to help people overcome their most significant mental obstacles.

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Michael Bernard Beckwith

A New Thought Minister, author, and Law Of Attraction teacher, as well as the founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center based in California which has over 9 thousand members.

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Jack Canfield

An American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and author. Two of his most famous books are “The Success Principles” and the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. Known as “America's #1 Success Coach,” he has studied and reported on what makes successful people different, motivated, driven, and inspired.

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Dr. John F. Demartini

A personal and professional development expert and founder of the Demartini Institute specializing in human performance and behavior. He is also a best-selling author, researcher, and former chiropractor.

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Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond is one of the world-leading Feng Shui Experts. She is a motivational speaker, teacher, and author. She is also the President and Founder of the Association of Transformational Leaders. Her work is spread over 15 years and 190 countries.

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Mike Dooley

A  New York Times Bestselling author, Mike Dooley is also a speaker and teacher of the New Thought movement. He was one of the expert teachers in Rhonda Byrne's book and movie The Secret.

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Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle is a Law Of Attraction expert and a featured teacher from The Secret. Bob is also well-known for his program Wealth Beyond Reason which helps people to manifest abundance and happiness using the Law Of Attraction.

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Hale Dwoskin

Hale Dwoskin is the New York Times best-selling author of “The Sedona Method,” and is featured in the movie, “Letting Go.” He is the founder of Sedona Training Associates, an organization that teaches courses based on the emotional releasing techniques inspired by his mentor, Lester Levenson.

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Bill Harris

Bill Harris had been teaching personal development since 1979. He has studied ancient and modern research into the nature of the human mind and has conducted his own private therapy practicing Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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Loral Langemeier 

Loral Langemeier is the founder of the Live Out Loud company. She is also a New York Times bestseller author. She is a money and finance expert, teaching people how to start making money and keep more of it.

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Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols is the founder of the Motivating the Masses global platform which has served almost 30 million people. She is helping people all over the world to discover their hidden talents and realize their potential.

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Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur in the personal development area. He is the founder of the Proctor Gallagher Institute which teaches people actionable strategies for success. He is also famous for his books “You Were Born Rich” and “The Art Of Living”.

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Marci Schimoff

Marci Schimoff is a motivational speaker and a bestselling author. Some of her most well-known books are “Happy For No Reason” and “Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul”. 

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Dr. Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of the “Zero Limits” and “The Attractor Factor” books. He is also a Law Of Attraction expert, teaching people how to use it for business and life.

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Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch is an American author, most famous for his 9 books Conversationeration With God series. He is also an actor, screenwriter, and speaker.

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Fred Alan Wolf, PH. D.

Fred Alan Wolf is a theoretical physicist who has helped popularize this science on the Discovery Channel. He specializes in the relationship between consciousness and physics. He is the author of a few physics-themed books, including Time Loops and Space Twists (2011).

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More Expert Law of Attraction Authors & Teachers

Since The Secret was released in 2006, there are been many more well-respected Law of Attraction authors and teachers who has surfaced sharing their messages with the world, as well as some of the long-standing figures in the personal growth industry. You'll also find that many of them have featured in other movies and documentaries too.