Detox Your Mind Of These 5 Lies And Intrusive Thoughts

How does the common saying go? Out with the old and in with the new? When you want to make changes in your life, there couldn't be wiser advice…

So ask yourself, what old baggage do you need to do away with, to make more room for the new and improved? Limiting belief systems, misconceptions, self-doubt; the things you have carried around with you for too long now?

When you want to heal old wounds, let go of past pain, to give away to receive. You need to rid yourself of all the old thought patterns and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from making the changes you need to be happy.

For the ultimate mind, body, and spirit detox you need to flush out these toxic ideas once and for all. So, read on, for 5 of the biggest fake belief systems, ideas, and standards that have stood in your way for too long.

5 Intrusive Thoughts To Get Rid Of Right Now

Intrusive Thought 1. “I Am Not Worthy Of My Own Wants”

This is a common one, ‘I'm undeserving of my desires’. Sound like you? Then you need to rid yourself of this toxic mindset, quick!

You are 100% worthy of all your wants. You were born an unlimited, creative being. Consequently, you have the capacity and creative power within you to get everything you want out of your life. Why doubt yourself?

Intrusive Thought 2. “I Am The Person I Was Yesterday”

You are not defined by the person you were yesterday, it is the person you are today that defines you.

Leave the guilt, the shame, the embarrassments, all the failures of yesterday exactly where they belong; in the past. Today is a fresh slate; let nothing hold you back!

Intrusive Thought 3. “I Have To Say ‘Yes’ To Everyone/Everything”

When you choose to say ‘yes' from a place of fear; fear of not being liked, fear of not seeming loving/charitable/capable enough, you are actually doing yourself and everybody around you a disservice.

So say ‘yes' less! Learn how to say no to people without feeling guilty or rude. Sometimes it's best to focus on yourself and say ‘yes' to your own happiness.

Intrusive Thought 4. “I Need All Of That Material Stuff To Be Happy”

If you don’t use something or absolutely love it, why let it cramp your style? Let go of the material stuff that doesn’t do it for you anymore. A cluttered space equates to a cluttered mind, so clear it out!

Intrusive Thought 5. “I Am My Story”

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Don’t allow yourself to become stuck in a ‘story’ of who you are. It could be a story you’ve given yourself or the story you have been given by others.

Whatever that story may be, know that it is not who you are. Create a new, bigger, better, and more brilliant story for your life. Tell yourself this new story every single day. You choose who you want to be!